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Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler Series review

If there is a line of popular products from Igloo that you should be knowing about, then that is the Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler series. As the “marine” part in its name already implies, this series of coolers will be at their best performance when they are put to use on a boat trip down the river or on the ocean. This is all owing to the special features that the Igloo brand blesses this series with.

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There are both hard-sided and soft-sided coolers in this series for you to choose from. But for this review, we will be giving the spotlight specifically and entirely to the Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler model from this series. While this is not quite known as the best cooler for price, let us guide you through the pros and cons to this extraordinary cooler coming from the house of Igloo.

The Pros:

The Igloo Marine Ultra cooler series is a special one. Having mentioned before some of the specific features that the Igloo brand has blessed the models from the Igloo Marine Ultra series with, it would not be doing this model a justice if the special construction of the outer shell is not mentioned.

Have you ever wondered why all the models from this series share the same white color? That is because the developers at Igloo figured that the white color is the best color to repel sunlight and fight against color fading, a common problem with outdoor coolers and especially among coolers on boats like the Igloo Marine Ultra.

As extra care, the outer shell of this series of good coolers is also armed with a layer of UV protection to further allow it fighting against long exposure to intense sunlight; a crucial feature when considering that this cooler is intended to spend most of its time outdoors in the sun adventuring on a boat.

And last but not least, because the developers at Igloo figured that the cooler would be spending a majority of its time in a very wet and humid environment, they have equipped the outer shell of this cooler with extra care to fight against mold and mildew, furthering bolstering its durability and lifespan.

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The Cons

To get to where it is today, the Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler series has indeed gone through quite a lot of renovations over the time. Among the notable changes, one of the most significant changes is the reduction in size. What was before a series of coolers larger than many other options in the same industry, is now cut down to a more compact size. Hence why you would not be able to find many large options when it comes to this series.

But that is not to say you would be at a disadvantage of manageable space when it comes to choosing this series. Unless you really need the coolers that are over 100 quarts in size for their massive storage power, this series has models available in many sizes for both non-wheeled and wheeled coolers. And the durability of this cooler series should be more than convincing enough over its lack of size options.


All in all, in such a competitive market such as the market of coolers, it is quite difficult to find the right niche and competitive edge over your competitors. Fortunately, the Igloo Marine Ultra cooler series has found for themselves a solid and distinctive niche as they define themselves the cooler for life on boats. While the models from this series are not the Best cooler on the market, their defining features still make them one of the best coolers available.

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