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Brief Summary
The VoIP technology has come up with truly fascinating developments in telecommunications and is said to be an excellent aide in smooth business communications. However, the business fraternity world wide is still concerned about incorporating the system in full faith given the varied misconceptions prevailing about VoIP. As early as 2005 people started making wrong assumptions and thus these myths prevailed – check this article by Steven Cherry for IEEE spectrum, dating back to 2005.

The post here is all set to debunk the major misperceptions on VoIP for 2013 that have been around and prominent during 2012.

VoIP can’t send faxes
It’s a common misperception that VoIP won’t be able to send your business faxes. Well it’s not completely true because VoIP can send faxes but the process is a slow one. However, you can solve it and enhance the quality & speed of faxes sent via VoIP. We did an article on the Internet faxing services if you are looking for recommendations and comparison.

Invest on those VoIP providers who support T.38 standard – the audio decompressor/compressor standard specifically designed to send faxes digitally & it can also enhance the fax quality significantly. Turn off “Error Correction” feature on your fax device since the very mode is not designed for VoIP. Besides, check out that the chosen VoIP provider is consistently checking your fax routings as poor routing is a major cause behind slow fax delivery.

The fax quality sucks
The good news is that given the current advancements in VoIP, the voice quality has enhanced by great extent. However, it’s still not perfect but there are ways to resolve.

You have to have powerful broadband connection with wider bandwidth because the wider it is, better would be your voice quality. If you want to fax a document from iphone using ATA/Router, you have to get one with cutting edge compression technology & Echo cancellation facilities. Don’t place the router closer to ATA as this would hamper voice quality. The quality is bound to only go up as FCC’s recent announcement about faster and more capable WiFi goes to prove that we are going towards a stronger connectivity going forward.

VoIP faxs are not secured
When softwares like SkyDe starts exploiting vulnerabilities of Skype like popular softwares, it is only human to be scared about it. The online retailers take to encryption software for protecting their information. Now, this very level of safety is still not available with VoIP faxs but the VoIP companies are striving hard to secure VoIP faxs through firewalls and encryption and many of the VoIP providers now are actually offering encryption with their standard packages to ensure a considerable amount of service security.

It’s to be stressed that the VoIP communication is yet to stand perfect, but the technology is evolving at a great pace with the mission to provide the users with more advanced and secured service. When we weigh on the pros and cons, the advantages outnumber the cons by a large number and hence we recommend VoIP for businesses of all sizes and shape.

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