Tim Skipper
Photography, Alabama United States
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Tel: 334 797-1389
Brief Summary
As a photographer I have had the pleasure of working for magazines, marketing departments, and corporations. I've shot everything from fashion to music CD covers locally and nationally. In all of that I have learned one consistent truth, photography is about people. Its about telling their story through images and making those images leap off the page.

I don't think of myself as just a photographer but a storyteller. I have always had a love for stories of all kinds. I love hearing stories and I love to tell them. Since I am not a writer I use photographs to create and tell my stories. I would like to do the same for you and your project.

Sometimes these stories have to be told in the a single image, other times they are told in a series of images. Whichever is needed I work hard to make sure the story compels people to slow down and look. My style of images uses very bold light and shadows combined with color toning to create mood and effect.

But why should you hire me? Hire me for value I will bring to your assignment. I have a very strong work ethic and the ability to adapt to people from all walks of life. This comes from a background that includes working as police officer and owning my own business. These experiences have helped me adapt and work with anyone regardless of their background or position. They have given me an understanding of how to work with people and help them to open up for the camera.

I am currently based in the southeast. My location places me within a half day or less of Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa, Nashville, and New Orleans. I travel to these areas as often as possible and consider them my home area.

I hope you will take the opportunity to call or write me and we can discuss how to create a story that will promote your service, product, or message. Below are some highlights about me that you might enjoy:

10 Things About Me
I was raised in the south, so I say "Sir" or Ma'am" regardless of your age
I am married to a very patient wife
I have two sons, both are a lot smarter than I am
I love Great Danes, my current one is named Oracle
I firmly believe that peanut butter & jelly sandwiches is comfort food
I tell bad jokes with style
I believe in helping people
I went through a plate glass window as a police officer
I was a Batman fan before being a Batman fan was cool
I firmly believe that everybody has a purpose
Florida Trend Magazine
Associated Press Images
Coastal Lifestyle Magazine
Carmax via Ordner Construction
Auto Zone (SES)
Fair Trade Records (formally INO Records)
New Release Tuesday/Dove Awards 2010
GLC Media
Progressive Solutions Inc.
Sage Marketing Group
Cutting Edge Media
Indie Artist
Regional Magazines & Publications


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