Chris Enock
Fine Arts, United States
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Brief Summary
Chris' work is about influencing the senses, emotions, and intellect with singular design, based on the nature and strength of a project, product or idea. With expertise in Interaction design and branding in all of its forms, Chris works with global, national and regional brands to utilize design innovation to help define and promote their products and services.

Chris success has always been his genius for singular design that breathes life and dynamism into a project. And in seizing strategic opportunities for innovation. Chris counts as some of his career achievements his work for The Nasdaq Stock Market in its formative years, developing all of their branding and interactive initiatives including, Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square New York as well as designing the ubiquitous Fresh Direct brand identity.

Recently Chris was responsible for a major redesign of the ZoomInfo websites.  This was a highly complex project where major strides in usability and design were made. Chris was excited to find out that Zoominfo Pro recently won a CODiE award for usability:  ZoomInfo™ Pro Wins the Prestigious CODiE Award, Best Directory & Business Leads Service Category

Before Artizenya, Chris was creative director and partner at Enock Interactive for 12+ years.
Professional Experience
Chris' work is about influencing the senses, emotions, and intellect with singular design based on the nature and strength of a project, product or idea. With expertise in user experience design in all of its forms, Chris works with global, national and regional brands to utilize design innovation to help define and promote their products and services.

- Expert at identifying design opportunities and developing and executing design programs
- Utilizes design innovation to realize business goals
- Develops and advocates new strategies, approaches and techniques
- Advises clients on the best way to meet communications objectives
- Expert competency in web experiences, branding and marketing
- Expert knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite
- Aptitude and desire to develop successful customer relationships
- Ability to motivate and enable multidisciplinary teams
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
- Extensive experience writing proposals and making pitches

The Nasdaq Stock Market
Functioned for 10 years as the lead branding and interactive designer for The Nasdaq Stock Market, creating their corporate identity, helping foster the public’s understanding and involvement with financial markets, and promoting the Nasdaq market to constituents.

The Nasdaq Stock Market had grown from the “over-the-counter” bulletin board into an electronic stock market that rivaled the New York Stock Exchange. Yet the media and the investing public constantly failed to recognize Nasdaq and the important role it played. The NYSE trading floor was continually depicted in news stories covering Nasdaq stocks. And Nasdaq’s floorless, virtual marketplace offered no compelling alternatives to that image of the NYSE.

Nasdaq had an asset to work with, its market data. By creating a new corporate identity and by delivering real-time data to the public through branded web sites and custom displays, Nasdaq could make a vital connection with the investing public. This led to the creation of the Nasdaq Marketsite in Times Square, and six other Nasdaq websites, and many other communications.

Conceived Nasdaq MarketSite, a large-screen public display of real-time financial market data. The idea was to create a virtual look into the markets activity and promote investing to the public. Sponsored by The Nasdaq Stock Market, the facility was one of the first large-scale efforts to use new technologies to get information that was traditionally reserved for the few, into the hands of many. It is today located in Times Square New York and used by Nasdaq to represent the market and is often seen in news media as a backdrop for financial reporting.

Conceived and launched This web site was notably one of the first to offer a series of investing tools and real-time information to investors via the Web. The site quickly grew to over 8 million page views a day and was a major success in getting actionable information to individual investors quickly and easily.

These marketing efforts, along with the growth of individual investing in the U.S., served Nasdaq well. Nasdaq helped empower investors and established a reputation as the bolder, more in tune marketplace, thus getting the recognition it deserved. Nasdaq MarketSite and helped make investing information accessible and relevant to individuals. These efforts had considerable impact on how individual investors interacted with financial markets and were early examples of the explosive growth of financial websites.

Ameriprise Financial/RiverSource
American Express Financial Advisors was spun-off from Amex and became Ameriprise Financial. As part of that spin-off American Express Asset Management became RiverSource, a part of Ameriprsie Financial. During a major growth initiative, a comprehensive consumer and advisor literature system was developed, as well as trade advertising campaigns. The new elements built upon and extended the brand’s core identity and attributes. With a compelling story and easy to use sales process, a leading-edge communications initiative was launched. RiverSource and Ameriprise FInancial are a highly successful rebranding of an existing brand that needed to be infused with new life.

BMW was launching its new 7 series automobile. The car represented a major redesign and significant new technology that would be adopted across every car going forward. Broad customer acceptance was needed. The web would be used to pre-sell the car among existing BMW owners, pre-qualified buyers and other thought leaders. To build awarenes and appreciation for the many exciting new features of the car, a media-rich web environment with an engaging “show- and-sell” approach was developed to provide opportunities for participants to interact with the car and learn about it. Each week a new aspect of the car was featured. Many of the cars advancements were thought to be so innovative, that only after a thorough education of the benefits, would the audience come to appreciate the cars capabilities and style.

Zoominfo required a major redesign of a complex pair of web products in order to greatly improve their flagship people and company search offering including:
- Improving overall usability so the core search tool could be tried and adopted
without any training required.
- Design of upsell approach and messages through the public site experience.
- Designing Sign-up, and product trial registration user experiences
- Registered (paid) product user experience
ZoomInfo™ Pro won the prestigious CODiE Award for its usability in the best directory & business leads service category

Fresh Direct
Developed the Fresh Direct logo, a singular and recognizable identity for a successful web-based food delivery business. The upbeat image is a fresh face in the online grocery business and adorns the web site, trucks, outdoor advertising and packaging.

Par Plumbing has had an identity that has made a creative, standout impression. Today the Par Group has three sister businesses and identities that all work hand-in-hand. As they have grown, the Par trucks and identity have become ubiquitous around New York, and the lasting impression made continues to position the company in a creative, standout way. The finger-in-pipe logo was expanded into a set of three symbols, adding mechanical and fire protection symbols to the system. The corporate entity became known as “The Par Group” and the marketed brand for the three combined businesses became “Par – The Plumbing, Mechanical and Fire Protection Company. “

Other Projects have also been executed for ADP Financial Information Systems, Citibank NA, State Street Global Markets, Pennsylvania Power & Light, TIAA- CREF, The National Association of Display Industries, Hiram Walker, Mouton Cadet wines, The NASD, New Balance Athletic Shoes, and Primex Trading.

Creative Director
Artizenya, 2010 – Present

Design Lead
Zoom Information, Inc., 2008 – 2010

Creative Director
DeSola Group, 2004 – 2008

Creative Director
Enock, Inc., 1990 – 2002

Graphic Designer
Henry Dreyfuss Associates, 1989 – 1990

2011 CODiE Award for ZoomInfo™ Pro - User experience design

Published work appears in Art Direction, Creativity, Internet World, How Magazine, Publish, Wired and Asian Packaging. Numerous design awards and commendations for interactive, print and corporate identity programs.

The Marywood University Master’s Program SEGD Annual Conference & Expo - Guest speaker on Nasdaq MarketSite

Graduate of the Bronx High School of Science. Studied liberal arts at Tulane University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Finance from New York University.

Practiced fine art at The Art Students League of New York and studied painting, drawing, and sculpture in museums throughout New York City.

Chris Enock
[email protected]
575 main street
roosevelt island ny 10044
(646) 354-9407
Awards and Recognition
2011 CODiE Award for ZoomInfo™ Pro - User experience design 

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