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Tony Tuthill
Digital Art, United States Colorado Colorado Springs
317 Doris Drive
Tel: 719 3930788
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Tony Tuthill A.K.A. Kinneas
Brief Summary

Freelance Artist. Kansas City Art Institute. B.F.A. Illustration/Design. Art Direction. Branding. Multi-Media content creation. Publishing. Star Trek Internet Media: Podcasting/Radio/Live Radio Host. Ex AOL Community Leader/Chat Host. Guinness Book record starter.


Platinum Studios, Lee Nordling, The Democratic Party, The Garden of The Gods Club, The Kissing Camels Club. Startrek_dot_com, NASA press, Trekmovie, Trekradio, Cryptic Studios/Ban Dai/ATARI/ The Guinness Book of World Records, YouTube/UMG Steely Dan, Elvis Costello, The English Beat,The Venetian Princess (Jodie Rivera), Arthur Yoria, Brad Sucks, The Hailing Frequency Podcast, Lemon Demon, R.A. Salvatore, Marvel Comics, Mitera Granola, The American Royal, The Kansas City Ren Fest, The Kansas City Art Institute, Honeywell, Star Trek Gaming Universe, Steve Cole Amarillo Design Bureau,,, America Online.

Charlie's Pit Bar-B-Que, Security Book Exchange, Charlie's Cards and Comics, The Alternate Source, Mitera Granola, Fox Theaters, Gateway Computers, Panino's (Colorado Springs), The Wizards inn.

Professional Experience

Tony Tuthill
317 Doris Drive
[email protected],[email protected]



Freelance Illustrator/Designer since 1984. Traditional Commercial Art. Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Digital Art, Multi-Media, Art Direction, Branding, Internet Broadcasting, Publishing. "I have created thousands of pieces of artwork for clients since 1984."

Client: 2009-2012 The Venetian Princess. Illustrations, Branding, Merchandising. videos: Speidi Free, Accident Prone, The End is Nigh.

Client: 2008-2011 Star Trek Internet Radio.,, STO-Radio,, Executive Creator. Executive Producer. Art Direction, Multi-Media production, Public Relations, marketing, on-air personality, host, co-host, journalist. Tony Tuthill/Tricia Gray/Cryptic Studios/Atari/Ban-Dai/Guinness Book of World Records launch team: The Most Dressed Trekkers in One Location.

Client: 2005-2010 The Hailing Frequency Podcast: Executive Creator. Executive Producer. Art Direction, Multi-Media production, Public Relations, marketing, on-air personality, host, co-host, journalist.

Client: 2003-2005 Platinum Studios. Project: The Taking of Happyland. Character design, background design, graphic novel layout, pencils, digital inks, coloring, text, balloons, cover design, cover art.

Employer: CTI Virgin Mobile Colorado Springs (phone support)

Client: (2001-2003) Lee Nordling/Platinum Studios: Graphic novel property development. Character design, book layout, sequential art.

Employer: (1999-2001) Gateway Computers. Nationally ranked and awarded "Top-Ten", Technical Support Professional. Colorado Springs, Colorado.

(1995-1999) Appple Computers (system tester). Garden of the Gods/Kissing Camels Club (Auditor), Paninos Colorado Springs (Cook). Inkspinner (Art Teacher)

(1993-1995 Salinas, California. Ridgecrest, California.) Cook, Pickwick five star dining (Cook), Historic FOX Theater Salinas (Projectionist), Cook, OVF Graphics (illustrator/Designer)

(1988-1992 Kansas City, MO.) Jan Weiner Galleries, Kiki's Bon Ton: Ranked 'Top-Ten'  (Cook), Kemper Galleries (monitor).

(1987 Colorado Springs) Charlie's Pit Bar-B-Que (cook/dishwasher). Security Book Exchange/Wizard's Inn(artist) Taco-Bell! :)

(1984-1987 Castle Rock Colorado. Denver Colorado) The University of Colorado at Denver (Advocate: editorial artist), The Douglas County High School (Art direction, publication production), Mann Theaters (concessions), Honeywell (documents and publications), K-Mart! :), Dishwasher.  
1993. Masters Institute (San Jose, CA) Building and Repairing PC's. Computer Networking, Computer Aided Design. No degree. School closed due to some scandal. All records in dispute. I aced almost everything. I loved networking and what the CNE guys were doing but I wanted to go after art.  Everyone was stoned all the time. That is California. Anyway. I dropped out before whatever happened, happened.. I just needed to get my own hardware and go from there. Just look at us today.

1998-1992 The Kansas City Art Institute.Top-Ten Graduate. B.F.A. Illustration/Design/Painting/Printmaking/Photography/digital art production. Art History,Jungian Psychology,Philosophy. Japanese 1(elective fun), Interest in Sumerian and pre-dilluvian archeology.

1990 Bemis Art Institute. Oil Painting 1. elective fun

1987 Pikes Peak Community College: Clinical Psychology/Freud/Psycho Analysis, Sociology, Astronomy,Figure drawing, drawing,structural writing,

(1986-1987 Aurora, Colorado) Advance Vocation training at the Cherry Creek Campus. Commercial Art. Advanced Commercial Art.  Top Ten. Professor: Craig Lincoln. Fonts,typography, brainstorming,thumbnails, roughs,finals,layout,inking, mechanical art (tee squares,triangles,straight edges). Typesetting. Coding for Typesetters. Waxing/Mounting. Process colors, Photography. darkroom. Photostat processing, framing,displaying,presentations. Advertising Art. Logo Design. Book Design, Book Pre-Camera Layout, Book Press Production. Press Production (general products). Art Direction. Editing. Video Capture. Digital Art (AT&T/TARGA). 

(1985-1987) The Douglas County High School. Double Baccalaureate. Art/ Commercial Art.

Computer Skills: (1993) Build, repair,upgrade PC's. Network and provide network security for PC's. Computer Aided Art/Design. Digital Content Creation. Internet broadcasting, Social networking. Typing and data entry.

Awards: (2001) Platinum Studios Rookie Pick. Sequential Art/Graphic Novel Production/Layout & editing Training w/ Lee Nordling. (1999-2000) Multiple,Marvel Fan Art Winner Honeywell Centennial Art Contest. Wizards of The Coast/TSR fan art. Multiple first and second place art awards for local and state contests between 1979-1987) 

Books: The Journals of Chutney and Chow.  ST:Oned. Tony Tuthill Hard Drive Dump, Tony Tuthill Childhood Art.
Professional Memberships: GAG :) Graphic Artists Guild (Expired)
Interests: Family, movies, video gaming.

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Awards and Recognition

(2010) Tony Tuthill/Tricia Gray/Cryptic Studios/Atari/Ban-Dai/The Guinness Book of World Records: The Most Dressed Trekkies/Trekers in One Location."  Launched Feb 14th on The Millenium Bridge in London, England. "This is a good one for, Ripley's Believe It or Not! I claim to be the one that asked Tricia Gray (P.R. Cryptic Studios) to contact Guinness to work something out for the launch of Star Trek:Online (The MMO). She responded back in five minutes ( back then we used to work together), and said."Great idea! I'm on it!". And she was! She, Atari, Ban-Dai and Guinness had it all worked out in under two weeks!! Getting that done was legendary in itself.  "I had been involved with following and broadcasting on the development of this MMO back to 1998. This Guinness Book of World Record has been broken many times now. :)  That was me.  "Believe It or Not!"

Tony Tuthill was the inspiration for the character Tuthill that appeared in STAR TREK Year Four:The Enterprise Experiment. #2. , written by Derek Chester and D.C. Fontana. (2008)Tony Tuthill was the inspiration for the character Tuthill that appeared in STAR TREK Year Four:The Enterprise Experiment. #2. , written by Derek Chester and D.C. Fontana. Chester,Fontana."Star Trek Year Four:The Enterprise Experiment". #2. P.14. IDW Publishing. ISBN 1600102794

(2005) Co-Creator: The Internet's First Podcast Dedicated to Star trek Gaming.

(2003) Awarded a Platinum Studio's 'Professional Badge' and invited to attend the San Diego Comic Con. Hang out 'behind the scene all weekend with the executives @: Platinum Studios, Marvel, D.C., Dreamworks,Disney, Pixar, Heavy Metal, Nick & Splat Films.

(2001-2003) Rookie Training with Platinum Studios under Lee Nordling.

(2000-2001) Multiple Marvel Fan Art Awards

(1999-2000) Gateway Computers. 'Above The Rest' award/plaque. Ranked national 'Top-Ten' Technical Support Professional within all of Gateway Customer Care. (10+) M.V.P. awards. Holder of the Gateway, Colorado Springs support center building trophy. "For being a part of 'all' of the top ranked teams in Colorado Springs." Awarded to Tony Tuthill when Gateway left Colorado Springs.

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