Jacob Porat
Artist Representation, Jaffa Tel Aviv Israel
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Brief Summary
Born in Poland, Jacob Porat came to Israel at the age of 14. Studied music and violin playing at "Shulamit" conservatory in Tel Aviv. Holds first degree in Hebrew Literature and Bible Studies and second degree in Comparative Literature, both from Tel-Aviv University. Studied Art, Painting and art printing in Avni institute in Tel Aviv. For many years taught literature and bible to high school students. Porat is involved in painting, literature and music, which either apart or taken together, inevitably fertilize one another. Jacob Porat is member of Israel's Painters and Sculptors Association and has a studio in Jaffa.
Jacob Porat is distinguished by his search for different, various forms of expression. The exhibitions he has held throughout the years expose the constant and changing elements of his works in all possible aspects: techniques, compositions, and themes. Although evident in his work, his literary education does not make his paintings an illustration of literary writings. Rather, it serves as the driving force of the painting, an enabler of deeper expression and intricacy of the visual statement. Porat’s paintings have a life of their own, and these lives have been an integral part of his works since he has begun painting to date. His works in general, and “Conversations with Kafka” in particular, strike a correct balance between the “painting instinct”, which is based on intuition and talent and the intellect that is aware of itself and of the literary interpretation of themes.
Porat’s continuous pursuit is associated with his unsteady, difficult and diverse childhood, his search for Jewish and Israeli identity, his assimilation of past events and family history, as well as of Israeli present and society and his place in them. His standing within several artistic branches – painting, literature, music, and photography – allows him to assemble the special of each, creating a unity of contradictions. (Prof. Nurit Govrin, Tel Aviv University). View Comments 2

Professional Experience

Selected One-Man Shows:
1983 - Mapu Gallery, Tel Aviv
1984 - Ein-Karem Inn, Jerusalem
1986, 88 - Hasimta, Old Jaffa
1987 - Alexander Gallery, Los Angeles
1989 - Amalia Arbel Gallery, Rishon Lezion, Israel
1990 - Hamishkan Leomanut, Holon, Israel
1992 - Amalia Arbel Gallery, Tel Aviv
1993 - Teachers Association House, Tel Aviv
1997 - Tirosh Gallery, Old Jaffa
1997 - The White Gallery, Tel Aviv
1997 - Afzender Gallery Slaphander, Rotterdam
1998 - Yefet 28 Gallery, Old Jaffa
1999-2000 - Merkaz Hamevakrim, Mitzpe Ramon, Israel
2001 - Nora Gallery, Jerusalem
2003 - Goethe Institute, Tel Aviv
2004 - (Jan.-Feb.) - New City Hall, Prague
2004 (May) - 10th International Book Fair, Prague
2004 (August) - Liberec, Czech Republic
2004 (Sep.-Dec.) - Polna etc., Czech Republic
2005 (Jan.-Feb.) Trest, Czech Republic
2005 (May) - Krakow, Poland
2005 (May-June) - Hadera, Israel
2005 (June) - Lodz, Poland
2005 (Sep.-Oct.) - Warsaw, M. Schorr's Center, Poland
2006 (January) : Minsk Mazowiecki,Poland, January 2006
2006 (April) : Wyszkow, Poland, April 4 - May 3, 2006
2006 (Sep-October): Rishon Lezion, Israel
2007 (February): The Bible Museum, Tel-Aviv
2007 (April): Contemporary Art Museum, Hanita. Israel
2008 (September): The Israeli Painters & Sculptures Association, Haifa
2008 (October 08 - February 09): Mesilat Zion, Israel
2008 (November 08 -January 09): Belgium House, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem
2009 (November-December) - "Desert-Spirits", Ariel
2010 (January-February) - "Desert Spirits" - Avenue, convention-centre
2010 (December) 2011 (January) - Institute Camoes - Lisbon
2011 (February) - Porto, Universidade Fernando Pessoa
2011 {March) - Cascais-Biblioteca Municipal
2011 (September-October) - Artists House, Tel Aviv

The Bible Museum, Tel-Aviv
Selected Group Exhibitions:
1984, 85 - Hamishkan Leomanut, Holon
1989, 91 - Eked Gallery, Tel Aviv
1993, 96 - Taller Gallery Fort, Barcelona
1996 - Yefet 28 Gallery, Old Jaffa
1996 - Municipal Gallery, Natania
1997 - Taller Gallery Fort, Barcelona
1999 - Mishkan Haomanuyot, Tel Aviv
2000 - Merkaz Omanuyot, Givat Chaviva
2002 - Omma Gallery - Hania, Crete, Greece
2002 - Hamud Alkara Gallery, Dalia Al-Carmel, Israel
2004 - The First International Art Forum, Lodz -Poland
2004 - Kastra Gall., Haiffa -Israel
2004 - Taller Gallery Fort, Barcelona
2008 (April) - Journalist House, Tel-Aviv
2008 (May) - Contemporary Art Museum, Hanita. Israel
2008 (September) - University of Maryland
2009 (January-February) - Amiad Center, Jaffa
2009 (April-May) - Amiad Center, Jaffa
2009 (April-May) - Yigal Alon House, Tzfat (Safed)
2009 (June-October) - Mizpe-Hayamim Hotel
2009 (June-July) - Jaffa Museum
2009 (August) - Mundi-Art, Rio de Janeiro
2009 (October-December) - Mitzpe-Hayamim Hotel
2010 (February) - Niteroi - Rio de Janeiro
2010 (May) - Einav Culture Center,Tel Aviv
2010 (June-July) - Bikurey Haitim Tel-Aviv
2010 (August) - Amiad Center, Jaffa
2010 (September-October) "Daniel House", Jaffa
 2010 (October-December) - "Collction" Tel-Aviv
2010 (November-December) The bible Museum Tel Aviv
2011 (April) Shoham
2011 (April) Tel Aviv
2011 (May) Tel Aviv
2012 (Februry) Tel Aviv
2012 (October) 7Th Annual Art Fair Dolomites
2012 (December) India International Center
Israeli Painters & Sculptures Association
Israeli High-School Teachers Association
Studio: Jaffa, P.O.Box 27288
Tel-Fax: 972-3-5071024
Mobile: 972-54-4355257  


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