Loïc Sattler
Graphic Design, Germany
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Loïc J. Sattler is currently crafting creative campaigns as an Art Director at TBWA\Paris.
Since 1999, Loïc has proven his design-skills in web-design, multimedia, print collateral, clothes styling, and corporate identity. He features clients such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Adidas, L’Oreal, Warner Brothers, IBM, and Design Council London…

In 2003, he launched his platform Lysergid.com into virtual orbit, where he showcases selected artistic and professional works.

The creative works made on Lysergid are strong, tense and colourful. Bright and Vivid creations that are often composed around a gravity center.
That’s why Loïc has this surname of Lysergid, which is the technical word for the LSD, the concentrated capsule of colours and illusions.

Loïc was awarded a Master’s Degree in New Media Theory in Germany in 2005 which made him feel the urge to share his knowledge. This is why he is devoted to people who share his passion, by attending and organizing conferences, building-up design related events, teaching in schools, and writing articles and interviews for communities and magazines.

Loïc has constantly been driven by enthusiasm. Inspired by everything, everywhere, he’s the type of guy who is in love with visual creation. His aim is to be understood as an individual who wishes to take things further by empowering his profession to the best of his ability.
Mercedes Group - Publicis
Shooting + A4 sleeve bulding
Burn (Coca-Cola group) - FullSIX
Brand Strategy, 2007 IM campaign, Keyvisuals SNCF - TGV 25 ans - FullSIXKeyvisuals & Print campaign / Viral sites Web presence
Intranet and Extranet Art direction

Global web + print intranet art direction
2007 Web presence
2007+ Brand Strategy, Art director on project
IMC Campaign, 2007 brand Strategy / 2007 KeyvisualPlayball webiste creation + building
3D modeling + Movie direction + Effects directions Global campaign building for 2005
3D modeling + Effects for A Day of Thunder e-cards creation and building
3D modeling + Film + Print creation for IBM servers Shooting + Print campaign
Web site building
Web site AD and creation, online brand strategy
Web site update
“Johnny Hallyday” campaign, with global print creations
A3 Print creation
Global print campaign
Flash design / AD for SFR / SFR 3G Shooting + Print campaign
Global Operation. +15% phone sales performance. Websites Art Direction
Pantene Web Site update MMs football site creation + building
Suzy-Wan website update
Global campaign building, print + web.
Global visual brand managing Global Web site building
Bmw Group - Blackmountain
Warner Brothers USA - Blackmountain
IBM Group - Blackmoutain
Credit Mutuel France - Publicis
Design Council London - Projekttriangle
Triumph International - Publicis
SFR.com / SFR 3G - FullSIX
SFR - Opération Noël XXL - FullSIX
Procter & Gamble Group - FullSIX UK
SNCF - Opérations GaV - FullSIX
Masterfoods Group - FullSIX
Groupe Nouvelles frontières - FullSIX
L‘Oreal / L‘Oreal Pro - FullSIX
Sloggi France - Publicis
Unicef - FullSIX
Osram France - Publicis
Mairie de Saint Etienne - Actimage
Grand Optical - FullSIX
Région Alsace - Actimage
Azur Assurances - Publicis
SNCF Teoz / Lunea - TBWA\Paris
Credit Agricole - Fullsix - Won
Burn (pitch EU) - Fullsix - Won
LcL / LcL Intranet - Fullsix - Won
Bred (Société Générale) - Fullsix - Won
Freedent (Wrigley) - Fullsix - Won
Coca-Cola Online France - Fullsix - Won

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