Robert Houser
Photography, San Francisco California United States
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Contact details
San Francisco, CA
Tel: 415 252 7818
Brief Summary
I was eight. I really wanted to take a picture of my tabby cat with my Dad's twin lens reflex camera. Only, I didn't know how to focus it - it looked so cool looking down into this box and seeing the square world moving backwards. I took the picture, Dad wasn't pleased, film was expensive and the shot was soft.
When I first learned to paraglide, there was something captivating about jumping off a cliff, yet knowing I had a parachute attached.
What was it in my childhood that made me so object to doing it this way because this is how it's done? I want to see the flower's stem, I want the office executive outside in the parking lot, I don't want to use a recipe and measuring spoons.
Maybe it was Mr Roznowski's physics lab, maybe it was that summer job in the law firm, or the next summer job on the psych ward; maybe it was my Dad's old camera; or maybe it's just me.
. . . . the other stuff . . graduated from Brown University after studying Psychology and Comparative Literature . studied Photography at RISD . co-founded Editorial Photographers . co-founder & president of BigShotStock. Yes I'm a dad. 
Safeway, Genentech, Visa, Yahoo, UPS, BioMarin, Sanofi, Title Nine
Business Week, Wired, Forbes, Runner's World, Outside, Fitbit
Awards and Recognition
2011 Communication Arts Photography Annual
1998 Communication Arts Photography Annual


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