Natasa Ninkovic
Industrial Design, South Africa
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Brief Summary
My experience in the design environment further solidified and strengthened my positive character traits. I pride myself at being strong willed, vibrant, artistic, self-motivated individual with good communication and interpersonal skills. As an industrial designer I developed resourceful, creative thinking with quick grasp of new concepts and possess strong leadership qualities.

I had the opportunity to gain substantial design experience in 3D Studio Max / V-Ray Renderer that further complemented my design competence in AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Pro-Engineer, Corel Draw and Photo Shop. As such I believe that I can significantly contribute in any creative industrial design studio setting. Enthusiasm, commitment and ingenuity that I tend to exhibit will add to the value that I can bring to such working environment.
• Dejan Vracarevic
Professor, Belgrade Polytechnic University
Tel: +381 63 354 196
Email: [email protected]

• Gojko Varda
Professor, Belgrade Polytechnic University
Email: [email protected]

• Ivan Apostolski

Professional Experience

University: Belgrade Polytechnic University
Degree: Bachelor of Industrial Products Design
Year Completed: December 2009
Academic Record: Available on request.

I chose to complete a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design due to my strong artistic streak and creative personality. This choice allowed me to develop important skills prior to starting my working career. These include:

• Communication and Leadership Skills:
My tertiary career helped me extend my written and verbal communication skills due to the fact that I was expected to articulate and present all my design projects in a polished, holistic and professional manner. Excellent result in final year project is a testimony to this.

• Creative thinking and research skills:
The Industrial Designer curriculum at Belgrade Polytechnic University places great emphasis on developing one’s abstract thinking and translating that into a design concept, both independently and as part of a team. I have thus completed many successful projects and assignments at university. I often assumed the role as an creative lead and was able to communicate ideas effectively.

• Final Year Project:
Although most of the design courses I have completed stress these skills, the final year research project amalgamates and focuses all acquired skills and abilities, in order to accomplish its successful execution.

As my final year project I designed and constructed an African wildlife inspired lamp. This was a versatile design, easily adaptable to floor, table or ceiling installation. The design work included market research, creative design, technical drawings and manufacturability specs whilst working with many materials including Murano glass, Opal stone, Metals and manufacturing equipment and processes (casting ovens, mould readying, etc) . It also included intense work with design software design for product realization and marketing presentation. This experience allowed me to work in a partnership with an established homeware product manufacturer.

I take pride in the fact that I achieved a top mark for my work, and that my thesis culminated in the successful limited edition production run that is available on sale in exclusive homeware stores.

• Other Activities:

Interior Design
I have been exposed to the principles of interior space design, by working on the projects that included kitchen, bar, exhibition space and residential flat. This experience allowed me to gain competence in architectural aspects of industrial design whilst allowing me to use thematic inspiration for the space, lighting, furniture and homeware products.

Homeware Product Design
In addition to my final year project I was also involved in a myriad of smaller designs that included tools (mechanical saw), electronic products (mixer) and furniture (lamps, desks). This exposure laid the foundation for understanding the aspects of technical communication, manufacturability, work with different materials and marketing whilst allowing me to progress with gaining experience in software design packages.

Exterior Design
My experience with creative interior and homeware design was also utilized in botanical garden design. As part of this project I was able to draw the necessary parallels to successfully work with outdoor object design and lighting.

• Arts and Crafts
My experience in painting, drawing, pottery and mosaics was utilized in university exhibitions and competitions. Also I used mosaics to decorate my final year project.

NOTE: Certified copy of the University Diploma and Academic Record is available on request.

• Industrial Designer with JAT Airways; working on cabin interior and company souvenir design.

• Fearlessness of new and difficult challenges. Will confidently take on an assignment even without prior specific experience. Can learn quickly, think creatively and perform on the job.
• Constantly on the lookout for original methods and inspiring ideas for solving industrial design tasks.
• Constantly vigilant on project schedules, manufacturability and cost, without any deterioration on work quality and client/owner satisfaction.
• Tendency to receive high respect from, contractors, peers and superiors.
• Excellent organisational skills and marketing ability.
• Ability to draw inspiration and apply abstract concepts to product design.
• Expert competence in software design packages, including:
• 3D Studio Max
• V-Ray Renderer
• AutoCAD
• Adobe Illustrator
• Photoshop
• Corel Draw
• Pro-Engineer
• Painting, drawing, pottery and mosaics.


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