Ted Vasin
Painting, San Francisco California United States
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Brief Summary

Ted Vasin is a San Francisco-based artist who works in painting and sound. His work attacks the phenomenon of the psychological spectrum and its possibilities of expansion and transcendence. On the canvas a collision of hyper-realism and technologically produced abstractions proposes an intersection where the organic self and the physical world must come to terms. Vasin's work is vulnerable and visceral often relying on the grotesque in an attempt to encapsulate a moment and fuse it with the mind; there are toilets, phalli and insects all rendered with the reverence of a 17th century Dutch still life painter. This imagery along with self portraits and iconic pop culture objects offer the viewer something familiar, a point of entry into the picture and down the rabbit hole--asking for and often provoking participation in the shared sensory perception of the human experience. While the artworks are a place for connection, they are also a visual anthology with a recurring index of computer generated forms plucked from the artist's imagination, concurrently questioning and reaffirming the idea of an archetypal universe. The artist's own body often becomes a frame of reference for a sentient existence--the intersection of its limitations (mortality), and its abilities (creation) are starting points in the artist's practice and its continual attempt to transcribe and chronicle the depths and boundaries of consciousness.

Born and educated in Moscow, Vasin has exhibited for nearly two decades both internationally and statewide including shows at the 101/exhibit, Limm Art Gallery, Davis Art Center, artMRKT Hamptons, Frey Norris Gallery, Tarryn Teresa Gallery, Sotheby's New York, Tel Aviv and Amsterdam, Stanford Art Spaces and more. He was an artist-in-residence at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, exhibiting at the Palace of the Legion of Honor and the De Young Art Center. In 2006 Vasin was a recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant. His work has been reviewed by the ArtWeek, San Francisco Chronicle, ArtSlant and has been featured in Hi-Fructose Magazine, American Art Collector, New American Paintings, Fashion Week Magazine, Wired Magazine as well as online in Juxtapoz, and Beautiful/Decay.
Professional Experience


Moscow Art College, Moscow, Russia

Awards and Residencies


Creative Capacity Fund, Quick Grant Program


The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant

2002, 2003

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco Residency

Solo Exhibitions


"Poison Bliss", 101/exhibit, Miami, FL


"Non-Local Cues", Tarryn Teresa Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

"Paintings and Sound", Davis Art Center, Davis, CA

"Paintings and Sound", Limn Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA


"Mathematical Perfection", Frey Norris Gallery, San Francisco, CA


"Ted Vasin, Artitst In Residence", California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA


"Ted Vasin, Artitst In Residence", De Young Art Center, San Francisco, CA

"Ted Vasin, Artitst In Residence", California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA

"Overpass", Suarez Gallery, San Francisco, CA


"To the Light", Bauhaus Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Group Exhibitions


Group Show 4, 101/exhibit, Miami, FL


2011 artMRKT Hamptons, 101/exhibit

"Emerge…" 101/exhibit, Miami, FL


SCOPE Miami, 101/exhibit, Miami, FL

Group Show, 101/exhibit, Miami, FL

"Spring Group Show", LIMN Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA


"Bay Area Annual", Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA


"Summer Group Show", Frey Norris Gallery, San Francisco, CA

"Arcadia 2007", California Modern Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Los Angeles Art Show, Frey Norris Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


Art LA, Frey Norris Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

"Summer Group Show", Frey Norris Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Bridge Art Fair, Frey Norris Gallery, Miami, FL


"Bay Area Annual", Pacifica Center for the Arts, Pacifica, CA

"Summer Group Show", Frey Norris Gallery, San Francisco, CA

AAF Contemporary Art Fair, Frey Norris Gallery, New York, NY


"Summer Group Show", Frey Norris Gallery, San Francisco, CA

AAF Contemporary Art Fair, Frey Norris Gallery, New York, NY


"ArtSpan Selections", Mills Building, San Francisco, CA

"New Introductions", Frey Norris Gallery, San Francisco, CA


"International Young Art 2002", ArtLink@Sotheby's, Sotheby's Tel Aviv, Israel

"International Young Art 2002", ArtLink@Sotheby's, Sotheby's Amsterdam, Netherlands

"International Young Art 2002", ArtLink@Sotheby's, Elisabeth Foundation Center, New York, NY


"2001: An Art Odyssey", Vorpal Gallery, San Francisco, CA

"Autumn Salon", Vorpal Gallery, San Francisco, CA


"Summer Show", Olga Dollar Gallery, San Francisco, CA


"Grand Opening Exhibition", Studio Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


Stanford Art Spaces, Stanford, CA

Panel Discussion


"Outside of Fashion", GenArt and Epicenter:Arts, 111 Minna Gallery

Publications / Media


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Semi-Permanent, 2011 Book, first edition

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C-Collection, Switzerland
Awards and Recognition
Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant

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