Nadine Brown
Tucson Arizona United States
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Brief Summary

Owner and creating director for Mrs. Brown's Bath Bakery™

I am a mother, stay-at-home wife (by choice), organicrazed, environut and all around Captain Planet lover. The forces that shaped me were of human nature and lots of universe juice. I love God, but honestly... he must have been high the day I was born. That or I missed the line where they were giving out "normalcy" doses for the trip down here. I think the later may be more likely true.

I was born in Tucson, AZ but raised in Washington, D.C. An oddity from the start. My mother is a caucasian not-so-free spirited artist/ material girl (it takes all kinds you know). My father, a black/ puetorecan, seed-sewing rolling stone. Yep... the 70's were alive and kickin' by the time I was born in 1982. I did say I was normal... right?

By the time I hit HS it was clear (mabey even too clear) that I was my mother's daughter. I enrolled in an advanced art program that taught college level art courses to "inner-city" HS kids like myself. Being a multiracial female had it's academic advantages too... atleast, it did for my prodominately black HS. It's what got me into the program in the first place.

For a "mutt" like me, living in the southern belt as I did... you get a good chance to see life from both ends fairly frequently. This will sound fairly cliche'... it opens your mind to possibilities that would have otherwise not have so readily made themselves known.

I see an object or think of an idea and say to myself, "LOL, that would pretty funny if... ". Then, I think like a kid would and toss in a little adult practical application. In short... I play pretend. The cool thing about being an adult with a kid's imagination? You are now old enough to have the right tools to actually try it out properly.

For me, most of my creativity is born out of being given limitations and not being satisfied with them. I want to push my boundries, prove life wrong and lol in your face when I finally get it done and right! Failure is not the end to me, it's the start of an answer to the puzzle. There is always something.



Princeton University - Her Campus Princeton

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Angela Pittenger - Arizona Daily Star

The Organic Momma

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