For Creative Professionals (The Creative Finder)

» What is The Creative Finder?
» What is a basic member on The Creative Finder?
» How much does it cost to publish my portfolio on The Creative Finder?
» How do I opt to be listed in more than one design discipline/field?
» What are the features available to enhance my portfolio?
» What are the URLs to my portfolio?
» Am I able to cancel my The Creative Finder account at any time?
» Will there be any expiry date to my account?
» Will my portfolio be obsolete (or "lost") if it were created a long time ago?
» How much does it cost to become a basic member?

Account Help

» How do I start adding images to my account?
» How can I edit my profile information?
» I didn't receive any emails sent to me via 'send email' on my portfolio.
» I forgot my password. What should I do?
» I've tried to reset my password but never received the password reset link email
» What image formats does The Creative Finder accept? What size should images be?
» What is the maximum number of images I can upload to my gallery?
» How do I add video to my portfolio?
» How do I cancel my account?
» How can I update my Twitter account from my The Creative Finder account?
» How do I change the order of the images in my gallery?
» How do I move an image from one gallery to another?

Questions related to security

» How safe are the online transactions?

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