Neli Strukelj
Fashion, Slovenia
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Brief Summary

I-BAG was made not to dictate, but to inspire your style.

Fashionable, practical, multidimensional and high quality; the I-BAG is a unique product made in Slovenia. Different collections of I-BAG are not designed like other brand names that offer seasonal collections, but its design reveals a story – a concept and follows the principles of sustainable development. Every collection has a different identity and it’s not just a reflection of fleeting fashion trends.

I-bag  proves that high style and practicality can blend together beautifully. Our aim is to create bags which will look exquisite and special not only today but as long as you'll wear it. It's our goal to create products which are not merely the reflection of the fleeting and temporary fashion trends but are designed to survive the test of time.  It's the story behind the product that makes it ageless.

Urban. Artistic. High quality. The I-BAG.


- bag collection for niOka fashion label, presented at London fashion week
- bag collection for wannabesociety presented at Bread&Butter in Berlin
Professional Experience


2008 – today: postgraduate student of clothes design at Academy for fine arts and Faculty of    

             natural sciences and engeenering, University in Ljubljana, Slovenia

2008:  design certificate – bachelor of science in the design of the textiles and clothing,

            University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

1997:  Zois scholarship for talented


additional education:

2008:  Erasmus exchange at Faculdade de Arquitectura,

           departamento de Arte e Design, Lisbon

2003:  fashion illustration course, mentor: Morgan Le Gall

2004:  summer course for Costumography

            Central Saint Martins school of Art and design, London


2008 - Award for PERSPECTIVE YOUNG DESIGNER, granted by Zavod Big at Month of design

2008 - PREŠEREN AWARD for STUDENTS, project: eco-friendly multifunctional BAG,

             granted by Prešeren found and  University of Ljubljana

2008 - BIENALE YOUNG ARTISTS from Europe and the Mediterranean, representative of

            Slovenia in  the field  of fashion design presentation > Italy: Puglia, 22 - 31.5. 2008

2006 - EUROPEAN'S WAY OF LIFE - selected for the presentation of the collection and

             exhibition, France: Nantes - La Liue Unique, 17.6 - 10.9. 2006


2010 – SCARS:  bag collection for Nioka fashion label

             fashion show: “A la mode” at London fashion week, 21.2. 2010


2010 -  EDUFASHION project

 Cooperant at a two-year international project (2009-2011) for the development of a                    

 collaborative platform for fashion creation, new attitudes and continuous education,  

 supported by European union


2010 – WANNABESOCIETY : bag collection for Wannabesociety

             Bread&butter, Berlin, 20-22.1


2010 – FASHION ON THE CRIME SCENE: group exhibition of Slovenian fashion design

             Ljubljana: Metalka, 9.12.09 – 9.1.2010



            design for environment group exhibition

            Italy: Trieste, 24.10 – 29.11


2009 – ∞[email protected]:  exhibition of digital illustrations of Srecko Kosovel¨s  poems

exhibited on the covers of I-bag in mobile windows

Sežana, 12.12. – 12.2


2009 – VITRINE:  exhibition of photos of Ljubljana  exhibited on the covers of I-bag  

            author and conceptual project manager, photos by Matjaž Tančič

            Turistic information center, Month of design, Ljubljana, 15.10 – 15.11


2009 – BONNIE & CLYDE, eco friendly clothes collection

             made out of pre-consumer textile waste, industrial cut-ofs and roll

            Influence fashion show, Koper, 25.6


2009 – TEST!9+10 : international festival of student theatre and multimedia arts

              Exhibition of the Urban nomads project

              Croatia: Zagreb, 31.3 – 4.4


2009 – project ¥€$: collection of eco-friendly silkdcreen printed T-shirts

            Influence media gathering, Ljubljana, 20.6.


2008 - URBAN TRIBE exhibition: author and conceptual project manager,

           Vitreous gallery at City hall, Ljubljana


2008 – FUN FAIR : group exhibition of handmade design objects

            Škuc gallery, Ljubljana, 19.6.-27.7


2007 - MEMORY – clothes collection

           presented at the opening of the center of aesthetics, Sežana

           and on fashion show in Licna hisa, Ajdovscina


2005 - RELATIONS - final fashion show and exhibition

            National Gallery, Ljubljana, 15.5

2005 - VISUAL ILLUSIONS – clothes collection

           presentation of the collection of clothes in the award of TLP: TV SLO 1


2005 - FASHION VIDEO - exhibition and video projection

            in cooperation with the French Institute Charles Nodier
            KUD France Prešeren; Ljubljana: October 2005 and City Museum, Ljubljana

2005 - WEIT WINKEL PHOTOGRAPHIE - fashion photography exhibition

            Austria: Wien, 25.5.

2004 - STYLE - exhibition of fashion illustrations;

           City Museum: Vžigalica gallery, Ljubljana



           Hostel Celica: Ljubljana, May 2004


2004 - HOUSE AS SPACE - textiles exhibition,

           Gallery of contemporary visual arts: Celje, October 2004


2004 - RADICAL FASHION - Exhibition of photos of clothes and dresses made of paper
           Comme des garcons Guerrilla store +3861, Ljubljana,

           published in the Guerilla zine n ° 2


2004 - FIND ME IN THE CITY: collection of fashion accessories for Firma company

           Autumn / Winter 2004-2005




2009 – CLOCKWORK ORANGE:  theatre show, directed by Matjaž Pograjc

 Assistant of costumographer Mateja Benedetti

 Slovensko mladinsko gledališče, 11.12.2009


2009 -   TIDE: ADIUE:  music video, Zavod AVK production

             assistant of costumographer Sanja Grcić

             directors: Miloš Radosavljebič in Tomi Horvat


2009 – LASJE: short movie, directed by Barbara Zemljič

            assistant of costumographer Sanja Grcić asistentka kostumografije


2008 -  BARVE V MENI JAZ V BARVAH, plesna predstava

 coreography: Maša Leskovšek, Marija Slavec, Eva Metlikovič, Tina Bačič              costumography in collaboration with Ajda Metlikovič


2008 – UNSPOKEN : dance show,  choreography: Matjaž Farič

            print pattern design for the show

2007 - NAPHTALENE: mucic video, group:  Klub mrtvih pesnikov, director: Klemen Dvornik

           assistant of costume designer


           costume design for the closing event, Auditorium Portorož

2007 - UNICEF : music video for help in raising money,  directed by Igor Zupe

           assistant of costume designer

             assistant costume designer, National Theater, Maribor
2007 - MOMENT LIKE THIS: music video for Nina Osenar,

           production: di: vision, directed by Mitja Okorn,

           assistant of costume designer Sanja Grcić

2006 - RAW : music video for Diyala, production: di: vision, director: Mitja Okorn

            assistant of costumographer and costume design  


2006 -  BRAIN DAMAGE:  music video for TIDE

directors: Milos Radosavljebič and Tomi Horvat , AVK production

            costume designer


2006 - WEDDING : short film, production: Studio Arkadena, director Peter Pašić

           assistant of costume designer Sanja Grcić


2006 - RELEASE MY GUN: music video for TIDE

           production: Department AVK , director: Miloš Radosavljebič and Tomi Horvat

           costume designer


Awards and Recognition
- Preseren award for design of multifunctional bag
- award for perspective young designers

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