Mary Battlebury
Design School, Ireland
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Brief Summary
Currently a student at IADT, Ireland  studying a BA in Visual Communications.

Professional Experience

10 Days in Dublin

Box Office, Front of House, Opening and Closing MC

10 Days in Dublin was a creative arts festival which ran from 2011 - 2013. It's aim was to promote the Irish arts scene with the program ranging from comedy, drama music and installation.

My role within my time as a volunteer of 2013 included a variety of tasks.

Within my role as Box Office I was responsible for cash floats for venues and shows I was assigned. I also displayed excellent communicational skills as working part of the box office with other volunteers. I also ensured the safe return of my cash float to the Box Office headquarters.

Within my Front of House Role, I was enlisted with the duties of ensuring the set up of venue before show. I also liaised with project managers when it was necessary to source extra items. As well as this I also maintained crowd control of shows , and stayed back to assist with ad hoc duties.

Opening and Closing MC

I was requested by venue owners and artist to be an opening/closing M/C for their shows. For this role I displayed my communicational skills in effectively relaying health and safety precautions and where the exits signs were

I had a very enjoyable experience within my time as a volunteer. I met other volunteers with a passion for the arts and also got a flavour for working in the arts sector . Working with others as a team and engaging as part of a community is what I admire most about festivals promoting the arts.

A reference from my volunteer co- coordinators is available upon request. 

Dublin Fringe Festival

Box Office, Front Of House, Administrative Assistant

The Dublin Fringe Festival is an ongoing arts festival running since 1995 , which promotes a wide range of creative disciplines for artists to showcase. Each Year it attracts audiences over of several thousand and more.

Within my role as Box Office I was responsible for the handling of monetary transactions between customers at the venues. I again ensured the safe return at all times of my cash floats to the Box Office Headquarters,
I also worked extremely well under tight time constraints in going to and from different venue locations. Again I displayed efficiency in liaising with managers
when issues of matter arised. I at all times maintained a professional
working attitude in problematic issues.

Within my Front of House role, I worked extremely well as a team with fellow volunteers, I shared roles in assisting with crowd control of venues. I also
was a barista for refreshments provided at show intervals.

As an administrative assistant I also worked very well within an office environment at the Box Office Head Quarters. Working under time constraints were key in ensuring ticket batches for customers were ready to be delivered on time to venues.

My time here during 2013 was very enjoyable , and found the Volunteer team to be incredibly engaging with volunteers. 


Member of support team for the the Launch night of Granby Park,Documentary Photography and also a contributing blogger.

Granby Park was a amazing experience to be part of. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of a team, and learnt many invaluable skills. Reference available upon request My role included:
Liaising with the project managers and communications team around what supports they need. Within this Role I communicated with team managers on a regular basis. I displayed good use of my forward thinking and displayed excellent initiative in this role.

2. Producing a running event order for the night for teams and staff. My role for this position required me to liaise with team managers, and ensuring there were no overlapping of events. Use of communication skills were essential here in
ensuring that this event order was produced in time for opening night.

3. Assist in Managing Guest List for Opening Night. For this role I was required to play a role in the administrative overview of attendees to the opening night. This role required my ability to work under a tight time constraints. It also required the use of programs Microsoft Excel and Word.


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