Daniel Bueno
Fine Arts, Brazil
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Contact details
Rua São Vicente de Paula 199, apartamento 111
bairro Santa Cecília, 01229-010
São Paulo, Brazil
Tel: +55 11-3881-8418 Fax: +55 11-3881-8418
Brief Summary
Daniel Bueno is an illustrator and comics artist from São Paulo. His work deals with geometric shapes, textures, graphic ambiguity and illusion, fantasy and the grotesque. “The characters are usually a reflection of the theme and situations of the illustrations. I try to escape from obvious solutions, and one of the ways of doing it is to deform a inicially redundant element. The use of graphic elements as beings that can have another meaning also takes part in this process. Any element of the drawing can be subverted and recreated. In this sense, some of my influences are Saul Steinberg and Jim Flora. But I like lots of other stuff: Picasso, Disney, Grosz, Klee, underground comics, etc.” “Somehow, when I'm making a drawing, I have the sensation I'm a architect: making a plan that will be followed in the rest of the process, constructing and racionalizing. I like also to deformate, to deal with misterious plan spaces and abstraction, and cubism helps me a lot in this way.”

The Front Seat Interview

Cosac Naify
Companhia das Letras
Folha de São Paulo
Editora Abril
Editora Globo
Ciência Hoje
Pesquisa Fapesp
Revista da TAM
Revista daLivraria Cultura
Mac +
Coletânea Editorial
Martins Fontes
Panda Books
Pão de Açúcar
Ernst & Young
Banco do Brasil

Professional Experience
He graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of S. Paulo in 2001. Bueno have already published comics and drawings in Ragu (Brazil), Front (Brazil), Stripburger (Slovenia), Crash! (Bolivia), Suda Mery K (Argentina/France), Ex Abrupto (Argentina), and others. Daniel has contributed to more than fifty magazines, to newspapers as Folha de São Paulo and to book publishing companies as Cosac Naify and Companhia das Letras. He also integrates the illustration colective Charivari, that launched already three magazines editions and many experimental fanzines. Daniel got several prizes in Brazil and other countries, as the Bronze prize in 3x3 Annual (USA), and four HQ Mix (Brazil). His animation Into Pieces, created with Guilherme Marcondes, was exhibited in the Ottawa and Annency Festivals, and got Merit in the Prix arts Electronica (Austria). Daniel was also the illustrator of two books that got the Jabuti Prize: “Um Garoto chamado Rorbeto” and “O Melhor Time do Mundo”. Recently, the book "A janela de esquina do meu primo", illustrated by Bueno, got honour mention in the Bologna Children's Book Fair (2011). He already took part in the Society of Illustrators of New York Annual (2004, 2005, 2010), 3x3 Directory (2008), 3x3 Annual (2009 and 2010), 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide (2010/2011) and “Illustration Now!”, of Taschen (2009). Daniel is member of the Society of Illustrators (USA) and councillor of SIB (Society of Illustrators of Brazil) since 2004. He also writes articles to magazines, and gives several workshops and illustration courses. In 2007 he concluded his thesis about Saul Steinberg in the University of São Paulo.
Awards and Recognition
VI Salão Nacional de Humor e Quadrinhos de Ribeirão Preto (Brazil) – First prize in the Comics category, 1996.
X Salão Nacional de Humor e Quadrinhos de Ribeirão Preto (Brazil) – Second prize in the Comics category, 2000.
Salão Internacional de Desenho para a Imprensa de Porto Alegre (Brazil) – First prize in the Editorial Illustration category, 2003.
Prêmio HQ Mix (Brazil) - Winner in the Revelation of the Year category, São Paulo, 2004.
Consecuencias (Spain) – Historietas Brasileñas, colective comics exhibition, 2004.
Society of Illustrators of New York (EUA) – Selected in the sequential category in 2004 and 2005.
Prix Ars Electronica (Austria) - “Into Pieces” animation selected in the Computer Animation / Visual Effects category, Honour Mention, Austria, 2005.
"Into Pieces" exhibited in many festivals: Ottawa Festival (Canada), Annecy Festival (France), RESFEST (Brazil), Brooklyn International Film Festival (EUA), , Onedotzero (England), Animamundi opening (Brazil), and others (2004-2005).
Tercero Encuentro Internacional de Comix de La Paz (Bolivai) – Exhibition and workshops, 2005.
Humor D´Arquitecte, Col-legi d´Arquitectes de Catalunya – Demarcació de lleida (Spain) – Colective exhibition, 2005.
Calendrier Illustré 2006 (Japan) – Colective exhibition, 2006.
Football Heroes Expo (Switzerland and others) – Colective exhibition, 2006.
Salão Nacional de Caratinga (Brazil) – Honour Mention in Caricature, 2006.
Prêmio Jabuti (Brazil) - The book “Um Garoto chamado Rorbeto” wins the First Prize in Best Childhood Book, São Paulo, 2006.
White Ravens / IBBY (Germany) - The book “Um Garoto chamado Rorbeto” is selected, 2006.
Selo Altamente Recomendável crianças/ FNLIJ (Brazil) - The book “Um Garoto chamado Rorbeto” is selected, 2006.
Foco Brasil (China) - Colective exhibition of posters in the Internacional Movie Festival, 2007.
Prêmio HQ Mix (Brazil) – Winner in the Best Childhood Illustrator category, 2007.
Prêmio Jabuti (Brazil) – The book “O Melhor Time do Mundo” gets Third Prize in the Best Teenage Book category, São Paulo, 2007.
Selo Altamente Recomendável jovem / FNLIJ (Brazil) – The book “O Melhor Time do Mundo” is selected, 2007.
Prêmio HQ Mix (Brazil) – Winner in the Best Childhood Illustrator category, and in the Best Thesis category, São Paulo, 2008.
IlustraBrasil! 5/ SIB (Brazil) – Winner of the Poster and Catalogue Cover Competition for the exhibition, 2008.
Charivari (Brazil) –Events, exhibition and workshops in SESC Pompéia and SESC Ribeirão Preto, 2008 - 2009.
Annual 3x3 (USA) – Won the Prizes Bronze (Sequential) e Merit (Institucional), 2009.
Charivari (Brazil) – third edition of the magazine lauched in Galeria Vermelho/ Feira de Arte Impressa Tijuana event, São Paulo, 2010.
The Last Match (Latvia) – Colective exhibition in Europe (Latvia, Portugal, Austria, Switzerlans, Netherlans, Germany, Georgia, Czech Republic), 2010.
Bonequinhos Viajantes (Brasil) - collective exhibition, Rio de Janeiro, 2010/2011.
Selo Altamente Recomendável poesia/ FNLIJ (Brazil) - The book “Bili com limão verde na mão” is selected, 2010.
Annual 3x3 (USA) – Won the Prize Merit (Books), 2010.
Society of Illustrators of New York (EUA) – Selected in the Books category in 2010.
Best Illustrators Worldwide 10/11, Lürzer Archive (Austria) – Selected in the Books category in 2010.
Research Iniciation (Brazil): “The work of contemporary illustrator Daniel Bueno compared with works of XX century illustrators”. By Nicole Tramontini, Anhembi Morumbi, São Paulo, 2010.
Bologna International Children's Book Fair (Italy) - The book "A janela de esquina do meu primo" gets Honour Mention in the New Horizons category, 2011.

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