Klaudia Kost
Graphic Design, Berlin-friedrichshain Berlin Germany
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Brief Summary
Klaudia Kost is a visual asrtist from Berlin (Germany) born in 1986 in Poland.
Mainly working in graphic design and illustration, but also other visual artls (like graphic art and painting).

artistic statement:
I'm impressing and expressing myself in everyday topics/landscapes. Looking for maximum in minimum.

Collecting moments, transfering them then throw my perspective and filters of perception.
Mixing objects with their unnatural habitat to build emotional tension and composing shapes and colurs mainly to focus on stenght of simplicity.
Achieving strong effect throw reduction. 

Mainly photoshop, but also traditional techniques (ink, paper, etc.)
Tangible effect of dusty watercoluours on the paper surface, shiny ink line
or rough pencil. Depth of black colur in graphics, bit dirty lines and scetchy style…

Around feelings which caught me somewhewhere
unexpectedly hited with emotional charge

Action-inspiraction and impression-expression.

I'm also doing illustrations mainly as a comment of surrounding reality.
subjective reality.
Throw artworks I'm displaying my introvertical sensations.
What's moving me and trying to move others.

2012 > Master of Arts in Graphic Design, Graphic and Media Art department, Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw (Poland),
diploma in studio of Graphic Design dr Tomasz Broda and studio of creative drawing prof. Jacek Szewczyk (period of studies 2007-2012);
2010-2011 > participation in L.L.P. Erasmus, Hochschüle für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig (Germany), illustration class prof. T. Müller ( 2 semesters);
2007 > Graphic Design Degree in S.L.S.P. A.L.A. (Authors Artistic Highschools,: www.ala.art.pl) in Wroclaw (Poland), (2004-2007);
http://www.adagruszka.pl / http://www.wrzeczysamej.com /  Adovabadan Jazz Band / Infinitale music group / Tuatanto / Rethink GmbH / I like visuals / Małgorzata Salamon fashion design
Professional Experience
Group exhibitions:
2013 > participation in Miniprint Finland 2014 - 8th international miniprint triennial /Graphic Artist Association of Lahti, Finland
2013 > participation in group exhibition on DUBLIN DESIGN WEEK 2013 as a part of Posterheroes project with poster 'more progress or regress'.
2013 > participation in group exhibition "Anonyme Zeichner 2013", Berlin (DE) (Galerie Nord / Kunstverein Tiergarten),
Eindhoven (NL) ( TAC Eindhoven ); Germany
2013 > participation in post-competition exhibition of SATYRYKON 2013 and solo exhibition in 'Satyrykon' gallery, Legnica, Poland
2013 > exposition of Graphic and Media Art Department of Academy of Fine Arts from Wrocław in Knoxville,
TN, USA. Exposition as a part of the event: 'Poland Now';
2013 > 'POSTERHEROES' exposition of the posters during Biennale Democrazia
in cooperation with the OAT Foundation and with the contribution of Torino Chamber
of Commerce by Plug Creativity, Piazza Carlo Alberto, Turin, Italy;
2013 > 'II Aukcja Supermloda' (2'nd superyoung auction) pre-auction exhibition, 'Polswiss Art' Auction House, Warsaw, Poland;
2013 > 'Anonyme Zeichner 2013', Berlin (Galerie Nord / Kunstverein Tiergarten), Germany;
2013 > 'Jazz w Galerii' (Jazz in Gallery), group exhibition of jazz posters, 'Negatyw' gallery, Katowice, Poland;
2013 > 'I Aukcja Supermloda' (1'st superyoung auction) pre-auction exhibition, 'Polswiss art' Auction House,
Warsaw, Poland;
2012 > Jazz typographic posters exhibition 'Bo mamy pociag do jazzu...' as a part of VIII'th festival
'Jazz w ruinach' (Jazz in Ruins), Gliwice, Poland
2012 > 'Artystyczna podroz Hestii' (Hestia's Artistic Travel) final group exhibition, 'Ergo Arena', Sopot, Poland
2012 > 'Jazz nad Odra' post competition poster exhibition, 'C.S. Impart', Wroclaw, Poland
2012 > gallery Aquarelle, Hotel Radisson Blu, Wroclaw, Poland
2011 > 'Wszystko dla Aleksiuna' (Tribute to Aleksiun), ASP Wroclaw, Poland
2011 > erasmus end of summer semester group exhibition, HGB Leipzig, Germany
2011 > Rundgang HGB Leipzig, Germany
2011 > studio '207' post plein-air exhibition, ASP Wroclaw, Poland;
2011 > erasmus end of the winter semester group exhibition, HGB Leipzig, Germany
2010 > post competition exhibition (poster 'chopin-zene-liszt') in Hungarian Insitute of Culture in Warsaw, Poland
2010 > post competition exhibition (poster /chopin-zene-liszt/) in Polish Insitute of Culture in Budapest, Hungary
2010 > festival 'Lodz design', Lodz, Poland;
2010 > jazz poster review, Zory, Poland;
2010 > post-competition poster exhibition 'Swieto Wroclawia 2010', Rynek, Wroclaw, Poland;
2010 > post-competition poster exhibition 'Jazz nad Odra', 'C.S. Impart', Wroclaw, Poland;
2009 > post competition poster exhibition 'Swieto Wroclawia 2009', Rynek, Wroclaw, Poland;
2009 > studio '209', ASP, Wroclaw, Poland;
2009 > poetry slam in Bielsko - Biala as a part of 'Beskidzki Festiwal Nauki i Sztuki' (The Beskids Festival
of Science and Art), animations review, Bielso - Biala, Poland;
2009 > animation screening on the festival 'Port Literacki Wroclaw' (Wroclaw Literary Port), Wroclaw, Poland;
2004 - 2007 > group exhibitions in Wroclaw for pupils of S.L.S.P. A.L.A (Authors Artistic Highschools,) in Wroclaw, Poland;
Awards and Recognition
2013 > poster selected for the third edition of Posterheroes in section: economy;
2013 > 3'rd prize (bronze medal) and money award in section: satire in International Exhibition SATYRYKON - Legnica 2013 for the work "Primer";
2012 > finalist in the competition for most talented students of polish artistic schools "Artystyczna Podroz Hestii";
2010 > 1'st prize in competition for the poster of "Days of Wroclaw" [Swieto Wroclawia 2010]
2010 > 1'st prize in competition for the poster of 'Jazz nad Odra' festival in Wroclaw
2009 > Honorable Mention in competition for the poster 'Days of Wroclaw' (Swieto Wroclawia 2009)

2011/2012 > Rector's scholarship for best students of Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw; 
2010/2011 > L.L.P. Erasmus, Hochschüle für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig (Germany); 
2010 > scholarship holder of the Culture Department of Wroclaw
2009/2010 > educational scholarship of Acedemy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw


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