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Tymon Ferenc de Laat
Painting, Netherlands Zuid-Holland Rotterdam
Tel: 0031 622834255
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Brief Summary

Tymon is always in search of contrast, this in the broadest sense of the word. His work is often being described as energetic with a touch of pop & street art. The choice of his subjects vary, but often link back to the adventures abroad. Tymon includes his travel photography in the sketch/painting process. For most of his paintings he uses mixed media like Acrylics, Mediums, Markers, Artists' Oilbar, Spray can, Brushes. Also Commissiones, Murals and clothing/shoe customizing are part of what he does.


Tymon Ferenc de Laat was born in 1979 and grew up in Delft, a town with a rich art history. In 2001 he graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy as a Art-Director. Because of Tymon’s Advertising background there is a reflection of popular culture to be found  in his works. He seeks the tension between art and commerce and flirts with the taboo. The inspiration for his paintings comes from many trips around the world backpacking with a brush and camera. Especially Central and South America have left a colorful imprint. Since 09-2012 Tymon opened up MeLikePainting Art Gallery/Studio in Rotterdam city center.

These are some familiar brands possibly: Cardinal condoms, Stolichnaya vodka, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Levi's jeans, Southern Comfort Liquor. Municipality of Rotterdam... I also have done commissions for smaller businesses and private commissions since 2005.
Professional Experience

Art CV

Name: Tymon Ferenc de Laat

Born: Leiderdorp 21-06-79

Lived and studied in Rotterdam

Painter, Photographer and Master of Ceremonies


Online portfolio:



1995 graduated from Oscar Romero college in Delft, Mavo

1997 graduated from Stanislas college in delft, Havo with art choice subject

2001 graduated  as a art-director from Willem de Kooning Academie of arts in Rotterdam.



I have spent the last 10 years concentrating on painting designs & customizing denim. In the last 5 I have concentrated more on my painting career & continued to build up my networks within Rotterdam city center, which has resulted in a big upturn in sales of my paintings, as well as press interest.

In 2007 I had an exposition in Off Corso nightclub in Rotterdam of which the main focus (a 2.5 x 5.5 painting of the pope giving away condoms with the message 'Forgive Me' made out of 1500 Cardinal Condoms drew a lot of press attention and the turn out was impressive.

Since then I have been trying to grow my recognition base & have been working on my contacts within many stores in the city centre. I now have my paintings been shown on over 12 stores throughout the city which has greatly helped the aim of recognition. I have in turn received many private projects such as working on several community projects including painting porter cabins for Stichting U-Behave & making 3d objects for the Gemeente Schiedam Oost for a children’s park project. Requests for my original work have been steady & constant also including a request from Edwin Evers (radio and tv personality) for a custom made T-shirt. I have also been approached by Southern Comfort to do a series of Live Paints in bars around the city which has lead to other Live Paint jobs including the promotion of theatre at the Schouwburg Rotterdam. I am also approached for murals & personal design in housing.

I have also been picked up by some galleries & had a number of works being displayed at different cities throughout the Netherlands.


In 2011 5 pieces of my art have been added to the international art collection of the World Art Games as wel as the Museum of Vukovar Croatia.

My main goal right now is to continue to build on my skills & be inspired by my every day surroundings to create new collections & paintings. I want to bring art & commercialism closer together by working with corporate companies & the every day consumer to bring the gap closer. I want to make art more accessible.


Here you will find a timeline of my most important activities of the last  years


-Graduated from Mavo




- Graduated from Havo



-Graduated from The art academy in Rotterdam.

-Exposition in Kunsthal Rotterdam of Exam work art academy


2002 till 2003

-first world trip through central and south America for one year.

-Several murals painted through out the trip in hostals and on streets for example in: Quito Ecuador, Quetzaltenango  Guatemala, Lima Peru, Mazunte Mexico.



-Series of 4 murals each over 3 x 25 meters in sports center Klaversteden In Schiedam.



-Exposition of customized clothing in cooperation with Levis jeans in Off Corso Rotterdam.



-Developed a style concept for club night in Club Vie, Rotterdam



-Started my own company MeLikePainting

-Live paint series of over 20 paintings for Southern Comfort

-showing of customized clothing on fashion show “Wereld van de Witte de With”

-Live paint in NAI (dutch architecture institute) at Blockbeatz event Rotterdam

-Exposition at Mixt-Baby Rotterdam

-Exposition at zero-10 Rotterdam



-Exposition in cooperation with Cardinal condoms, the condom pope made of 1500 single condom packs. This was well displayed on the radio and in most of Netherlands mayor newspapers, Off corso Rotterdam.

-Exposition at Eburon publishers in Delft

-Series of paintings made in cooperation with Andre den Hartog

-Painted 5 portercabins for the Rotterdam municipality with the Cariffiti project

-Worked on 3D project for the Municipality of Schiedam



-Exposition  at gallery Barbara Joy Smit Maassluis

-Exposition at Kip Gallery Rotterdam

-Exposition at Mixt baby Rotterdam

-Exposition at Haring design Rotterdam

-Joined up with online art gallery

-Live painting on benefit for Sophia children’s hospital in Rotterdam

-Exposition in NH hotel in Amsterdam

-Series op paintings made (and still in progress till today) in cooperation with Robert Rost

-Start second world trip for one year, South Africa, New Zealand Australia and most of Asia and India. During this time I also did several murals but mainly focused on professional photography



-Returned from world trip in September

-Exposition Hilton Hotel Amsterdam

-started working on project “Escape from Eden”



-Exposition at “het Witte huis” Rotterdam

-Exposition at Elit in Rotterdam

-Exposition at Boerengat Rotterdam

-Exposition at Mixt baby Rotterdam

-Exposition at Bootleg Rotterdam

-Art donation to project “vredes tapijt” for Warchild

-Exposition at Coopvaert Rotterdam organized by Bikkel called “Kunst aan de kade”

 -Participation in the World Art Games in Vukovar Croatia

-2 paintings that are now part of museum collection of Vukovar Croatia

-3 paintings that are now part of international art collection of World Art Games (these will be exposed worldwide)

-Opening of MeLikePainting Gallery/Studio on Weena zuid 152 Rotterdam city center. A place where we expose different artists too!

-Participated in satirical program “RamBam” on dutch national tv 3 Vara, with a painting made for Dirk Scheringa.

Realised project ‘Weena Zuid’s got balls” together with the Rotterdam municipality and Bikkel artist. 120 concrete balls are colored and brighten up the gallery street.



2 month solo exposition at gallery “the Thought” in Amsterdam.

Permanent exposition in MeLikePainting gallery/Studiosince August 2011 till today


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