Karen Justl
Illustration, Canada
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Brief Summary
Karen Justl is an illustrator.
K. Justl's illustrations have been published across Canada in, subTerrain Magazine, Broken Pencil, Chesterfield Magazine, Kiss Machine, Herizons Magazine, The Mark News, Pilot Paperback Project and Crow's Toes Magazine for Children. She has indulged in a series of self-published and collaborative illustration work including the striking Art Slut Comix, 1992; Pear Comix, 1993 and; The Bird (cage), 2009. In 1993 her comix traveled around Canada in a Fantagraphics show called Misfit Lit. Her series People and Their Problems won a prize and made an appearance in Applied Arts magazine in 2009. Her work was showcased on subTerrain's cover and folio, 2011 and in Broken Pencil's folio section for the Canzine Issue, October, 2010. Keep a look-out for her 'Cougar' cover for Herizons Magazine, January, 2013 and four new illos for Pilot Pocketbook Project, also in early 2013.

K. Justl holds a Masters of Design from the Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto and a BFA Honors in painting from The University of Manitoba. She currently teaches illustration and design in OCAD U's Continuing Studies Program.

Illustration | Design Client & Publisher List
Dixon Hall, Toronto, Ontario | Upside Consulting Group, Toronto, Ontario | Toronto School of Art | Marah, USA | Harvard School of Law | University of Toronto | York University, Toronto, Ontario | OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario | Applied Art Magazine | Broken Pencil Magazine | subTerrain Magazine | Kiss Machine Magazine | Herizons Magazine | Pilot Project Magazine | Crow's Toes Magazine | Calgary Animated Objects Society | Crawdaddy, San Francisco Theatre | Rye Cinema, Toronto, Ontario | Dirt City Films, Edmonton, Alberta | Leah Van Loon, stylist, Calgary, Alberta | Canadian Film Centre, Toronto, Ontario | CBC/Sienna Films, Toronto, Ontario | Alcina Pictures/Telefilm, Toronto, Ontario | Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Training Academy, Winnipeg, Manitoba | IAFF Local 0867 Winnipeg, MB Firefighters, Winnipeg, Manitoba | WinWin Picture Company, Toronto, Ontario | Bravado! Bras, Toronto, Ontario | ESPN | Alliance Atlantis, Toronto, Ontario | Settebello Restaurant, Winnipeg, Manitoba | Tango Café, Winnipeg, Manitoba | Eye Opener Diner, Winnipeg, Manitoba | Oscar's Deli, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Professional Experience
selected publications
Illustration: Mail Me Art: Short & Sweet (MMA3), British-based project, curated by
Darren Di Lieto, The Little Chimp Society, UK, exhibition book
Illustrations: The Cougar cover & editorial, Herizons Magazine, Winnipeg, Mb
Illustrations: The Skeleton Key, Pilot Pocketbook, Toronto, On
Show Review: The Dolls in The Playground, E. Hatfield, Inside Toronto, On
Illustrations: The Pages, Pilot Pocketbook, Toronto, On
Spotlight Artist: Chances, subTerrain, Issue #57, Vancouver, B.C
Folio Artist Spotlight: Alternative Realities, Broken Pencil Magazine: Canzine
Illustrations: Every Man a Lamb, Pilot Pocketbook, Toronto, On
Illustrations: The Bird (cage), by Sandy Groebner, self published, Toronto, On
Illustrations: Autism and Entering Mourning, Herizons Magazine, Wpg., Mb
Illustrations: Mad Women, Herizons Magazine, Wpg., Mb
Illustrations: Cover, Maurice & Five Percent Dilation, subTerrain, Van., B.C., #51
Illustrations: Award Winner, People and Their Problems, Applied Arts Magazine
Illustrations: The Coffee Witch, Crow’s Toes Magazine, Richmond. B.C
Illustrations: People and Their Problems, Kiss Machine, Toronto, On
Illustrations: Ernie Bates Goes Golfing, subTerrain, Vancouver, B.C
Illustrations: The Last Word, SubTerrain, Vancouver, B.C.
Illustrations: The Root of Things, SubTerrain, Vancouver, B.C.
Show Review: Glass Armour | Fragile Shields, Susan Chafe, Critical Distance, Wpg., Mb., ‘98
Broadcast Media interview: Glass Armour | Fragile Shields, MTN News, Wpg., Mb., Jan, ‘98
Show Review: Mermaids and Psyches, D. Teetstra, Manitoban, Wpg., Mb., Mar. 30, ‘94
Show Review: Mermaids Show, A. Gilmore, Winnipeg Free Press, Wpg., Mb., Mar. 26, ‘94
Show Review: Re/Fashion Show, CTV Earth Watch, Wpg., Mb., Jan., ‘93
Review: Storming the Ramparts: Student Bolshevik, S. Ellis, Border Crossings, Wpg., Mb., ‘93
Broadcast Media: Punished In Silk, CKY News hour, Wpg., Mb., Aug., ‘92
Broadcast Media Interview: A Nice Day for Toast, CKY News hour, Wpg., Mb., Aug., ‘92

selected exhibitions
MMA3, The Framers Gallery, group, London, UK
Relations, group, Gallery 1313, Toronto, On.
Krampusnacht, group, Resistor Gallery, Toronto, On.
Insignificance, graduate exhibition, Xpace, Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, On.
The Dolls in The Playground, solo, Launch Projects Gallery, Toronto, On.
Pretty Ugly, group, Graduate Gallery, Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, On.
I Think She’s Dead, solo, The Music Gallery, Toronto, On.
A Dangerous Stepping Stone to Darker Deeds II, group, Graduate Gallery, OCAD University
OLD WORK NEW MASTERS , Graduate Gallery, OCAD University
People and Their Problems, solo, St. Norbert Arts Centre, Winnipeg, Mb.
Glass Armour | Fragile Shields, solo,Ace Art, Winnipeg, Mb.
The Plighted Troth, solo, Manitoba Theatre Centre, Winnipeg, Mb.
The Interlake Mermaid, solo, Main/Access, Winnipeg, Mb.
Re|Fashion, group, Main/Access Gallery, Thomas Gallery, Eaton’s, Wpg, Mb.
The First Decade Performance Art , group, Ace Art, Winnipeg, Mb.
Student Bolsheviks in Your Pants group, Student Bolshevik Gallery, Wpg, Mb.
The Fitting Room solo show @ Punished in Silk, group, Student Bolshevik Gallery, Wpg, Mb.
Misfit Lit, group, Ace Art, Gallery of S.W. Mb., Leaf Rapids NEC, Thompson RC, Mb.
A Nice Day for Toast, solo, Ace Art, Wpg, Mb.
Ministry of Art, group, Student Bolshevik Collective Gallery, Wpg, Mb.
Walter’s Stiff Servant Boutique, group, Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art, Wpg, Mb.
Lenin’s Furniture, group, Student Bolshevik Collective Gallery, Wpg, Mb.
Book ’Em Dano, group, Student Bolshevik Collective Gallery, Wpg, Mb.


Artist Educator Foundations Course, 2011
Royal Conservatory, TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning, Toronto, On.

Master of Design, 2010
Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design Program, OCAD University, Toronto, On.

TBDC Diploma, 2008
Toronto Business Development Centre,
One Year Business Incubation Program

Applied Multimedia Training Centre, 2001
Diploma: Multimedia Design, Communications, Animation, Digital Video, Wpg., Mb.

Manitoba Motion Picture Industries, 1999
Film Crew Training Program, Wpg., Mb.

MAWA Foundation Mentorship Program, Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art, 1995
One Year Program, Mentor Artists: Bev Pike, Wanda Koop, Helene Dyck, Wpg., Mb.

Video Pool First Video Fund, 1991
Workshops: Video Production, Wpg., Mb.

BFA, Honours, 1991
Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Degree in Painting,
University of Manitoba, School of Art, Wpg., Mb. 
Awards and Recognition
research and production grants

Graduate Thesis Exhibition Bursary, 2010
Ontario Trust Graduate Studies Bursary Program, 2008, 2009, 2010
OCAD U Graduate Studies Scholarship Program, 2008, 2009, 2010
Manitoba Art’s Council Grant,1998, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993
Manitoba Arts Council Grant, Short Term Project Grant,1997
Winnipeg Artist Advisory Council Grant,1995, 1992
Manitoba Arts Council Grant, Short Term Project Grant,1994


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