Suzy Massey
Web Design, United States
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Brief Summary
I’m a web designer who has lived in Mexico, Switzerland, Connecticut, New York, but finally chose Maine because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Which it still is. Except when I am cold. Which is a lot of the time. Then I wear layers.

It took a while to find web design. When I went to Parsons School of Design and got a B.F.A. in Communication Design, the only computers were in the administrative offices. I learned to design things by hand. I still have some non-photo blue pencils somewhere.

I graduated and realized I didn’t like print design, so I ran away and joined Radio City Music Hall. (No, not as a Rockette; I can’t dance.) I ended up in the art department and spent my time designing the displays for the windows and a couple of the marquees. You would never know who you would meet in the elevator. I got to wish Bob Hope a happy 80th birthday. I met all sorts of interesting people there, including my husband.

Once in Maine, I did store display (a.k.a. Visual Merchandising). What do display and web design have in common? It’s all about the visual organization of information. It was when I could no longer deal with another retail Christmas that I chose web design and realized that I had finally found the career equivalent of Mr. Right. I’ve been making websites since 2001.

I like computers and other geeky stuff; I like code and design; I like painting pictures and growing orchids.

I love what I do.
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