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Pepe Moreno


Pepe Moreno is an accomplished author, artist, game designer and producer with an extensive experience in comic books, game development and entertainment media. He has set trends in comic books with his work throughout the world in magazines such as Metal Hurlant and l'Echo des Savanes in Europe and Eerie, Vampirella, Heavy Metal and Epic Magazine in the United States. Pepe also pioneered "Graphic Novels" in the US, beginning with Rebel and followed with worldwide releases of  Joe’s Air Force , Gene Kong, Generation Zero, and Zeppelin. His pioneering best selling computer generated graphic novel Batman, Digital Justice was printed in every major language, the book became the second most successful book in the field’s history.

Pepe’s extensive video game library includes very successful products such as the BeachHead brand of games. The “BeachHead 2000,” “BeachHead 2002” and “BeachHead Desert War” titles have sold more than 700,000 copies as well as hundreds of thousands in additional downloads. The arcade versions consistently ranked as number one in the U.S. Other titles include; “Tiger Hunt,” “Desert Gunner,” “Panzer Killer” and “Real pool” with more than 360,000 copies sold and more than 2.3 million downloads. One of Pepe’s most endearing projects was HELLCAB. The title was an industry first, a best seller and an instant classic. HellCab was one of first ever, CD-ROM and it won the number one rating for 1993 in Billboard Magazine.

Professional Experience
Skills Overview

Management, Production and Game Design

On a general note I want to convey that I've been in the trenches of game development and production many, times. Out of real-world experience I know how to design with measure and structure the development process correctly from the start. I’m best at visualizing a game along with the gamer experience from conception and I’m very capable of seeing “the vision” through every step of the process. I’m very logical and organized in the thinking process, good at identifying and eliminating variables and very fluid at finding creative solutions to impossible problems. I know how to create -or contribute to create- a casual, stress-free and highly creative atmosphere while keeping the team motivated and productive. I'm very good at turning company wishes into reality and in maximizing results on time and within a budget.

• Hell Cab (Warner Interactive)
• Real Pool (Atari/Infogrames)
• Rivers of Dawn (Virgin Interactive)
• BeachHead 2000 (Atari/Infogrames)
• Real Pool 2 (Atari/Infogrames)
• BeachHead 2002 (Atari/Infogrames)
• BeachHead: Desert War (Global VR/Digital Fusion)
• Tiget Hunt (Atari/Infogrames)
• Desert Gunner (Global VR/Digital Fusion)
• Panzer Killer (Strategy First)

Character Development and Set Design

I understand esthetic value, story telling and character development. I have been designing characters, worlds and machines for comics, games, TV shows and movies almost my entire career. Designing characters and worlds is one of my favorite things and one of the skills that I’m most prolific and creative about. Aside from designing hundreds of character for comics and of curiosity is that I was in the design team’s for the ThunderCats, SilverHawks and TigerSharks with Rankin Bass in NYC. Also of notice is the redesigning of every character in the Batman universe with my best selling Graphic Novel Batman Digital Justice.

• Graphic Novel: “Batman: Digital Justice” (Graphic Novel -DC Comics worldwide)
• Graphic Novel: “Rebel” (Comic and Graphic Novel -Heavy Metal worldwide)
• Graphic Novel: “Generation Zero” (Comic and Graphic Novel -Marvel)
• Graphic Novel: “Zeppelin” (Comic and Graphic Novel –Special USA)
• Graphic Novel: “Joe’s Air Force” (Comic and Graphic Novel –Special USA)
• Graphic Novel: “Gene Kong” (Comic and Graphic Novel )
• Graphic Novel: “Generation Zero” (Comic and Graphic Novel)
• Animation Show: ThunderCats
• Animation Show: TigerSharks
• Animation Show: SilverHawks
• Animation: First Sony Jumbotron animation in Times Square NYC.
• Magazines: Fortune Magazine, Time, Heavy Metal, Epic… and many others.

Accomplished, Prolific and Published Author

Along with the books my works have been serialized and published in hundreds of magazines all over the world (as mentioned in the summary). Hundreds of articles have been published along with awards and recognitions. My work is also included in many compilations and documentaries and some of it has even been made into permanent collection in museums like the Smithsonian in Washington and the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.

Software and Development Tools

I'm very familiar also with all the game development components and pipeline, specially in 3D since I have been developing 3-D games long before any of the current methods became standard. Whatever the game culture or lingo I’m fundamentally familiar with game development pipeline and fluid enough with most of the basic tools to do it myself. Anything from 3D modeling and texture mapping, to particle effects and animated sprites. From game map design and game interface to scripting and everything else in between. Whatever the position on a team, I can help glue things together and fill any gaps that may emerge during production. I’m also a well accomplished and published artist, designer and illustrator.

• Maya 6.0 (primary)
• 3DS Studio Max (secondary)
• Various popular game engines.
• SketchUp Pro (for 3D sketching)
• Adobe Photoshop (primary)
• Adobe Illustrator (secondary)
• Adobe Flash (primary)
• Adobe In Design (any page layout program in general)
• Web authoring tools, Joomla, Worldpress
• Video and audio editing tools (secondary)

Product Highlights

Batman: Digital Justice (Graphic Novel 1990 DC comics): Printed in every major language, the book became a best seller and the second most successful book in the field’s history. A true pioneering work, a computer generated book, a first of its kind and a classic with more than 65 feature articles appearing in magazines, newspapers and TV interviews throughout the world.

Hell Cab (Videogame, 1993 Warner Interactive): One of the first ever, CD-ROM titles and helped established popularity of the CD-ROM title business by setting standards in originality of content and form.  Best game of 1993 - Billboard Magazine

Rivers of Dawn (Videogame, 1996 Virgin Interactive): A dynamic, story-based RPG game. A game with all the depth, detail and play time of a traditional (text-based) RPG with an original and well written story, but interpreted in a dynamic virtual setting and designed for broad consumption. Never published do to Virgin Interactive demise.

Real Pool and Real Pool 2 (Videogame, 1998 - 2000 Atari): A best seller at the time with 360,000 copies sold at retail and more than 2.3 million downloads from One of the first 3D Photorealistic real time PC games. Also Sony Playstation.

BeachHead 2000 series (Videogame, 2000 - 2004, GT, Infogrames, Atari): The BeachHead brand of games marketed by Atari (Infogrames). BeachHead 2000, BeachHead 2002 and BeachgHead Desert War titles have sold more than 600,000 copies as well as hundreds thousands in additional downloads. Also Sony Playstation (PlayStation Museum).

BeachHead 2000 (Arcade, 2003 - 2006 Global VR): The arcade versions of the BeachHead games have consistently ranked as number one in the US (top earners for more than three years in a row).

Tiger Hunt (Videogame, 2006 Atari): A fast paced arcade style, WWII 3D tank combat game.

Desert Gunner (Videogame and Arcade, 2007 Global VR Digital Fusion): An Arcade stile Iraq combat game.

Panzer Killer (Videogame, 2009 Strategy First): The sequel to Tiger Hunt. An arcade style, WWII 3D tank combat game.

Amusedom (Self publishing network, 2010 - 2011 Amusedom Corp.):

• An Internet-based self-publishing international network
• Digital, Paperbacks and Hard covers, Print on Demand and mobile App’s•
• Hundreds of artist including many top international artists.


Digital Fusion (
Digital Fusion’s Game Site

Amusedom (
A worldwide self-publishing network site

Pepe Moreno (
Personal website

Work Experience

Digital Fusion Inc (Beverly Hills, CA)

President and CEO: Responsibilities included managing, producing and designing games. Lead game designer and artist. 2D, 3D animation and game level programming. Clients (Publishers) Warner Interactive, Virgin Interactive, Wizard Works, GT Interactive, Infogrames, Atari, Sony.


HellCab one of the first three CD-ROM games ever. Real Pool: The first real-time photorealistic 3D game ever. BeachHead 2000: Best seller and of the first ever –and most successful- Internet downloadable games ever.

Time Warner (LA/CA)

Pepe Moreno Productions: Pioneering CD-ROM and Videogame development: Work with TWIG (Time Warner Interactive Group) leading in the effort in designing and developing many pioneering CD-ROM games and educational titles including my own HellCab game. A first for –and most profitable- game Warner and one of the first three CD-ROM games ever. Other titles include The Olympics, The Berlin Wall and others.

Warren, DC Comics, Marvel, Heavy Metal. (NYC, NY)

Comic Book Artist and Author: Illustrating comics and wrote stories for Warren, Marvel, Heavy Metal and DC Comics in the USA. Metal Hurlant, l'Echo des Savanes, Totain, Seleciones Illustradas, L’eternauta, Comic Art and many others in Europe.


Rebel first Graphic Novel in the USBatman: Digital Justice first computer generated comic and second best selling book (in dollar amounts) in the history of comic books (at the time of publication) Generation Zero (DC Comics)

Rankin Bass, Lorimar Pictures (NYC/NY)

Animation Character and Prop design: Worked on Thunder Cats, designing characters, scenarios and toys. Lead designer on Tiger Sharks, designing characters, storyboards and animation directing some episodes. Also coordinating production with animation teams in Japan. Worked on Silver Hawks, designing characters, scenarios, toys and meal boxes for McDonalds. Designing the Comic Strip presentation package.

Publipress (Advertisement company,Valencia Spain)

Senior Designer: Work and design many advertisements and add campaigns. Won 1st price in a Holy Week poster contest. Won 1st price for national export produce poster contest. Won contract to Design a “Keep it Clean” advertisement campaign for a hole city (Ceuta).


Universidad de Bellas Artes de Valencia (Fine Arts University of Valencia).
BA (BBAA in Europe or BA equivalent)

Escuela politecnica de Valencia: Electrical Engineering (Valencia, Spain).
Graduation diploma (equivalent to two years community college)

San Vicente vocational school (High School equivalent).
High School diploma in electrical engineering 


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