Brad Sturtevant
Programming, Mission Viejo California United States
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Brief Summary
Introduction - I am a foodie and like good coffee. Also enjoy bicycling, hiking, volleyball and body surfing on the weekends with friends. Working the barbeque, researching stuff and journaling, drawing are some favorite hobbies. The computer gene is alive and well in me, and I am a software engineer by trade, so keeping up on social networking trends, best practices for designing software that works well on the Internet, inside our smartphones and which can expand into those unbounded computing clouds is a constant activity.

Bragging rights - I am passionate about creating well designed computer systems and software, which means dealing with a lot of complex issues in a pretty limited time frame. With each new success I get a lot of satisfaction and am really beginning to enjoy the journey. Being athletic is natural for me, and I'm grateful to have surfed some really big waves, and won some volleyball tournaments and motocross races in the past.

Sturdyworks, my work related enterprise, is committed to the complete satisfaction of our clients. We treat each project as unique putting a strong emphasis on innovation and creativity, while keeping your business objective at the forefront. We take your message and, in consultation with you, refine and transform it into a powerful partner in business. Our full-service design professionals offer custom development work through analyzing the needs of our clients and next formulating a series of creative concepts designed specifically for them. These designs are tailored to the strategic goals of our clients, whether they are a corporation, an artist, or an independent professional. Design Services include:

Web Standards Development
Database Driven Application Development
C++ Python Perl Programming
Content Management Systems
XHTML / CSS / DIV Conversion
Javascript Web Frameworks
Multilingual Website
Hosting Solutions

Specialties Include:

Information Systems
Web Design
Database Design
Enterprise Linux
GTE, Cincinatti Bell (Ohio)
Direct Logix (Las Vegas, NV)
Candela Corporation (Irvine, CA)
LGST (Mission Viejo, CA)
RF Exposure Lab (San Marcos, CA)
Hess Systems (Northridge, CA)
Professional Experience
Software Engineer, Business Analyst
Sturdyworks (Sole Proprietorship)
Sole Proprietorship; 1-10 employees; Information Systems industry
October 2009 – Present (3 years 11 months) Orange County, California Area
Envisioning technology for entrepreneurs through software development and business analysis. Remote Sr. Software Engineer, Business Analyst creating software for Cincinnati Bell, GTE – Python, Couchbase, 0MQ; Candela Corporation – Perl, Postgresql, BI; Direct Logix – PHP, MySQL). Created and enhanced web-sites, web services, client-server applications and infrastructure tools for clients. Portfolios for artists and other websites using HTML5, CSS3, AJAX with Python, Perl frameworks. Created Python, Flask web services and Python, Celery tools for data access and migration. Sys Admin for Enterprise Linux, Amazon Cloud, VMware, Apple and mobile systems. Comfortable with VM, VPS setup, autoconf, SRPM, DNS. Enhanced business intelligence (BI) dashboard for distributor to wholesalers (B2B) using Postgresql, OO Perl and business analysis (BA). Taking time to explore owning my own business, continuing study of NoSQL, JSON, XML datastores, web service options, mobile architectures, cloud deployment, and latest Python features and Javascript frameworks.

Software Engineer (Bash, C, SQL)
Panasonic Avionics Corporation
Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; MC; Aviation & Aerospace industry
November 2008 – September 2009 (11 months) Orange County, California Area
Solved long standing database replication issues in MySQL 4-5.x by debugging Bash database layer, and SQL statements. Brought together ad hoc teams to quickly provide deep analysis of issues, determine root causes, and provide best resolutions. Documented database schema and enhanced it for, among others, international language and currency support. Created, documented C, C++, PHP API in database layer for third-parties. Used SVN, Synergy, Doors for version control, builds and tracking. Received training in Zend Application Framework.

Software Engineer (Python, XML-RPC, Asynchronous Programming)
Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Internet industry
June 2007 – October 2008 (1 year 5 months) Greater Los Angeles Area
Brought entire large public facing web-site receiving millions of hits up to latest versions of Python, Twisted Matrix (Internet, Web, Template, XML-RPC modules) MySQL, Memcache on load balanced Xen VMs. Created additional web service URLs and enhanced code using SQLObject, SQLAlchemy, JSON services, and RSS feeds.
UI Designer (Web Standards)
December 2006 – May 2007 (6 months) Greater Los Angeles Area
Created intuitive user interfaces for company’s backend technology, which were used for outside sales presentations to clients and formulation of product lines. Reengineering of web-site using Python, Web Standards.

Technical Project Manager (Clinical IT, HL7)
Ortho Meds, Inc.
Hospital & Health Care industry
October 2004 – November 2006 (2 years 2 months) Phoenix, Arizona Area
Managed the Clinical IT technology projects requirements, solutions for systems engineering of E-Prescription and RxHub formulary verification in selected Orthopedic EMR software, and of nano form factor hardware platform used in clinics; Software engineering of video distribution for targeted ads or guides, and streaming video to desired locations.

Systems Engineer (PyQt, Apache, Glueware, Tools)
DreamWorks Animation
Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; DWA; Animation industry
July 2002 – September 2004 (2 years 3 months) Burbank, CA
Primary application designer, implementer, documenter and supporter of workflow applications for Editorial and Film Output Departments during Shark Tale feature film. Made significant modifications to the large multi-vendor, multi-application production pipelines to support generic productions running concurrently. Implemented RAD technology for desktop client/server, and created system to send Avid editorial changes to artists on Linux. Implemented huge matrices of classes using Perl OOP and Python. Maintained Web Apps using Python, mod_python, Apache handlers, XML, Xerces, XSLT, Javascript, CSS, Engaged in Extreme, Pair programming, Code reviews and utilized TDD with standard Perl, Python Unit Test modules.

Senior Software Scientist (QA, C++, Perl)
Public Company; 10,001+ employees; EMC; Information Technology and Services industry
September 2001 – June 2002 (10 months) Orange County, California Area
Enhanced and maintained suite of utilities used by Quality Control Department to test EMC owned Avamar Technologies backup software using C++ and Perl. Created QA checklists and use-cases for testing backup software based on business requirements documents, users manuals, and interviews with engineers. Manually tested software and reported bugs.

Web Developer (Perl, Oracle)
Privately Held; 1001-5000 employees; Telecommunications industry
December 2000 – August 2001 (9 months) Orange County, California Area
Stabilized and enhanced high profile control panel for nation’s largest privately held tier-1 Internet solutions provider (ISP) using Perl CGI, JavaScript. Trained development team in OOP. Added referential integrity rules and optimized schema of Oracle database. Defined deployment architecture and created a variety of command-line tools for ISP infrastructure.

Software Engineer (Meta Data Wrangler)
Tippett Studio
Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Motion Pictures and Film industry
November 1997 – December 2000 (3 years 2 months) San Francisco Bay Area
Created Perl CGI, Javascript publishing system for artists deliverables to repositories with archival, restore by tape robot. Reengineered dallies (DVD) system for 7/24 with 2000% speed increase! Rapid development of MySQL applications to route deliverables between departments, and summarize status for management.

Software Engineer
Sony Pictures Imageworks
Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; SNE; Motion Pictures and Film industry
April 1995 – November 1997 (2 years 8 months) Greater Los Angeles Area
Reengineered distributed processing core, GUI of high profile render farm system. Created C++ App. Framework which generated editors from POET ODB schema. Designed GUI for Editorial to track location and the media (Tape, Jazz, Avid, Telecine, etc.) on which image sequences shipped and/or moved in house. Used C++ to create tools used to manage and link various UNIX file systems and emulate multi-terabyte file system.

Director Technical Support (English)
Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Internet industry
June 1992 – March 1995 (2 years 10 months) Berlin Area, Germany
Responsible for all English technical support for ODB. Consulted with OEM, ISV on ODB design both off and on-sight. Published articles on ODB, OOP benefits. Responsible for NT, OS/2, NeXT and UNIX network. Coded example programs in MS, IBM, Sun, HP, Borland, and Symantec and NeXT C++ application frameworks included with product.
Awards and Recognition
Published Author
C++ Review
Wrote article on active server technology highlighting techniques, solutions for pushing objects to clients with examples of applications which would benefit.

Jolt Cola Award
Dr. Dobb's Journel
Pictured team member in Dr. Dobb's Journal ceremony. Responsible for technical support, and examples of OOP, distributed objects, and class design to customers on and off site.

Cricket Award
Sony Corporation
Given by Sony's Top Executives visiting from Japan while a reengineered renderfarm was generating $10K/hr. of income.

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