Crystal Hansen
Web Design, Canada
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Brief Summary
I am an iPhone Dev,Web Dev, Photoshop User ,Photographer,Illustrator User,Fine Artist - draw, paint, sculpt and design located in Edmonton Alberta Canada. I love Macs and any techie devices I can get my hands on. Please visit for many more samples.
Professional Experience


As an Employee:

Commitment is important when applying skills to a project or item. Taking ownership, responsibility and self-starting roles when approaching expectations and milestones, is something I value. Contributing to a team collective through collaboration, discussion and brainstorming allows the team to discover different perspectives and innovative approaches to resolving problems.

As a Designer:

I have a strong sense of color theory. I can instinctively utilize complimentary color and secondary color to bring a body of work together while maintaining balance of large space with small space including necessary white space. I maintain consistency throughout a theme with all the add-on products. I reinforce branding through bulleting logos integrating brands wherever I can within the design and using favicons on websites.

As a Programmer:

I have a strong drive to constantly learn and staying abreast of new technology. I have a very keen focus to define business requirements and stay within the scope of the project through using interaction and collaboration with the client. I am very GUI driven and strive for functionality and usability in the projects I develop. I utilize the concepts of modularity whenever a pattern develops. I am always thinking and analyzing situations. I am an ‘outside the box’ thinker, who isn’t afraid to take a risk to resolve an issue.


Technical Summary

Experienced Web Designer and Program Developer with at least 5 years Web design and programming work experience. Hands on experience ranged from analyzing existing sites for Web enhancements to design and development of full media range construction. All sites embodied functionality and interactive mobility, feasibility, compatibility and effectiveness within each web site by utilizing CSS code, modular programming styles and validation testing.

Subcategory Technical Skills:

Web Design: Graphic Design, Digital Photography and Image Brand development, Audio/Video/Flash Developments, Site Presentation Layer Construction consisted of Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Flash.

Systems Development: Website Database Design & Management using .Net Framework (ADO,ASP,VB,C#) and MS SQL, ORACLE, PHP and MySQL, JAVA and MySQL, as well as experience using HTML/CSS, XML, JavaScript and Web E-Commerce. Objective C programming and smart phone development.










Pure Logic May 2011 – July 2011

Program Developer  -  Maintain updates on two existing projects. One being a desktop application, and the other a web application. Both were written in C# and utilizing Object Persistent Framework (OPF3) (OOP) class structure and database connections mapper. Both projects are rather large scale with updating requirements and development since 2009. Some client contact and discussion took place.


Quick Draw February 2011 – April 27, 2011

iPhone Developer  -  Develop and program requirements for iPhone Applications. Investigate technology information through the Apple Development Documentation and tutorials through the web and Support online. Manage database connections, WebView interface connections, push and in-Application notifications, image layout views, Mapping API and advertisement bars. Utilizing RESTful connections for AppFigures presentation.


Photo Gift World November 2010 – February 2011

iPhone Developer  -  Develop Documentation, Proposals and Application content for iPhone Applications. Investigate technology information, keeping abreast of new technologies. Utilize Database content, Javascript and Titanium Software. Continual learning through video instruction of Objective C. Review Apple - Human Interface Documentation and Apple Tutorial and Support online.


Packers Plus October 2009 – August 2010 (Project Complete Support required)

.Net Developer Contract  - Developed proposal, Documentation and Web Application for Packers Plus NCR processes. The purpose of the application is to manage information gained through investigation of product faults found by Engineers for purposes of Data management, search techniques and Web file management. The product is created by the build of a database in MS Sql, nTier programming in C# with a front end Web Application. Collaboration and maintain communication with representatives at Packers Plus for managing timelines, milestones and coding practices. Overcoming obstacles by utilizing new information and technologies.

Sites Developed/Maintained – NCR / FTR Project


Advanis  June 2008 –  Present (Contract)

Web Design and Development Contractor – Remodel and tweak various project output using HTML, and CSS. Developing clean layouts with Design principles like best use web fonts, limiting fonts used, defining classes and ids within tables structures and buttons to achieve the proper look and maintain consistency.

Sites Developed/Maintained – In house products. Un -viewable by the general public




Edmonton Historical Board (EHB) September 2009 – December 2009

Team Lead Developer – Nait Project IST410

Programmer & Web Designer for the EHB Plaque and Award Web Application. An online learning and educationally based content driven site.  Utilizing different tools for production of a non-profit site with focus on educating the general public of their activities and the historical relevance of the city of Edmonton. Developed proposal, Documentation and Web Application as well as lead a team of four students in a project management role to fulfill the EHB application needs. Object Oriented processes were developed in PHP with a MySql back end to minimize costs. Google Maps integrated into public access to view locations of plaques in Edmonton.


Device Media  June 2009 –  August 2009

Web Programmer -  Utilized modularity to generate new aspects of the site development processes and implemented new media products through research and design techniques specific to online learning or educationally based websites. Team environment of collaboration for identifying and modifying production for improvements in delivery of course work specific to the quest – solutions site of online education. A constant push of boundaries to implement cutting-edge multimedia within the web learning environment keeping feasibility, compatibility and effectiveness at the forefront of such boundaries. The Project Code was performed in Object Oriented style using PHP and MySql. Interface integrated with YUI.

Sites Developed/Maintained - Quest: – online course website, Capft: and Family Yoga:, Windsale:


Heritage Community Foundation  May 2007 –  January 2009

Web Designer & Programmer – Evaluate educational tools available for implementation and organize multimedia items within site projects. Analyze existing site implementations and materials to identify areas requiring media modifications for a more effective learning within the site development. All website development focus has been on Alberta’s historical representation of past growth for educational purposes. The Alberta source master site integrates all developed web sites under an online encyclopedia format. Evaluate website development. Create sequence diagram/logic flow diagrams/ERD for documentation purposes. Define shortcomings in the documentation area and discuss importance with administration for weaknesses in the site development content. Research technical aspects for cutting edge multimedia development. Saved development deliverable timelines to be met successfully by researching more efficient processes. Utilized modular coding and development to generate new aspects of the site development and implemented new products through research and programming techniques.

Sites Developed/Maintained - – Alaska Highway, Alberta's Black Pioneer Heritage, Alberta Real Estate Heritage, Dante Alighieri, Doors Open (2008), People of the Boreal Forest Edukit, University of Alberta Centennial Website.





BigBoy Marketing  Sept 2006 – Dec 2006

Media Designer Contract/Volunteer -  Built a rapport with BigBoy for producing eye catching promotional products for clients in a quick turn around time. Performed active listening skills of the client’s needs and concerns by asking open-ended questions and re-communicating their needs to ensure clarity. Followed through with attentiveness to providing resolutions. Handled challenges through quick response and problem solving for an outcome that breeds project functionality.


Raydan Manufacturing Inc.  Jan 2006 – May 2006

Art Director/ Relations – Utilized skills in graphic design and web programming. Highlight areas of improved user-friendly applications and functionality for better usability within the existing site. Support Sales staff by providing solutions for their promotional products and marketing strategies. Self –motivated to gain further promotional images of the company’s growth and development and acquired testimonials from clients. Work was well received for my skill to complete projects at a pre-deadline pace with accuracy.


Nygard Kingsway Mall   Mar 2005 – Jan 2006

Store Manager – Develop marketing strategies through analysis of Statistical demographic information and generating promotions and events to build client base. Organized a Christmas fashion show that made our store’s revenue the highest out of 20 other Nygard Fashion stores. Presented product and wrote content for the presentation. 45 women attended and 12 models presented product. Organized promotions through cross marketing to gain word of mouth advertising and promote events. Provided strong leadership by working through conflict with active listening skills, offering support to staff, complimenting staff for their performance and showing by example.


Capital Printing & Forms  November 1998 – August 2001

Graphic Designer – Completed a variety of promotional materials for existing and new clients while exceeding their expectations of the outcome. Achieved kudos from Morgex Insurance for my work. Sales department responded with enthusiasm for the products I provided. Technical skills became well developed and refined.








Northern Alberta Institute of Technology – Computer Systems Technology -Coop – Diploma (Honours) 2009

University of Saskatchewan   BA, Major – Fine Art  - Degree issued 2005 course work complete 2004 with extra credits.

University of Alberta – Extension – Certificate in New Media 2002

University of Alberta – Extension –  Courses in Illustrator, Pagemaker, Photoshop 1996-97

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology – Courses in Corel Draw, Photoshop 1996-97

International Correspondence Schools – Desktop Publishing Diploma 1995






Awards and Recognition



Jason Lang Scholarship for academic achievement 2008



Michael Luchkovich Scholarship for Career Development 2001-2002

Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund


Second Place – Fruitful Things

Eston Juried Art Show 1995

Placing – Fruitful Things

Saskatchewan Juried Art Show (OSAC) 1995


Trio Exhibition 1995-1997

Ways of Seeing – drawings entered in Eston Juried Art Show

These works toured Saskatchewan for two years



CIPS - Canadian Information Processing Society 2007 – Present       

CAPIC – Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communications 2007 – Present

EAC  - Edmonton Art Club 1999 - 2004

Volunteer – 2001 newsletter designer

2002 Assistant Manager – Johnson's Annual Show.


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