Dennis Tawes
Painting, Chestnutridge Missouri United States
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3597 STATE HWY 176 E
Tel: 417 4497207
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By the way, all of my paintings are original, check out my prints:

I was born in Jacksonville, Florida during the April showers of 1954. Do you remember in the first grade, you would see the kid behind you always getting caught for drawing -- well, that was me. It is a pleasure to meet you again. Let's spend a moment getting reacquainted, after all, it's been several years and a few grey hairs.

In the third grade I found myself asking important questions, such as, when are they going to start teaching me creativity? Well, you know that never happened. But I did start to explore the world in a whole new classroom situation, looking for ways to be creative. On Sunday mornings my parents would go out & get donuts and the paper. My brothers and I would lay around on the floor reading the comics. Of course, since I was the youngest of the four, I had to wait my turn. I would be looking at the cartoon, and be drawing it, without realizing what those bubbles were saying. One of those ah-ha moments happened when I realized I did not know how to read! So I knew I had to teach myself to read. How did I teach myself to read? I started paying attention! Then I started studying a lot of books: biographies on actors, comedians and artists, to find that one thing in myself called 'creativity'.

You and I both have a passion and the greatest thing about passion is to have a place to use it, mine has always been making art.

After 10,000 hours of dedication on both on-the-job training and informal art training, I became self-educated and have achieved the position of a contemporary artist with an exceptional view of creativity.

After an invitation to Manhattan resulted in strong sales in my first SoHo Gallery show, I understood that true passion speaks a common language.

Now I could list all the gallery shows and performances over the past 30 years that I have done with art, including painting two canvases at the same time, left and right handed. (Coming soon as a video showing "two at the same time" which I will premier on ). I could go on about showing from the West coast to the East & everywhere in between, plus having art buyers from all over the world, blah, blah, blah. Let's just get to the point, my friend -- view my work on:

and watch my art videos at:

Now, let this be our moment to share the passion of Art.

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