Kyra Claydon
Fine Arts, Germany
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Brief Summary


I am an artist and currently also involved in my Ph.research as a palaeontologist of androcentrism. I will explain this later on.

I studied oil and acrylic painting and visited the art academia in Paris and in Germany. My studies manly were concentrated

towards the human body, figurative possibility’s of working and also realism in the technical meaning of the term and in the ontological sense.

So my artistic work is part of my philosophical work and vis versa.

“Make it real” was one of my starting points questioning our concepts of reality inspired by comics, such as the science-fiction-cybergirl Barbarella, printed media’s and advertising.

I used the fiction of the ability of flight as a dream come true creating in my work this myth by showing hovering human body’s outside of violating discourses normally accessing and downloading their contents and programmes on our body’s and minds.

The theoretical background of my research and my work as an artist is based among other influences also on Diogenes philosophy, who was a performing philosopher involving others in actions or discourses of revelation through the experience of his complex sense of humour, enlightening circumstances within a new coherence.

Alongside to these issues I early became interested in psychologies and psychoanalysis and developed a few Ideas how to combine pedagogic conversations with creativity.
I proposed these practices to hospitals for psychosomatic diseases and to institutions of rest homes. My ideas were well received and I realized this project together with all different kinds of people, such as physically or mentally handicapped Individuals, or old and demented People, but also “normal” human beings searching for a change in their private or professional lives.

I also opened a studio to teach art. It was about painting of course but manly I tried to present art as an interdisciplinary issue emphasizing methods of expressing and exploring discourses of any kind.

As a paleontologist of androcentrism I like to discover and reveal myths about masculinity and male protagonists assigned to play important roles today and in history.
When and where is knowledge being taught in an incomplete manner? Why is knowledge presented in a certain way and not different? Whom does it serve? Or, within which issues are facts being manipulated and misconceptions even presented as facts in school and university’s? For example embezzling Goethe as the murder of Johanna Catharina Höhn in the year 1783.

Part of my research and practise is also the doing and undoing of gender. I think it is important to create awareness about the consequences of society determining people in either male or female individuals. How is gender being produced in language and in newspapers? What kind of reality is constructed?

How is the situation of children in play-schools, what influences are they already exposed to?
Considering school as one of the most essentially crucial influences constructing personality’s and the individuals of a society for a lifetime, we have to question their systems and contents of sexual education. Highlighting the subject of contraception for example automatically leads us towards the question how we can avoid reproducing cliches of biological binarytie treating the issue.

When will we finally think its time to start talking about premature fatherhood?

And also, how is the situation of woman in modern academic lives such as for example philosophical discourses and art-schools or the art-establishment generally today?

Because there is no doubt about dinial-mechanisms concerning discrimination and sexism, that today is considered as outdated and taboo. Therefore it takes place anonymously. It´s occult.

There are various normative oppositions trying to reformulate them self.

At the moment I am exploring some shady cyberspace,

discovering the futuristic avatar moda-scene, click here to have a look.

If you are also involved in projects with these and associative matters or simply would like to discuss, please feel free to contact me!

Professional Experience

Kyra Undine Claydon

1986 Studies at the Städel Academie of fine Arts, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
in the Classes of Prof.Thomas Bayrle and Prof.Christa Näher
1988 Studentship for the École National Supérieure des Beaux Arts Paris, in the Class of Christian Boltansky, resident in Paris and Frankfurt until 1992
1990 Study Visit New York
1992 University degree Städel Academie of fine Arts, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Studies until 1998 and Employment as Art Therapist
Since 2001 freelanced Artis
Since 2010 Doctorand Colloquium supervised by Prof.Dr.Claudia Bruns, Institut for Cultural Studies Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

Encouragements and Promotion of Arts (Selection)
2004 Hessian Ministry of Science and Culture, Wiesbaden
2005 Hessian Ministry of Science and Culture, Wiesbaden and Department of Science and Culture, Frankfurt am Main.
2006 Cultureoffice, Frankfurt am Main
2008 Cultureoffice, Frankfurt am Main

Exhibitions (Selection)
1998 Paris-Chatou, Group Exhibition, Chatou France.
2002 rent a Boy with fairytail, Königstein
2004 morphological Articulations, Culture Area Kronberg, Gallery Hellhof
2004 Group Exhibition, Schulstrasse 1a, Frankfurt am Main
2005 Art Fair, Art Frankfurt, Gallery Portikus
2006 Make it Real, Museum of the City of Bad-Soden (Catalogue)
2007 Flying Girls, Exhibition at Magic Mountin, Königstein
2007 No Witches, City Hall Gallery, Hofheim
2008 Modan Garu, Gallery Heussenstamm Foundation, Frankfurt/Main

Collections (Selection)
2006 Regional Finance Office, Frankfurt am Main
2006 Private Collection, Cologne
2007 Art Collection, County of Main/Taunus

Curating of Solo Exhibitions
Prof.Dr. Hans-Joachim Strauch, Judge and Philospher, Weimar/Jena
Dr. Klaus Klemp, Curator of the Museum for Applied Arts, Frankfurt
Andrea Greulich, Art Historian and Galerist, Frankfurt/Main
Dr. Hubert Beck, Curator at the Museum of Modern Arts, Frankfurt
Dorothee Baer-Bogenschütz, freelanced Journalist FAZ and Kunstzeitung


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