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Bee Fairy
Another take of an ancient Thracian deity - The Bee Fairy. The Bee Fairy was the Queen of all bees and she had "a bee's body, a woman's face and talk. She reigned the wild bees in the depths of the forests, lurking in tree hollows. Their honey was food for the Forest Fairies and all the creatures with a deep respect for the bees." As the Romanian mythology explains, the bee is the insect which helped create the world, having pre-christian origins, like many other mythologic beings. Legends confirm the bee's intelligence, skill and hard work in organizing its life. Therefore, it is said the bee was the Creator's counselor, helping him to "better match" the edges of the sky and earth. Another Christian legend implies that the bee was born from Mother Mary's teardrop when Jesus Christ died crucified (this legend has its origins from the similar ancient Egyptian legend of Ra, the sun god, where it also was born from his teardrop). In the illustration, the Bee Fairy's body is ornated with ancient Cucuteni symbols, reminding of the many feminine sculptures found on our territory, confirming that the ancients were part of a matriarchal society, where the woman/mother figure were worshiped.
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