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Ryan Ashford
Filmmaking, United States California Los Angeles
Suite 101
Tel: 213 7130370
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Frames from Recent Videos Directed by Ryan Ashford
Brief Summary
As a multifaceted filmmaker it's always tough to find the right title for myself so I tend to settle on "Director/Producer." I'm an easygoing collaborator and I work with my clients to produce original video and interactive content from concept to completion. I designed and built my own studio in West LA where I write, design, shoot, cut, and occasionally dream up my own custom camera and lighting gadgets. When I'm not directing commercials, promos, or music videos, I am often directing post production workflows for indie features or producing music in a variety of eclectic styles.
Capitol Records
Sony Music Entertainment
FOX Television
JVC America
Cleveland Golf
Avia Sportswear
Blik Wall Graphics
Rusnak Auto Group
Global Legal Discovery
Ridgecrest Regional Hospital
MAUS Business Solutions (Australia)
Sam's Chauffeurs (Australia)
Professional Experience
2000-2003 BA, University of Southern California
1998 California Arts Scholarship program for Film/Video, CalArts

Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Encore, Final Cut Pro, Color, Motion, Shake, Soundtrack Pro, Logic Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Office, Final Draft, Cleaner, and more...

4/12-6/12 Director, Videographer, Editor (Online Shopping Channel)

5/12 Director, Videographer, Editor, Visual Effects
“Blik for Mattel Children's Hospital” (video case study)
Blik Wall Graphics

5/12 Director, Videographer, Editor, Visual Effects
“Pattern Wall Tiles” (web commercial)
Blik Wall Graphics

3/12 Writer, Director, Animator, Designer
"EDRM and Services" (interactive media campaign)
Global Legal Discovery

3/12-5/12 Editor, Sound Design, Color Correction, Visual Effects
"Ugly Shoes" (feature film)

3/12 Director, Videographer, Editor, Visual Effects
"Flexin" (hiphop music video)
Prince Charmin

1/12-2/12 Director, Videographer, Editor, Visual Effects
"Click Click" (pop music video)

12/11-1/12 Director, Producer, Voice Over, Editor, Animator
"Lonely Tom" (promotional video)
Knowledge For Men

11/11-12/11 Director, Producer, Voice Over, Editor, Animator
"Rinse and Repeat" (broadcast commercial)
Sam's Chauffeurs (Australia)

11/11-12/11 Producer, Director, Voice Over, Motion Graphics
"KPI Dashboard" (promotional/instructional video)
MAUS Business Solutions

10/11-11/11 Editor
"Nothing in Your Pocket" (pop music video)
Rose Emanuel

7/11-9/11 Director, Videographer, Editor, Visual Effects
"It's Always Tuscany (When Driving)" (rock music video)
Resident Peasant

4/11-5/11 Producer
"F1rst St1ing" (hiphop 7 music video series)
Brotha Nyft

3/11-5/11 Editor, Voice Over, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
"Nanobeam 940" (web and broadcast advertising for medical device)
Davaray Inc

3/11-4/11 Editor, Audio Mix
"Batuka" (Hershey sponsored online fitness video series)

2/11-3/11 Producer
"Frequency Overload" (hiphop album)
Brotha Nyft

10/10-2/11 Editor
"The Talent" (indie feature)

12/09-4/10 Editor, Motion Graphics, Audio Mix
"Spry Workout" (web-streaming fitness instructional series)

11/09 Editor, Motion Graphics, Audio Mix, DVD Author
"Avi-Motion" (industrial marketing DVD)
Avia Shoes

10/09 Color Correction
"SPELLS" (short film drama)

8/09 Editor, Color Correction, Visual Effects, Sound Design
"A Glass of Water" (short film drama)
JBG Films

5/09 Editor
"Thin Crust" (short film drama)
JM Clark Productions

5/09 Editor
"Devil’s Land" (short film thriller)
Odyssea Films

4/09 Editor/Compositor/Color Correction/Sound Design
"GASP" (short film drama)
Metahara Productions

3/09-4/09 Editor/DVD Author
"Monique Danielle Yoga Series"
Easy Flow Media

1/09 Editor/Animator/Compositor/Composer
Srixon "Z-Star and Z-Star X"
Video Impact Productions

12/08 Editor/Animator/Compositor/Composer
Cleveland Golf "Launcher & Monster Drivers"
Video Impact Productions

11/08 Editor/Animator/Compositor/Composer
Cleveland Golf "CG7 Irons"
Video Impact Productions

10/08 Editor/Animator/Director
"Promotional Video"

7/08 Editor
Rusnak "Tiny Details" (commercial ad campaign)
Hu-Man Element Productions

5/08 Post Production Supervisor
'Remnants' (short film)
Hu-Man Element Productions

3/08 Editor
Rusnak "Quality Attracts" (commercial ad campaign)
Hu-Man Element Productions

7/07 Post Production Director
'Buckwild' (Music Video)
Platinum Island Productions

7/07 Editor/DVD Author
'The Best of Tamilee Webb' (Fitness Videos)
Hu-Man Element Productions Inc.

6/07 Graphic Design/Animation/Composite Effects
'24 Swing' (Parody Short)

6/07 Editor/Special Effects/Sound Designer
'Double/Cross' (Action Parody Short Film)

4/07-6/07 Editor/DVD Author/Graphic Designer
'Common Cents with Bibi Angola' (Educational DVD)
Metahara Productions

6/06-2/07 Post Production Director
'30 Days ‘til I’m Famous' (Television Pilot)
Platinum Island Productions

2/06-3/06 Score/Sound Designer
'WFCT Sketch Comedy Revolution' (Internet Short Series)
MadMan At Large Productions

1/06-3/06 Co-Producer/Editor/Animator/DVD Author
'JVC 2006 Camcorder Training' (Industrial)
JVC America

1/06 Editor
'Us Festival Promo'
Icon Media

12/05 Editor
'Women of Wisdom Promo' (Short Documentary)
MetaHara Presents

11/05-12/05 Editor
'Get a Job' (Educational DVD)
JVC America

10/05-11/05 Editor/DVD Author
Lightworks Audio & Video

10/05-11/05 Editor
'Beverly Hills Limo' (Television Pilot)

7/05-9/05 Editor
'Real Life Teens' (Television Series)

5/05-9/05 Editor/DVD Author

5/05 DVD Author
'Journey's Below the Line' (The Making of '24')
Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

3/05-5/05 Sound Designer, Asst. Editor
'Pumping Velvet' (Dance Short)
Avid Diva Productions

1/05-3/05 Producer, Director, Editor
'George Clinton & The New Stars' (Live Concert Videos)

8/04-4/05 DVD Author, Editor
TMW Media Group Associate

7/04-7/05 Co-Producer, Editor, Composer
'05 Camcorder and Display Training' (Industrial)
JVC America

10/04-2/05 Sound Designer, Asst. Editor
'Camjackers' (Indie Feature)
Eu Topos Productions

8/04-3/05 Sound Designer, Editor, Video Technician
The Los Angeles Filmmakers' Co-operative
Awards and Recognition
1998 California Arts Scholar
2004 RIAA Platinum Record "Ocean Avenue" by Yellowcard

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