Lise Soskolne
Fine Arts, United States New York New York
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Brief Summary
Lise Soskolne is Core Organizer of Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.), a New York-based activist organization whose mission is to establish sustainable economic relationships between artists and the institutions that contract their labor, and to introduce mechanisms for self-regulation into the art field that collectively bring about a more equitable distribution of its economy.

Professional Experience

2008, Master of Fine Art, Painting
Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

1999, Bachelor of Fine Art
Academic portion completed at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada and The New School for Social Research, New York, NY

1995, Diploma of Fine Art
Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada

Solo Exhibitions

2023, "Helping People". Galerie Lars Friedrich. Berlin, Germany.

2022, "RULES". Ulrik. New York, NY.

2020, "Humour Then". Kunstverein Nürnberg. Nürnberg, Germany.

2020, "The Mandelbrot Set". Svetlana. New York, NY.

2019, "The Work". The Mishkin Gallery. New York, NY.

2018, "UGG! and other problems". The Middler. New York, NY.

2015, "Bethenny". Diorama. Oslo, Norway

2001, “Lise Soskolne, Paintings”. Modern Culture. New York, NY

1999, “Lise Soskolne, Project Space 2”. Artists Space. New York, NY

1996, “Parallel Lines”. Rodney Graham Studio. Vancouver, Canada

Group Exhibitions

2022, “Molly”. Ulrik. New York, NY.
(Group exhibition with Marie Angeletti, Jim Fletcher, Jason Hirata, Klein, nia nottage).

2022, “Before I met you the world seemed like such a big place… now there is only this shop”. Sweetwater. Berlin, Germany.
(Group exhibition with Kayode Ojo, Jesse Stecklow, Constantin Thun).

2021, "Welcome to L.A.". Curated by John Burkhart. Overduin & Co. Los Angeles, CA.
(Group exhibition with Genoveva Filipovic, Morag Keil, Matthew Langan-Peck, Richard Maxwell, Win McCarthy, Bernadette Van-Huy, Andy Warhol, Ingrid Wiener).

2021, "Guilty Pleasures". Invited by Hannes Schmidt/ Schiefe Zähne. A temporary exhibition space organized by Philipp Zollinger and Ludovica Parenti, St Moritz, Switzerland.
(Group exhibition with Tom Burr, Hélène Fauquet, KwieKulik, Sophie Reinhold, Pedro Wirz). 

2021, "Buffers". Schiefe Zähne hosted by CFA. Berlin, Germany.
(Group exhibition with Victoria Colmegna, Tom Humphreys, Lukas Quietzsch, Richard Sides, Philipp Simon, Angharad Williams).

2021, "Indistinct Chatter". Curated by Pia-Marie Remmers. LAYR. Vienna, Austria.
(Group exhibition with Monika Baer, William Leavitt, Matt Mullican, Lili Reynaud-Dewar, Masha Tupitsyn, Robin Waart, Yong Xiang Li).

2020, "Not Working". Kunstverein München. München, Germany.
(Group exhibition with Angharad Williams, Annette Wehrmann, Gili Tal, Guillaume Maraud, Josef Kramhöller, Laura Ziegler und Stephan Janitzky, Matt Hilvers, Stephen Willats). 

2019, "But Nobody Showed Up". Organized by Pujan Karambeigi. Kai Matsumiya. New York, NY.
(Group exhibition with Georgian Badal, Alice Creischer, Robert Hawkins, Benjamin Hirte, Tessa Hughes-Freeland, Elliott Robbins, Robert Sandler).  

2018, "Age of Trash Triumphant". Kimberly Klark. New York, NY.
(Group exhibition with Noah Barker, Matt Browning, Ramaya Tegegne).

2017, "Social Surfaces". Artists Space. New York. NY.
Curated by Jay Sanders and Jamie Stevens. (Group fundraising exhibition with Yuji Agematsu, Richard Aldrich, Harold Ancart, Ed Atkins, Darren Bader, Barbara Bloom, Glenn Branca, Kerstin Brätsch, Cecily Brown, Nicolas Ceccaldi, Moyra Davey, Trisha Donnelly, Ellen Gallagher, Isa Genzken, Rachel Harrison, Charline von Heyl, Alex Hubbard, Jacqueline Humphries, Aaron Flint Jamison, Rashid Johnson, Joan Jonas, Sanya Kantarovsky, Mike Kelley, Jutta Koether, Jeff Koons, Michael Krebber, Lois Lane, Louise Lawler, Margaret Lee, Sam Lewitt, Kam Mak, Mathieu Malouf, Nick Mauss, Rita McBride, Lucy McKenzie, Ree Morton, Matt Mullican, Albert Oehlen, Laura Owens, Charlemagne Palestine, Adrian Piper, Seth Price, Josephine Pryde, Sam Pulitzer, R. H. Quaytman, Carissa Rodriguez, Rachel Rose, David Salle, Richard Serra, Amy Sillman, Jack Smith, Haim Steinbach, Hito Steyerl, Cheyney Thompson, Tom of Finland, Stewart Uoo, Peter Wächtler, Kara Walker, Kelley Walker, Jeff Way, Christopher Williams, David Wojnarowicz, Jordan Wolfson).

2015, "Terrapin". Svetlana. New York, NY
Curated by Magnus Schaefer. (Group exhibition with Sergej Jensen, Roman Schramm, Trevor Shimizu, and Heji Shin).

2013, "The Politics of Friendship". Studiolo. Zurich, Switzerland 
In collaboration with Anicka Yi / Carissa Rodriguez / Jordan Lord / Lise Soskolne.

2013, "Body Style". Bull and Ram. New York, NY
Curated by Alisa Baremboym. (Group exhibition with Tova Carlin, Devon Costello, Katherine Hubbard, Tatiana Kronberg, Lee Maida, and Alina Tenser).

2011. “Best of 2011”, Soloway. New York, NY
(Group exhibition with Ryan Harden Brown, Bjorn Copeland, Dustin Hodges, David Horvitz, Katie Hubbard, Alisha Kerlin, Dani Levinthal, Pam Lins, Charles Mayton, Keith McCulloch, Ohad Meromi, Sophy Naess, and Erica Svec).

2011, “Wild Combinations”. Triple Base Gallery, San Francisco, CA
(Group exhibition with Todd Bura, Ernesto Burgos, Bryson Gill, Alex Hubbard, and Rachel Kaye).

2010, “Sculpture Sabbath”. Socrates Sculpture Park. New York, NY
(Group exhibition, a project by Jory Rabinowitz and curated by Bridget Donahue, with David Berezin, Timothy Eastman, Daniel Feinberg, Riley Hooker, Ryan Kitson, Josh Kline, Tatiana Kronberg, Denise Kupferschmidt, Lionel Maunz, Heather Rowe, Mary Simpson, Kristof Wickman and a Performance by Matthew Lutz-Kinoy).

2008, “Vlatka Horvat, Marlo Pascual, Lise Soskolne”. White Columns. New York, NY.

2001, “This is The Modern World”. Modern Culture. New York, NY.
(Group exhibition with Art Club 2000, Dana Bell, Liz Bougatsos, John Cohen, Daze, Dorothy Gambrell, Godlis, Michael Halsband, Rosalie Knox, Tracey Moffatt, Billy Name, Mike Nogami & Masami Takahashi, Yoshua Okon, Ricky Powell, Jamel Shabazz, Masayoshi Sukita, and Lyndal Walker).

2001, “Roberta Bailey, Tracy Nakayama, Lise Soskolne”. Modern Culture. New York, NY.

1997, “Lise Soskolne/Yunhee Min”. Or Gallery. Vancouver, Canada.

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