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Natalie Cass
, United States
1502 South Preston St
Salt Lake City UT, 84108
Tel: 801 6449687
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Natalie’s interest in photography began at an early age—there were always issues of National Geographic Magazine lying around and the images contained within transported her to exotic places and allowed her to see into the hearts of distant people.  A sense of connection with the world and its variety of cultures and hidden secrets lay dormant within her until later in life. 

 Natalie attended University of Utah studying Finance & Sociology when she began a career in mortgage banking for 4 years.  However, her love for creating, connection with people and places was limited in this environment, so she enrolled in the Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2004 Massachusetts.  This journey led her to follow her dream, photographing people, products, on movie sets and in production facilities across the globe.

 Natalie possesses a consummate knack for capturing humanity at his best and embalming this image in HD digital photography for eternity.  She has an easy, congenial way with people that will make you feel as though you have always known her.  Natalie is also a creative social commentator and uses her photography skills to convey such messages. 

 Her special projects include Alien Nation and Hippie Ballroom.  Alien Nation conveys the feelings of separation and disconnection in society.  How strange our culture would appear to such an outsider.  Her imagery encourages reflection upon our social conditioning and paradigm. 

 Hippie Ballroom is a creative Cirque de Soleil of the pagan.  In this project Natalie attempts to capture the earth-based essence of a fire dancer—it allows us to peek inside another world of people consumed by ecstatic dance.  She not only captures the spirit of the dancers, but to incorporate various tools such as fisheye perspective and textured overlays to convey a trance like state to enhance the feeling of the set.

 Natalie has been director of Cass Studios for over six years.  She has photographed products for Chase Bank and Wal-mart, models and movie stars such as Danny Glover, Christian Slator and Gary Oldman. She specializes in portraiture and commercial product photography.  Natalie’s interests include: rock climbing, mountain biking, paragliding, yoga, meditation, Zoomba, and African Dance.  Natalie’s friends call her “the Messenger of Peace,” due to her supernatural ability to amicably resolve challenging situations.



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Awards and Recognition
Board Member American Society of Professional Photographers, Utah Film Commission, National Association of Professional Women

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