isabel echevarria
, Spain
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Contact details
Las Palmas de Gran Cania
Tel: 34928373253
Brief Summary
A graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Modern Humanities, Magna Cum Laude and a professional artist for 30 years, Isabel has had numerous exhibits in Asia, Europe . Latin America,and the United States.;A 2004 Orensanz awardee, she constantly participates in various shows in mainstream galleries of Manhattan, Washington DC. And Miami as she does all over Europe.

Recognized artistically in Manila since 1981, she appears in several published books of Contemporary Filipino Art : 20th Century Filipino Artists vol I an 20th Century Filipino Artists vol IV, Cebu: A Heritage of Art; Kayumanggi, and New York published “The World of Best Art”. She has been editor of Spain of Artenews Publications NewYork and has been represented in the London Art Fair 2010 ,Fiart in Colombia, The Oriental Eastern art Fair London, and future art fairs in Miami and New York. Her portraits hang in several museums and state offices in the Philippines and Spain and her artwork is found in private collections in Asia, the Middle East, the United States and Europe.

Isabel has been an artist in residence in Las Palmas Gran Canaria since 2004, where she has won numerous art competitions in both oils and watercolors. She also teaches painting to adults and co- professionals.
National Museum of the Philippines, Manila
Ramon Magsaysay Museum, Zambales Philippines
Office of the President, Philippines
Philippine Embassy , Madrid
Philippine Embassy, Sweden
Philippine Embassy, Brussels
Philippine Embassy, Brazil
Philippine Embassy, London
Orensanz Foundation , New York
Embassy of Peru, New York
The Philippines Center, New York
Hotel Sta. Catalina, Las Palmas
Club Nautico, Las Palmas,
Tamarindos Hotel, Las Palmas,
Victor Jara Theatre Las Palmas,
Museo de Amercia, Madrid
Shangrila Hotel Manila
SM Art Center Manila
Museo nacional de antropología, Madrid
Rockwell Center, Manila
PCIBank Manila,
National Coco Bank, Manila
Espitia gallery, Cartagena Colombia
Cabezas Gallery New York
Espace Art gallery, Brussels
Crisolart Barcelona
Pinta Art fair, London
Red Gate gallery London
Hotel Melia, las Palmas
Centro Español, New York
IIM Gallery new York
Flamingo Road Gallery Bogota
Conservatorio de Musica Las Palmas
Clemente Soto Velez Center New York
Ayala Museum Manila
Tribeca Gallery New York
Sorrel Pulishing New York
Chel Gallery Las Palmas
Montserrat Gallery New York
El Corte Inglés Las Palmas
Martin Luther King Library, Washington DC
Marcello Mansion Venice
Agora Gallery New York
CAP Gallery Cebu Philippines
Cebu Plaza Hotel Philippines
Hyatt Regency Hotels Philippines
Philippine Columbian Club Manila
Centro Cultural de España Manila

Professional Experience

SURNAME: Echevarria
NAME : Pamela Isabel
DATE OF BIRTH: January 18, 1955, MANILA
ADDRESS: C /Canalejas 78,1-A
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ,35003
TELEPHONE: 34 696 668612 / 34 928373253
EMAIL: [email protected]


1961-1967 Grade School St. Paul College Manila, Philippines
1967-1972 High School St. Theresa´s College Cebu, Philippines
1972-1976 College St. Theresa´s College Cebu, Philippines

MAJOR: Modern Humanities, MINOR: English
HONORS: Magna Cum Laude


1976-1977 Teacher: English Literature Assumption College
High School Dept,Manila
Art Moderator Assumption College
High School Dept, Mla, Phil
1980-1982 Curator/Proprietor Galeria Rocha, Manila Phil
1982-1992 Curator/Proprietor Galeria Isabel,Manila, Phil
Galeria Isabel, Cebu, Phil
Galeria Isabel,Intramuros: Mla
1989-1992 Interior Designer Manila, Cebu, Baguio
1990-1992 Proprietor The Village Corner, Mla, Phil
1992-1996 Curator / Proprietor Olio Art Gallery, Manila Phil
1996-2004 Art Teacher Manila Phil
1999 Moderator with daughter ( 18) Summer Art Workshop with students ages 5 - 18
2002 Curator Siglo XXI Artstudio, Manila
Art Manager for: Boban Ilic, sculptor (Chicago)

2002-2004 Director : Chief of Public Affairs
Philippine Association for the Scientific Conservation of Cultural Property (PASCON), Manila, Philippines
2005 Art Teacher RC Arte, Las Palmas de GC
2006-2007 Curator Artist/ Art Teacher Chel Gallery, Las Palmas
2008-2009 Art Teacher Private Classes
Sales RC Arte , LasnPalmas
2009 Executive Editor ( Spain) Artenews Magazine New York
Translations and Web Designer (


2002 Basic Museology Philippine National Museum
2002-2003 Practicum:
Conservation y Restoration Philippine National Museum
Arts Department
Volunteer Museum of the Filipino People, Manila
2003 Grant Awardee: Ministerio de Educación y Cultura
El Museo y su Entorno: Patrimonio Cultural y el Turismo
Museo de America Madrid

LANGUAGES: English (first language), written and oral
Spanish,( excellent) written and oral
Filipino (Tagalog) Fair
Awards and Recognition

  Twentieth Century Filipino Artists, by 1st Edition, Manuel Duldulao

  Cebu, A Heritage in Art, by Alice Guillermo

  Twentieth Century Filipino Artists, 2nd Edition, vol III, Manuel Duldulao

  Kayumanggi, Biography of Filipino Artists, Peso Book Foundation

  Inklings: Contemporary Women Artists
   Magazine of the American Women´s Club of the Phil,
     Oct 2003

The World of Best Art, Sorrel Publishing , New York, 2008


  El Juramento de Puntabrava
  1st Canarian Telenovela
   Media Productions, 2007


2011 Portrait of Jose Rizal: permanent exhibition
Casa Rizal, Philippine Embassy , Madrid
Carnaval/ Trazos de Mil Palabras, Teatro Victor Jara, Las Palmas

2010 Trazos de Mil Palabras: Papiro Gallery Café, Las Palmas

2009- Impressions and Illusions: Rockwell Center,Manila, Filipinas
Kayumanggi: Museo Nacional de Antropología Madrid

2008 Larawan Real Club Náutico, Las Palmas de G C
Impresiones Club Tenis, Las Palmas de G C
Alizarin II The Philippine Center, Nueva York, EE.UU.

2007 Alizarin :Hotel Sta. Catalina Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Impresiones Casino Tamarindos San Agustín, Gran Canaria

2006 Chel Gallery Playa del Ingles Gran Canaria
2005 Impressions and Illusions: The Philippine Center, Nueva York
2003 Isabel Echevarría Rocha y Boban Ilic, Chicago,

1997 Portraits: Rustans Gallery Cebu, Filipinas
Portraits : 1614 Art Gallery, Manila, Filipinas

1996 Profiles in Pastel: Olio Art Gallery, Filipinas

1987 Galería Bleue, Manila, Filipinas

1995 Phases: SM Art Center, Manila, Filipinas

1992 Oleo Art Gallery, Manila, Filipinas

1988 Galerie Bleue, Manila, Filipinas

1986 Galerie Bleue, Manila, Filipinas

1985 Galerie Bleue, Manila, Filipinas

1981 A Touch of Glass, Galerie Bleue, Manila, Filipinas

1981 Heritage Art Center, Manila, Filipinas

1976 Spectrum Art Gallery, Cebu, Filipinas


2011 Exposicion Certamen Dimas Coello, Candelaria Tenerife Arte Siglo XXI Sta. Cruz de Tenerife
Ganadores: Certamen de Pintura Rápida Francisco Concepcion
Ganadores: Certamen de Pintura, Museo Nestor Las Palmas,
ImagineYmaG´ART ,Cabezas gallery New York
Espace art gallery, Bruselas
CrisolArt Galleries, Barcelona
Seleccionados: Concurso de Dibujo Humorístico,Sta Cruz de Tenerife

2010 Espitia Gallery/ Casa San Agustin, Cartagena Colombia
Pinta: Feria de Arte Latino Americano, Londres
Inner voices: Red Gate Gallery Londres
Hotel Melia Las Canteras Las Palmas
Wet Paint: Centro Español, Nueva York
Ganadores: Conservatorio de Musica Las Palmas GC
Ganadores: Concurso Pedro Modesto Campos, Cajasiete,Tenerife
Ganadores : Concurso de Pintura Rápida Mesa y Lopez
Fundación Mapfre, Las Palmas G C

2009 Human Landscapes , IIM Gallery, Nueva York
Antítesis: Flamingo Road Gallery Bogota, Colombia
Ganadores: : VI Concurso de Pintura Rápida, Las Palmas De G.C.
Ganadores : Concurso Dárcena, Club Varadero Las Palmas
Ganadores :Conservatorio de Música Las Palmas G C
FIART, Feria De Arte Sto. Domingo República Dominicana
Enigmatic Visions: Clemente Soto Vélez Center, Nueva York

2008 Ganadores: Conservatorio de Música Las Palmas de GC
The World of Best Art: Ayala Museum, Manila

2007 The Sign of the Times: Tribeca Gallery Nueva York
Future Legends Wainwright Ballroom Tribeca, Nueva York
Por Amor al Arte: Chel Gallery Las Palmas de G.C.

2006 Figurative in Soho: New York Open Center Gallery, Nueva York
Exposición Permanente: Chel Gallery, Playa del Ingles
Exposición La Cuevita Artenara, Las Palmas
Ganadores Concurso de Pintura Rápida Sala Audi Las Palmas

2005 Group Show: Montserrat Gallery, Chelsea Nueva York,
Mystical Figures Consulado del Perú Nueva York
El Corte Ingles Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
The Warehouse Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

2004 Orensanz Foundation Nueva York
Exposición Digital, Marcello Mansión Venecia, Italia
Martín Luther King Library Washington DC

2003 Agora Gallery, Chelsea, Nueva York
Ganadores Concurso de Pintura Rápida, Sala Audi, Las Palmas

2002 Tribute to the Horse Hotel Shangri-la, Manila, Filipinas

2001 Club Náutica Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, España

1988 Galería Isabel, Cebú Plaza Hotel, Filipinas
Cebú Plaza Hotel, Cebú, Filipinas
Festival del Arte de Manila , Manila, Filipinas

1987 CAP Art Gallery Cebu, Filipinas

1985 Galería Isabel, Cebú Plaza Hotel, Filipinas

1983 Hyatt Regency Hotel, Manila, Filipinas

1982 Art Association of the Philippines Manila, Filipinas
Philippine Columbian Club, Manila, Filipinas
Casino Español de Manila, Manila, Filipinas
Cebú Expo 82, Philtrade Center, Cebú, Filipinas
Galerie des Artes Manila, Filipinas
Galerie Bleue Manila, Filipinas

1981 Centro Cultural de España, Manila, Filipinas

1980 Hyatt Regency Hotel, Manila, Filipinas


Un Siglo en paralelo, 3 prize, Certamen Pintura Rapida, La Palma 2011
100 Años hace la Diferencia, Judges Choice Arte Siglo XXI Tenerife,2011
Más a la Derecha: Seleccionado, Certamen de Ciudad de Las Palmas
Melchor, Gaspar y Baltasar: Seleccionado, Concurso de Dibujp Humorístico, Tenerife 2011

Mama, Mira como Toco: 2º premio , Conservatorio de Música 2010
Don Polo: 2º premio, Certamen Pedro Modesto Campos, Cajasiete, Tenerife 2010
Don Miguel: premio Acuarela VI Concurso de Pintura Rápida, Las Palmas De G.C. 2010

El Burrito : VI Concurso de Pintura Rápida, Las Palmas De G.C. 2009
Iñaki: 2º premio, Concurso de Pintura Rápida, El Varadero Las Palmas de G.C. 2009
Los Pianistas: primer premio, Conservatorio se Música 2009

La Batuta: 2º Premiado, Conservatorio de Música, Las Palmas de G.C. 2008

La Guaguera: Primer Premio, Concurso: La Igualdad de la Mujer, Las Palmas de G.C.2007
Aling Músikera: Primer premio, Conservatorio de Música, LP G.C. 2007
Recuerdos de Vicente: Cuarto premio, Concurso de Pintura Rápida, Telde 2007

Caballo, Premiado, IX Concurso de Pintura Rapida, Las Palmas de G.C. 2006

Gitana, Accésit: Jaurena Art, 5ª Premio Pintura, Barcelona, 2005

Morena: Tercer Premio, Internacional Orensanz Award, Nueva York, 2004

Sueño: Premio Nicolás Massieu y Matos, VIII Concurso de Pintura Rápida, LPGC 2003

Un Domingo en Canarias Seleccionado: VI Concurso de Pintura Rápida, LPGC 2001


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