Silvino González Morales
Photography, Bogota Cundinamarca Colombia
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Contact details
Tel: 057 3125869685 Fax: 057 16717934
Brief Summary
I'm a colombian photographer and designer my work is focused in find artistic pathways to melt traditional cultural roots with a global worldwide vision. Right now my goal is to experiment with mixtures between classical (analogic) and digital techniques of representation, capture and print of images; trying to find a personal way to express my vision and feelings about a lot of topics.

I'm looking for my place in a world over populated and full of communication media but also full of isolated persons in tiny places, meaningless works and lacking of big dreams beyond money or fame.

I try to reflect in my work my concerns about my role like a man and an artist in a process between traditions and preconceptions and more post modern perceptions about my self, my sexuality, my place and my future.

Between traditions, rituals, history and a little dose of nihilism and a hedonistic search I try to find equilibrium. Im a bipolar person, my work is a catharsis, and a declaration of pride about my condition; my art pieces try to talk about my country, our wars, our pain, our dreams, our cultural melting pot and our never ending search of happiness.
Socolquim, Ministery of Rural Development - Group of Investigation in Macromolecules.

Ministery of Culture, Colombia.

Piisani Design Studio.
Awards and Recognition
Photography included in F-Stop magazine 72: Open theme
Photographs from the series “Sabiduría a flor de piel” and “Crisol” included in the exposition My Country hosted by The Photographic Angle.
Photography from the series “Sabiduría a flor de piel” honorable mention in the Grand Prix de la Photographie 2015, category Professional.
Photography from the series “Shadow of the self” honorable mention in the Grand Prix de la Photographie 2015, category Professional.
Photography from the series “Shadow of the self” included in the exposition The State of Being Human. Woody Gaddis Gallery and The University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, USA.
Finalist in the 7th Pollux Awards in the Pro category; Children and Fineart sections.
Photography included in F-Stop magazine 71: Humans vs Nature
Photography from the series Crisol, nominated in the 8th International Color Awards, London.
Participating in Telephone: a collective work of creation between several art fields
Photography from the series Shadow of th self, included in the exhibition Chronograph. Dark Room Gallery, Vermont, USA.
Photographies from the series Vox Populi published in the e-zine: Calliope.
Honor mention in the Moscow International Foto Awards 2014. Series Urban Museum. Moscow, Russia.
Winner of Beca de creación para artistas de trayectoria intermedia. Ministerio de Cultura, Colombia. (Scholarship for artist with intermediate trajectory, Culture Ministry, Colombia) Series: Sabiduría a flor de piel (Wisdom deep seated)
Photography from the series Frozen, included in the exhibition from the Center of Fine Arts: Center Forward 2014 Juried by Hamidah Glasgow. Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.
Finalist the 7th Masters Cup of Photography in London. Category Professional - Fine Art. London, United Kingdom.
Photographs included in (lith prints) in Light Sensitive 2014 – Celebrating Images from the Darkroom. Art Intersection, Arizona, USA. 2014.
Finalist in the 6th Pollux Awards, category Fineart.
Participant of Telephone: a collective work of creation between several art fields by Satellite.
Odalisque, lith print, nominated in the 7th Internaional Color Awards
The analogical half of my series: Bipolar: Between analogical and digital won in the London International Creative Contest (Final Selection).
Honorable mention (photographs from the series Frozen) in the Grand Prix de la Photographie 2013, category Professional.
Photograph exposed and included in the catalogue of: Looking back: The art of nostalgia en PhotoPlace Gallery (Middlebury, Vermont, USA)
Photograph (reproduction of one salt print from the series Shadow of the self) included in the esposition: Fotosalon Varna, and its catalogue. Varna, Bulgary.
Photograph (salprint from the series Bipolar) included in: Mapping: borders,
bodies, memories (one of the two exhibitions during the Filter Photo Festival, Chicago, USA).
Photographs (salprints from the series Bipolar) included in Photomagazine 54: Latin american issue
Photograph from the series: Through the looking glass winner of High commendation
in Photographic’s angle: Not As It Seems.
Photographs included in Lenscratch 2013 cellphone compilation
Photographs included in Photomagazine 59: True / False.
Honorable mention in the Grand Prix de la Photographie 2012, Altered Images
Competition (photographs from the series L’informe).
Photograph included in Tomate de Árbol #1
Review in FolioHunt
Photograph chosen like one of the best of the year by Colectivo Bicicleta as-colombianas-del-2009.html
Review in Freaks Online
Lumen prints: Pomona published in Designers couch
Photograph and tutorial included in 1 exposure

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