Andrey Ivanov
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Brief Summary
• the Versatile creative expert with a wide experience in advertizing, брендинге, graphic design and a photo. The experience more than 15 years.

• Worked in the companies: UND, Automedia, Mах Вrandsоn, Pasomar, Art-long live, Ours of Mark.

• the Cores преимуществa: Rich various practical experience in many spheres close to advertizing. Good understanding of marketing processes. The system (design) approach to the decision of problems.

• I Am able to combine creative and administrative work. I possess creative and analytical thinking. I prefer to work in a command but as it is capable to work independently. It is capable to work in a multitask mode, I have the developed sense of responsibility. I am able to place priorities for timely delivery of work.

• I Work on Mac and PC in all graphic and a photo editors, office applications necessary for advertizing activity (Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel, Painter, InDesign, Quark, DreamWeaver, Flash, Project, Visio, PowerPoint, etc.)

• I Draw by hand, I understand art styles. I own audio- and video-montazhem. I take on professional photos and chamber video, I am able to do color correction, a photoretouch and a photomontage.

• On the Internet since 1997 (the advanced user), I advance and I administer sites.

• Other useful qualities: responsibility, analytical mentality, fast educability, communicativeness, креативность, a broad outlook and эрудированность.

• the Prize-winner of professional competitions PROFI 2004, IV Kiev МФР, INDEX 2001, etc.
• "Unesco" • "Zepter" • "Panasonic" • "Pampers" • "ORT" (the teleproject "Club of Travellers") • TV channel "СТС" ("the Detail" project) • "Dirol" • "Picnic" • beer "ПИТ" • beer "Baltic" • "Wimm Bill Dann" (the Olympic series "BioMax") • МПЗ "Rublyovsky" ("Rublyovsky sausages and delicacies") • Uvelsky Krupjanaja the Company (rice "Golden Fields") • the Ekaterinburg Fatty Industrial complex (grocery rulers "Capital Hailstones", "Generous Summer") • cosmetic concern "Guelder-rose" (a brand "Black Pearls") • свежевыжатые juice "Planter" • "Region the Phoenix" (a brand "Ice breaker", "Kryovo", "the Russian Federation Ware") • musical groups "Night Snipers", "Salsa Boys" and "Latin Rey" • banks "Badr-Forte Bank" and "Sobinbank" • National Depozitarnyj the Center • airline "Cetus Aero" • furniture company "Felix" • consulting firm "Dymshits and Partners" • the Russian Open Society "United Power Systems".
Awards and Recognition
Festival video «ClipMake HackDay», Moscow, 2010.
I place (among non-professionals) for the video "Cardboard Box" of Foxy Jazz (prozvodstvo: «BezSporno & KinoPraktika», my participation - producer, co-writer, the second operator, gaffer, colourist, assistant editor.)

Advertising Festival «PROFI 2004", Moscow, 2004.
I place a commercial "Rice Golden Fields» (prozvodstvo: "Max Brandson," my participation - storyboard and drawing the characters and backgrounds).

Advertising Festival «PROFI 2004", Moscow, 2004.
III place in the poster "Eat sold" for a conference on Potito technology and public relations "secret manipulators of the XXI century" (prozvodstvo: "Max Brandson," my participation - a creative idea for a poster).

IV International Advertising Festival, Kiev, 2004.
III place for the commercial, "Rice Golden Fields» (prozvodstvo: "Max Brandson," my participation, storyboarding and drawing the characters and backgrounds).

International Conference of UNESCO, Ekaterinburg, 1997.
Honorary degree for UNESCO branding and design registration Conference "Cultural Heritage of the Urals and Siberia."

Catalogue "Top marks and logos 2001", Index Publishing.
The catalog includes seven of the 10 sent out brand names.

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