Ronnie Caplan
Photography, Montreal Quebec Canada
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Contact details
4555 Bonavista Avenue, Suite 610
Montreal, Quebec
H3W 2C7
Tel: 514 709-8289
Brief Summary
about me
I’ve had these cravings since birth. To draw, paint, sculpt, create…
This eventually led me to Parsons School of Design NYC, developing my crafts and honing my philosophy amongst the community of artists in The Village.
To pay for my passions, I landed as creative director at several ad agencies & publishing companies. I also advanced my ability to generate emotion by designing live environments as an event designer.
My work transported me to major US and Canadian cities, up and down the coast of Southern California, the Caribbean and Mexico. Along the way I continued to be enlightened by diverse peoples, absorbing their cultures through the infinite beauty & colors in their worlds.
The camera replaced my brush to capture these candid moments… to express myself in a clear-cut medium.
I think of it as pop-culture performance in photography.

Annie Leibovitz, Helmut Newton, Alfred Stieglitz, David LaChapelle, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Salvador Dali, David Hockney, Jackson Pollock, Vasily Kandinsky, Haruki Murakami, Douglas Coupland, David Hockney, Hunter S. Thompson, blazing new trails / discovering new worlds, the songs “Green Onions by Booker T & the MG's & “Get it On” by T Rex, David Bowie, Jim Morrison, the Beatles, the original Woodstock, travel, waves unceasingly breaking on the beach, then ebbing away, epiphanies, roaming through NYC & LA, set design, film (especially Quentin Tarantino), Cirque du Soleil, intense colors . . . my biggest inspiration though, is my daughter Melanie.                                                                                 
Since 1989, I have also excelled as an effective, forward-thinking Writer, Event Designer / Producer, Creative Director, Strategist & Photographer for clients from Puerto Rico to Montreal, Toronto to Las Vegas, Manhattan to Los Angeles - I am preeminently primed to join your team.

A strategic thinker and tireless performer, I have assembled a multi dimensional array of successes in creative ventures across North America - managing an entrepreneurial event enterprise, as well as working collaboratively with front-running PR, marketing, meeting and event planning firms and suppliers to the events industry (who I still maintain contact with).

This includes writing promotional / marketing / sales content, designing multimedia, orchestrating campaigns, producing live events, facilitating meetings, selling product and providing quality service.

I have a solid background in design and creative direction, having cut my teeth in the event world, first with my own DJ rig, planning private parties & events in Montreal and Toronto, then as Creative Director at a series of consumer and trade magazines, ad agencies and PR firms.

I’ve since honed my skills and growing reputation as a creative force to be
reckoned with, flourishing into the event practitioner I am now.

I am known for imaginative programming, creative narratives, captivating writing and better brainstorms - all designed to thoroughly motivate. I also consistently devise exciting pitches and proposals, capturing new business, solidifying existing accounts and extending visibility.

With up-to-date knowledge of current branding, PR, experiential marketing, research methodology and strategic communications . . . along with stellar writing and presentation skills, I create, sell & manage cutting edge event work that is both refined, & POPS. Choreographed, truly Multimedia EXPERIENCES for 360- degree experiential communications.

I am currently looking for the right career opportunity that will enable me to move back to Toronto, where I have lived and worked off & on for the past 30 years, and have had the pleasure of designing, selling & producing myriad campaigns, meetings, corporate events, conferences, trade shows, charity events, corporate & private parties, launches, incentives, awards galas . . .
HFC Financial (US) Financial

A jungle party smack dab in the middle of the El Yunque Puerto Rican rainforest for incentive winners / top performers. Event planning & execution (site selection, transportation, entertainment, décor, catering . . .) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

Bell Canada Telecommunications

A two-city simultaneous satellite product launch, writing & producing a live television show that bounced back & forth between 1000’s of employees watching in both Ottawa and Toronto. Event planning & execution (catering, staging, entertainment, logistics, scenario, graphic design, multimedia, collateral printed material, branding, content development, executive leadership) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

Tourism Toronto Travel

A 3-city Tourism Toronto USA experiential Promo Tour / Road Show (Chicago, New York, Washington). Event Planning & execution (logistics, thematic branding strategy, graphic design, printed collateral, décor, entertainment . . .) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

Northern Telecom Telecommunications

Trade show booth design, including interactive scenario to promote a new product Creative Lead / Consultant

Paramount Canada’s Wonderland Travel / Entertainment

Media Launch to announce Canada Wonderland’s acquisition by Paramount Parks, resulting in widespread increased interest in the theme park (scenario, logistics, catering, theme design, entertainment, Special FX. . . ) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

Lancome Personal Beauty Products

Media Launch for Poeme perfume. Event planning & execution (thematic décor & branding, catering, scripting, entertainment, Special FX. . . ) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

Merck Frosst Pharmaceutical

Workshop development and delivery for internal training of their sales staff (integrated marketing, branding, content development, multimedia, graphic design, staging, scripting. . . ) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

Toyota Automotive

25th Anniversary Celebration. Event Planning & execution (thematic décor & branding, staging, entertainment . . . ) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

Gordon Food Services Consumer Goods – Food Diversified

4-city trade & road show. Event planning & execution. Created / developed attendee contest, trade show radio concept, (brand strategy, printed collateral, graphic design, show / booth designs, soundscaping . . .) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

Canadian Marketing Association Marketing

Gala Awards & Dinner Dance. 5 years in a row. Event Planning & execution. (branding, thematic décor, staging & multimedia design, graphic design, content development, scripting, executive leadership . . . ) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

Signature Vacations Travel Launch of Signature Vacations (in conjunction with Leo Burnett) – a 3-city experiential road show across Canada. Event planning & execution (multimedia, staging, thematic branding, décor, entertainment, scripting. . . ) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

TD Waterhouse Financial

Merger / press launch for new name & logo for 4,500 guests in the outdoor courtyard of Commerce Court (in conjunction with Strategic Objectives) in the heart of Toronto’s financial district. A banner displaying the new logo was unveiled from the top of two 150’ high cranes. Event planning & execution (branding, staging, logistics, audio, Special FX . . .) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

Proctor & Gamble Housewares & Accessories Internal National Meeting / Sales Conference. Event Planning & execution (multimedia design, content development, staging, thematic branding, graphic design, entertainment . . . ) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

Marketing Awards Advertising

Annual Awards Gala held at Roy Thomson Hall, Toronto. Event planning & execution. Developed Sun Tzu theme, carrying over into staging, multimedia, scripting, opening video module, graphic design, MEGAprojections, executive leadership . . . ) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

Maid of the Mist Tourism / Travel / Attraction

Press Conference, Dinner Party & Celebration for the media launch of the Maid of the Mist 6 in a clear span tent for 1000 guests, incorporating an International theme. Event planning & execution (tenting, floor plan, logistics, thematic décor, branding, experiential entertainment, food & beverage design, multimedia, staging. . . ) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

Network Appliance Computer

Fire & Ice Cirque theme at The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas for a computer technology company’s branding & sales conference. Event planning & execution (entertainment, staging, floor plan, printed collateral, graphic design . . .) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

Brunico Communications / Publishing

Inaugural Annual Awards Gala, The Golden Marble Awards Gala, celebrating advertising to children at Chelsea Piers in NYC. Event planning & execution (staging, floor plan, multimedia, scripting, opening video module, graphic design, executive leadership . . .) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

Atmosphere Communications Agency

Brand strategy, corporate identity, marketing communications initiatives including website, printed collateral, graphic design, credentials presentation Creative Lead / Consultant

Hudson’s Bay Company Retail

Award Ceremony / formal sit-down Dinner Party for 1200 guests. Event planning & execution (staging, floor plan, entertainment, scripting, choreography, production, thematic décor & branding . . . ) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

Backstage Production Agency

Copywriting / scripting Copywriter

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical

Internal National Meeting / Sales Conference. Event Planning & execution (multimedia design, content development, staging, thematic branding & décor, graphic design, entertainment . . . ) Producer / Consultant / Creative Lead

IBM Computers

New building opening / Media Launch. Event planning, graphic design, creative direction & execution Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

BASF Chemicals

New head office Opening & staff Gala Party. Event planning & execution (tenting, graphic design, entertainment, logistics, staging, catering . . . ) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

Coopers & Lybrand Financial

85th Anniversary Celebration. Held on the playing field of Toronto’s Skydome,, complete with everything from carnival games to hot air balloon rides (catering, logistics, scripting scenario, printed collateral, entertainment, staging . . . ) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

American Bar Association Law

Annual Meeting (staging, multimedia, scripting, logistics. . . ) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

Bell Canada Telecommunications

Incentive Awards Gala – Spain: Event planning & execution (complete thematic scenario, staging, décor, entertainment, headliner, food & beverage design, collateral printed pieces, graphic design, floor plan, logistics . . . ) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

American Express Financial

Annual Meeting (staging, multimedia, logistics. . . ) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

Bell Canada Telecommunications

Incentive Awards Gala – Cruise: Event planning & execution (complete thematic scenario, staging, décor, entertainment, headliner, food & beverage design, collateral printed pieces, graphic design, floor plan, logistics . . .) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

Sunquest Vacations Travel

Brochure Launch / Trade show: Event planning & execution (complete thematic scenario, staging, décor, entertainment, food & beverage design, collateral printed pieces, graphic design, floor plan, logistics . . .) Producer / Creative Lead / Consultant

City of Toronto Government / Travel

Promotional copy for tourism / travel brochure Copywriter

Airmiles Transport

Promotional copy / restaurant reviews for member brochure Copywriter

Molson Amphitheatre Tourism / Travel / Attraction

Opening Media Launch (décor, staging, logistics, special FX) Producer / Consultant / Creative Lead

Oglivy Renault Law

Team building program Producer / Consultant / Creative Lead

Ontario Hydro Environment / Electricity

Internal National Meeting / Sales Conference. Event Planning & execution (multimedia design, content development, staging, thematic branding & décor, graphic design, entertainment . . . ) Producer / Consultant / Creative Lead

Hudson’s Bay Company Retail

Media Launch of a Southeast Asian Promotion. Event Planning & execution (complete scenario, multimedia, lighting, staging, entertainment, thematic décor, floor plan, food & beverage design, logistics. . .) Producer / Consultant / Creative Lead

Royal Trust Financial

Internal National Meeting / Sales Conference. Event Planning & execution (multimedia design, content development, staging, thematic branding & décor, graphic design, entertainment . . . ) Producer / Consultant / Creative Lead

Recent Event Proposal
Prepared for: Realtors in the Los Angeles Area
Prepared by: Ronnie Caplan
Proposal for Private Art Events within Available Homes for Sale
Creative Arts & Events, in association with Faraci Art + Design, LLC
(FA+D) focuses on expanding awareness of emerging through mid-career contemporary artists through specialized
exhibits and partnerships with galleries, events, and alternative venues. Based in Los Angeles, FA+D currently
produces events throughout California, and manages local, national, and international artists.
Creative Arts & Events believes there is an opportunity to collaborate with realtors in the Los Angeles area to utilize
vacant properties for sale as temporary venues for private art sales and exhibitions. The events would provide FA+D
with unique locations to showcase the works of its artists and would expose the property to an expanded audience,
increasing its marketability.
The events would be private, invite-only exhibitions in order to target attendees which have the demographic profile
of art collectors and property owners and ensure that access to the property is limited.
Desired Properties
The ideal property would have one or more of the following characteristics:
Location: Homes located in well-established communities throughout Los Angeles such as Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa
Monica, Hollywood Hills, Marina Del Rey, Pacific Palisades, etc.
Architectural Design: Properties with a unique or significant architectural design aesthetic,
modern homes are ideal but additional styles will be considered.
Accessibility: The property would preferably be uninhabited and unfurnished (but not required).
In many cases FA+D will partner with furniture designers for the event to create seating areas within
the space that showcase the designs as well as a seamless pairing of home, art & furniture that
allows attendees to visualize the potential of the space.

Event Details:
A typical event would run from 7:00 - 11:00 pm with a maximum of 150 guests throughout the course of the evening.
A cocktail reception with musical entertainment will be provided. Creative Arts & Events, in conjunction with FA+D, will produce the event, including:
• Curator Services: Art selection, transportation, installation & removal;
• Food & Drinks: Appetizers and light food will be served in addition to a selection of wine and beer but
occasionally a limited bar is also provided;
• Musical Entertainment: Music for the evening will be paired with the aesthetic of the art collection and
property. It can range from downtempo lounge music to string quartets;
• Marketing & Press: Printed invitations will be designed, printed, and distributed by FA+D to its database of clients and art influencers. In addition the realtor will have the opportunity to extend invitations to its list of clients that may be interested in the particular property or the event. Press releases will go out through the network of press contacts, through both Creative Arts & Events and FA+D
• Insurance will be provided - both event insurance and art insurance. Any additional contents insurance for coverage beyond the event insurance would be the responsibility of the home owner (which is why empty or staged homes are preferred); and
• Security: Security will be provided to ensure that access is limited to attendees who have received an
invitation and manage any additional security needs throughout the evening.

Upcoming events for August or September which are currently available for the program include:
Invisible Children
A collection of urban art along with vintage and contemporary music photography with sales benefiting
Invisible Children, a charity organization providing education and social services to children in Uganda.
Anticipated attendees will be from the music, film, and fashion industries.

Professional Experience
                                                                    RONNIE CAPLAN
4555 Bonavista Avenue, Suite 610                                                                                        514 709-8289
Montreal Quebec H3W 2C7                                                                               [email protected]

                                                         PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

BREAKTHROUGH MEETINGS & EVENTS INC.                                                                      Since 1996
Event Communications consultancy

Plans, creates and produces all aspects of small to large scale corporate events, meetings and
conferences. Directs sponsorship and branding initiatives for corporate clients across all industry sectors.
• Built up incentive, award gala and product launch markets
• Expanded business to manage blockbuster sales events and road shows throughout North America
• Lead marketing strategist in unique business ventures for key clients such as Bell Canada, Hudson’s
Bay Company, Air Canada Vacations, Tourism Toronto and Canadian Marketing Association

Performed numerous special projects and freelance contract assignments, including:
CREATIVE DIRECTOR at one of the world’s largest, award-winning event production companies

SALES MANAGER, selling unique team building music interventions and keynote speakers to an
array of Fortune 500 corporations

SENSIX COMMUNICATIONS & EVENTS (TORONTO) INC.                                                 1989 – 1996
Leading Event Production company

As co-founder, spearheaded company growth - establishing and maintaining its excellent reputation in the Toronto events and communications market. Developed strong revenue base and repeat clientele.
• Supervised client liaison and conducted full cycle of account management: from initial consultation,
site inspections, creative planning sessions and client presentations through to strategy fulfillment,
event execution, ROI analysis and final billing / supplier reconciliations.
• Wrote and managed all branding and promotional initiatives.

Represented various consumer and trade magazines (Southam Communications, Centre Publications)
and newspapers (The Globe & Mail) - handling creative concepts, conducting ad sales and directing
components of advertising and editorial design, incentives, web, direct mail and promotions.
Provided freelance Graphic Design for various publishing firms, advertising agencies and corporate
clients. Worked as Disc Jockey, Party Planner and Nightclub Promoter.

Diploma in Graphic Design Dawson College, Montreal
Extended Design studies Parsons School of Design, New York City

Supervised teams of volunteers in the raising of over $56K for the Israel Cancer Research Fund, as Co-
Chair of two highly successful / attended themed charity events
Active in creating campaign success for (among others) the Juvenile Diabetes, CANFAR, Ronald
McDonald House, Easter Seals, Kids Help Phone and the Children's Wish Foundation,

Co-wrote several film screenplays and treatments for students attending the USC School of Cinematic
Arts in Southern California                                                                    
Awards and Recognition
"Thank you for helping to execute a tremendously successful media briefing. The coverage we received was significant and extremely complimentary."
Manager Public Relations / Special Events, Paramount Canada's Wonderland

 "I relied on your expertise from start to finish and was not disappointed. The event was a complete success!"
Communications Coordinator, Centre for the Study of Insurance Operations

Conference Manager, Canadian Congress of Advertising

 "Hosting over 2000 sales employees in two cities, via closed circuit live telecast was quite an undertaking. The launch was a great success, the positive feedback from everyone in attendance as well as the sponsors was overwhelming."
Manager, Special Events, Bell Canada

 "Your abilities in the production of blockbuster experiential sales events communicates Toronto's sense of flare, varied attractions and professionalism."
President, Metro Toronto Convention & Visitors Association

 "Toronto was without doubt one of our most successful incentive trips, and you played an important role in that success. The Gala Dinner in particular was, in my view, the best we have done, and we received many favorable comments from our delegates."
Marketing Communications Manager, ICL (UK) Limited

 "Once again, you've excelled in imagination and creativity, over and above our expectations. Thanks so much for making this year's event our biggest and best ever!"
Sales Event Manager, Metro Toronto Convention & Visitors Association

 "Surprising as it may seem, I'm having trouble finding the words to express my gratitude and congratulations to you and your team for the great "show"! The professionalism and creativity of your organization is outdone only by your personal commitment and involvement in seeing the event through."
Manager, Special Events, Bell Canada

 "We find ourselves at a loss to express our feelings on paper (but we'll try)! Without a doubt, the professionalism and creativity of your company surpassed all of our expectations."
Regional and Area Sales Managers, Air Canada Vacations

 "We have been deluged with calls from our employees to say that 'this was the best event ever'!"
Corporate Secretray, Canadian Automobile Association

 "Planning a mini-Olympiad for 850 people , the logistics are enormous - but with your help, everything went off seamlessly. The event accomplished all of our objectives. I appreciate the attentiveness of you and all your staff, pre, during and post event. Your responsiveness provided a much-needed sense of calm!
Manager, National Marketing & Communications, Coopers & Lybrand


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