Rune Wold
Advertising, Las Vegas Nevada United States
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Brief Summary
Where I come from

Im a farmers son from the coastline of Northern Norway. Just below the Arctic Circle where the mountains rise right out of the ocean and create our fantastic fjords and islands. I left this paradise to go abroad and study design. I ended up in Orlando where I stayed a year before heading to Miami and Miami Ad-school. Here I learned the trade of graphic design and brand building & development. It was the perfect place to learn and grow. After I was done I headed back to Orlando and Disney. As a lot of you know when we finish school we are world champions ready to change the world. So starting work, and especially at a place where some of the most amazing creative people on the planet were working you soon settle into reality with short deadlines, team work and client approval. It was a fantastic time and I cant imagine a better start.

After this I headed to NYC where I worked at what some might say is the Disney competitor, Warner Brothers. Here I was one in a team of 5 who where responsible for creative art direction for Music and Motion Picture in Europe. My task was to make sure the original art work created was transformed to fit into another marked but still keep its origin. I also assist the European teams in somewhat remodeling the artwork within the guidelines. Meetings started in NYC or in California with the designer and sometimes the artist. Then it was to board the Virgin Atlantic and cross the Atlantic. About 75% of the time I was traveling and working in London but I also went to Paris, Rome, Brussels, Berlin, Copenhagen and Madrid. I was a very hectic and tiring process but it was also a lot of fun. But after one and a half year I wanted to work more hands on, on top of being a bit “tired” of traveling all the time. In the end I was actually most ofter getting my sleep on planes.

Now I stopped by Reykjavik for a short stop, working at Gottfolk McCan. I guess I was home sick. I left Island and headed back home to Norway. Here I got a job as an Digital Art Director at Leo Burnett in Oslo. Working with a fantastic team and with great clients. We designed sites for Statoil, Scandinavian Airways, Norwegian Postal service, Norman Defense, Thorn and many more.

It was about on of the best working experiences of my life. My oldest daughter was born while I was working at Leo Burnett. Now together with my Wife we decided to go abroad again.

We set course for London and Saatchi & Saatchi after a short stop a Design UK. Here I again worked beside some fantastic people and with great clients. I had a BLAST at S&S. After a great time in London we now had our second daughter. We soon realized she had a problem with the dust in the London Fog. The choice to move back home to where I was born was not hard. But as the infrastructure regarding Internet connections was not ready we stopped by Skelefteå in Sweden. Here I worked together with the super talented Robert Lindstrom and Roger Stighel at North Kingdom. I worked with Nicroette, Philips and was actually a ” star” in a Saturn campaign website. For some time I had not been feeling good. But I blamed it on working to hard. As we got the message that the infrastructure was ready back home we choose to move back home and take some time off. It was great to come back home. I started my own studio and life was good. But I still struggled with not feeling to good. After a appointment with a doctor and a xray at the hospital I got the shock message that I had Cancer. At first it seemed to not be a big deal. But as the investigation into the rest of my body went on the found that it had traveled into other vital organs. I was down and out for a very long time and felt I was living at the hospital. I spare you for the details. The struggle to get through it and the fight to get back took its time. I had some great clients who waited for me and that was also a great motivator.

Now I work as a freelance designer for Advertising agencies, my own clients both in design, photography, film and motion FX. 

Disney, Warner Brothers, US Army, Vodafone, Red Bull, Statoil, Scandinavian Airways, NBA, MTV, TAG, Handelsbanken, VISA, SEB, Mastercard, Merrill Lynch

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