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Alpha Tomasowa
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Personal Project MARRIOTT 2022
This design has as its premise a densely populated urban future, where Marriott strives to continue their 5-star excellence in service to patrons. In this future, the urban sprawl has continued its verticality, even branching into several horizontal levels of Ground Floors within itself. These are sustained by levels horizontal mass transit with vertical interconnections. Natural daylight has become a luxury in this verticality, as is foliage and nature. Daylight harvesting and its integration into a cultured, green platform are considered luxuries. Cultural aesthetics have not changed, but rather broadened their definition scope to include pieces from early 21st century. Furniture from the pre-Green all the way to the Victorian Era is considered lavish works, and their design inclusion a status symbol. Urbanites are profusely integrated to their iteration of the Internet via their gadgets, for professional and personal needs. Holographic 3D projection, coupled with 360-degree infrared Motion Capture cameras interfaced to the latest iteration of SixthSense is the current technological peak. Reprieve from interconnectivity is regarded as much a luxury as the fastest, fullest connections. Outside the Suite, the façade is comprised of Transparent Chitin in Nanocomposite Sheets, able to withstand tenfold more heat than conventional glass. It is also used for Daylight Harvesting Tubes, due to its heat durability and high light-transmittance. Inside the Suite, Smart Glass and its soundproof variants are a standard design element, and their control up to the patron’s sense of business and|or pleasure. So are concrete blocks, and programmable LiTraCon variants. Memory Cloth roll-up trays and resizable bathrobes are used in the bathroom, whereas time-programmable, shrinking blankets in the bedroom. Gecko Tape strips with hooks are available, applicable on all surfaces, and can also be used in conjunction with hammocks in the dayroom. Universal gadget-charging stations are also a standard; those installed in the Suite can also sync data between gadgets and interact with them through the holographic User Interface available.
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