Guillermo de Llera Blanes
Fine Arts, Ericeira Lisboa Portugal
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Brief Summary
Painter, illustrator, graphic artist, musician and composer Guillermo de Llera resides in Ericeira, Portugal, but hails from Madrid, spain and has lived in Luanda, Angola and New York, USA. A graduate from Val do Rio Arts and Design and Hot Club Jazz Institute, his music and artwork has been published internationally and seen or heard in gigs and exhibitions throughout North America and Europe.
Jahnotion, Lisboa Agência, kaminari-sama, Farol, Edel Portugal, Insitu Conservação de Bens Culturais, Dialectus, Gipa, IF4, LeStadium, Amius, Arte InSitu, Primitive Reason
Professional Experience
In 1992

Guillermo de Llera founded Primitive Reason with Jorge Felizardo and Brian Jackson, thus giving his first steps in his artistic career.

In 1993

Began his studies in Graphic Arts at Val do Rio.

In 1994

Began his studies at the renowned Hot Club Jazz School.

In 1995

Signed his first record contract with Farol as a professional musician for Primitive Reason.

Primitive reason was invited to the renowned festival Paredes de Coura.

In 1996

Released Alternative Prison, Silver record with Primitive Reason.
Won the award for Best National Song at the Blitz Music Awards, with a song of his authorship: Seven Fingered Friend.
Won the award for Best New Band with Primitive Reason at the Blitz Music Awards.
Was nominated for the awards of Best Band of the Year and Best Record of the year with primitive Reason at the Blitz Music Awards.
This success got Primitive reason invited to perform at the first edition of the Super Bock Super Rock festival with Shane McGowan & the Popes, Neneh Cherry e David Bowie.
Primitive reason was again invited to the renowned festival Paredes de Coura.

In 1997

Wrote his first book: The Daemon.
Completed his first series of paintings: The Ancient Walls Within.
Released his first solo record: One of the Asthmatics – Up in Smoke…
Designed three new Fonts: (kami, nari, sama).

In 1998

Moved to New York City, USA with Primitive Reason.
Release Primitive Reason’s second Album: Tips and Shortcuts, which also reached Silver record status..
Began his studies of Tabla and Hindustani Classical Indian Music with his Guru Misha Masud.
Had vocal lessons with Marie Alfonso, ex-singer for Zap Mama.
Was one of the founders of Jahnotion, NY record label.
Created Primitive Reason’s Logo, with it assuming responsibility for all graphic work and t-shirt for the band, also creating Jahnotion’s logo.

In 1999

Joined famous drummer John Macaluso and founded Count Basehead, a live Drum & Bass duet, recording the Free Bassing EP.
Became a regular at improv concerts at the East Village in Manhattan in places such as Mercury Lounge and the Bowery Poetry Club.
With Primitive Reason he was invited to play at the legendary Knitting Factory 3 times.
Released One of the Asthmatics – and Headed to Mars the second part of One of the Asthmatics – Up in Smoke…
Released Head of the Elephant, another solo project with its debut album: for higher purposes – his first full-length experience associating stories to music.
Completed his second series of paintings: Tales on Pen.
Began his studies at the renowned Drummer’s Collective, studying the Djembé and related families of African Percussion.
Joined the Noise band, Fireball performing live at the Knitting Factory.

In 2000

Travelled to Japan where he recorded the instruments and sounds for Nipon Ai – Head of the Elephant’s second release.
Upon returning to NY Primitive Reason’s Third Album: Some of Us,was released, featuring Guillermo’s art on the Cover and utilizing one of his fonts.
Tommy Hilfiger sponsored a 3 month tour across the US for Primitive Reason as a support band for Fishbone and then the Misfits, performing in classic venues such as the House of Blues, in Nova Orleans and in Chicago, at Maritime hall in San Francisco, and the Trocadero in Philadelfia.
He composed Head of the Elephant’s – Nipon Ai on the Tour-bus, and wrote the associated story, releasing it upon returning to New York.

In 2001

Returned with Primitive Reason to Portugal and founded, a website that promoted underground projects and concepts, including an encyclopaedia of ethnic instruments.
Co-created The Raijin Admirer, a fanzine about Tribal Music with anthropologist Ruy Blanes.
He completed his second book: Book of Yo-Ayar .
Released Comet from Venus’ first recording: Section 473082, Series 7, his third solo project
Released an EP with Primitive Reason’s: Primitive 4.0, which culminated with a memorable concert at Praça Sony supporting Soulfly.
Began his collaboration with the band Nagual, recording an EP: Erosion upon completion of a small tour.

In 2002

Recorded Primitive Reason’s forth record: The Firescroll, based on Miyamoto Musashi’s Book of Five Rings, also elaborating the CD artwork and posters with nectar creative.
Produced his first music video for the single Kindian, which was voted Best Music Video of the Year.
Primitive Reason were invited to the Festival Vilar dos Mouros to with Rammstein.
He travelled to Beijing, China to record the sounds of Head of the Elephant’s third release – Wu Wei Wu Ming, releasing the record upon his return to Portugal

In 2003

Produced the Music Videos for The Cost, White Tree and Had I the Courage, also voted Best Music Video of the Year.
Was nominated with Primitive Reason for Best Band of the Year at the MTV European Music Awards.
Primitive Reason performed at Super Rock in Lisbon, supporting Audioslave, Deftones and Marilyn Manson.
Concert nº100 with Primitive Reason.
Released Head of the Elephant’s fourth recording – Perfect Living Sculptures, using only sounds found in nature.

In 2004

Completed his third book– Harvest Time’s Coming.
Released Head of the Elephant’s fifth album: O Retornado.
Exhibited a collection of his Short Stories and Poems at kaminari-sama.
Was hired by Japanese videogame developer Hamster to create the soundtrack for a product.
Put down Sunset and the Blowing Horn, his first live Djing recording as the Raijin Selector.
Received sponsorship by international Drum and Percussion Brand Mapex.
Participated in a Drum and Percussion Workshop Tour in Portugal.

In 2005

Released Primitive Reason’s fifth recording – Pictures in the Wall, once again being responsible for the art and graphic design for the album art and posters.
Produced two Music Videos for Primitive Reason: El Caballero and Pictures in the Wall.
Put down Peaking the Waters, his second live Djing recording as the Raijin Selector.
With Primitive Reason’s album he released a book with the same name, which told a parallel tale to the lyrics found in the songs.
Primitive Reason was invited to play Super Bock Super Rock in Lisbon with Incubus, The Prodigy and System of a Down.
Toured the UK with Primitive Reason.

In 2006

Put down Wings in the Wake, his third live Djing recording as the Raijin Selector..
Became a national distributer for Classical Indian Music label IAM.
Became an importer of Ethnic Musical Instruments in Portugal.
Began to teach traditional ethnic percussion, focusing mainly on African, Middle Eastern and Indian percussion.
Primitive Reason were invited to SuperBock SuperRock XL, in Lisbon with Alice in Chains, Deftones, Placebo and Tool.

In 2007

Primitive Reason tour Spain.
Sabbatical year.

In 2008

Released the Cast the Way EP with Primitive Reason.
Put down Hands on Ash, his fourth live Djing recording as the Raijin Selector.
Third series of paintings: Beyond the Haze.
Concert nº200 with Primitive Reason.

In 2009

Completed his fourth series of paintings: The First Wave, exhibiting in Lisbon in locations such as Braço de Prata, Fábrica da Pólvora and the Galeria Fundação Sousa Pedro.
Put down Swaying, his fifth live Djing recording as the Raijin Selector.
Began his collaboration with the band: The Collosus.
Was invited to elaborate a text on the spiritual significance of music for New Zealand’s Justin Saint Vincent’s book.

In 2010

Completed his fifth series of paintings: The Golden Trees.
Exhibited in Stockholm, Sweden at Chambre Separée.
Put down The Death of Smoke, his sixth live Djing recording as the Raijin Selector.
Began his collaboration with the band Malice in Wonderland.

In 2011

Completed his Sixth series of paintings: Outside Looking In.
Exhibited at LX Factory in Lisbon, Portugal.

Awards and Recognition
Degree (1996)
Val Do Rio, Oeiras, Lisbon

Degree (1995)
Hot Club Jazz, Lisbon

Studied (1998)
Tabla with Misha Masud, New York

Studied (1998)
Vocals with Marie Alphonse (Zap Mamma), New York

Degree (1999)
African Drums, Drummers Collective, New York

Blitz Awards 1995
Song of the Year

Blitz Awards 1995
Band of the Year

MTV Portugal 2003
Music Video of the Year


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