Katya Ulitina
Illustration, Russia
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Contact details
Tel: 915 4735284
Brief Summary
Katya Ulitina, Concept Artist.
Specializing in graphics and video, media projects, video arts.

Bachelor degree in design in NGAHA
(Architect&Art Academy of Novosibirsk).
Right now trying to hit the top in all spheres which are
interesting for me, like design, advertisement, video design,
3d graphic.

Word about myself and my woks:
I`m from Russia - fond of cinema, dances, parachute jumping and,
as you could have already noticed, drawing. I`ve tried different
tools and technics from academy figure to fully computer
genereted images created with 3d software. I draw all my meaningly
life and i think that it is the most suitable way for me to express
my delight of what i see and feel. I like to watch dancers and in
my every drawing i want to show dynamic of their plastic moves
with a single static "shot" of my pencil. I run for smothness and
dynamic of the lines.
No kidding, i found myself in some real trouble, when it comes
to naming my paintings - it takes longer to name one then to draw
another, so i just give it up. Not sure how exactly my drawing
style is called - one of my teachers once called it a
"contemporary plastic art - dance frozen on the paper" and i like
this, cause it very nicely describes what i`m trying to say.

Exhibitions & awards:
2006 - Several of my works were included in CG catalog "Point"
2007 - approved for participation in the "Comission" exhibition in
the "Mars" gallery
2007 - My works were included in the second "Point" CG catalog
2007 - Winner of the C-arts internet contest
2007 - Winner of «CHAOS CONSTRUCTIONS'2007» St. Petersburg
2007 – International poster contest "To death with a smile 2007" .
MUMEDI Museo Mexicano del Diseno
2008 - Winner of the Сreaturedesign "Kinopuh & Vinifilm"
internet contest
From 18th January to 24th February of 2008 - Personal exhibition
"Plastic Art&Graphic", "Hall of digital documents", Goverment
Libriary of Russian Federation, Moscow
12th March of 2008 - Personal Video Art Show,
"Ulica OGI Gallery", Moscow
22th March of 2008 - Project of Art&Video Demonstration,
"Ulica OGI Gallery", Moscow
From 15th April to 1st July of 2008 - Personal exhibitions
"Silver" and "Epataje", "Wellness Club Venecia", Moscow
17th May of 2008 - Video art for "Nedo-boeng", Project Fabrica,
theater of dances "CEH"
From 19th September to 14th October of 2008 - "Nudes & Figures"
exhibition, "Red Bluff Art Gallery", Sacramento, California
From 10th September to 26th October of 2008 - "Plastic Art",
personal exhibition, "Ulica OGI Gallery", Moscow
From 30th October to 9th November of 2008 - "Plastic Art",
personal exhibition, "Bilingua gallery", Moscow
10th of December 2008 - NCCA (National Center of Contemporary Arts)
Audio-Visual Reports

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