Art Direction, Amsterdam Noord-Holland Netherlands
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Utrechtsestraat 105 I
1017 VK
Tel: 31 643200472
Brief Summary
Who is GOOD Inc.®

Luis Mendo founded GOOD Inc. in 2005, and chooses together with the client the right teams for every new project.
Born in Spain in 1969, Luis has been designing for 14 years. Before moving to Amsterdam, he worked in newspaper design teams from Barcelona. In june 2005 he opened GOOD Inc.® and was chosen one of the “Top 10 best Art Directors in NL”. Luis writes in books, blogs and magazines, is part of juries, teaches editorial design and gives lectures & workshops internationally. In 2007 he founded the Goodfellas Network together with Diseco
— In The Netherlands
ABN AMRO, Adobe, Akzo Nobel, ArboNed, Basta Records, Bibelot Pop Venue, Defence For Children, Delta Lloyd Groep, Jamie Olivers’ Fifteen, Exact software, Filmmuseum, Gemeente Amsterdam, Greenpeace, Hemels Publishers, ING, Interpolis, KPN, La Place, M-real Papers, Maters & Hermsen, MCRZ Hospital Utrecht, Media Partners, Ministry Foreign Affairs, Nieuw Amsterdam Publishers, Nike, NS Nederlandse Spoorwegen, PcM Uitgevers, Proof Reputation, Rabobank, Reed Business, Sanoma Magazines, Scripta Media, Smin, Telegraaf Tijdschriften Groep, TNT Post, VARA, VPRO, vdBJ Communicatie Groep, Volkskrant, WNF and Wolters Kluwer.

— In Europe
BASF, Cases i Associats, De Post / La Poste, Fontshop, Mercabarna, La Vanguardia, Eina School of Art, Mezembrini Athens, Tribal DDB Spain, BPMO Edigrup.

— Rest of the world
Café Gallery Pause (JP), Clear magazine (US), Clarín (AR), Kuwasawa Design School (JP), El Observador de Montevideo (UR), Society of News Design (US), United Nations (US), World Food Programme (US), GSW Worldwide (US).
Professional Experience
Resumé 2009
Luis Alberto Martín Mendo

Born in Salamanca, Spain, the 24th of november 1969

1987 - 1990
Salamanca, Spain
Basic Art Education at the Escuela de Artes Aplicadas y oficios Artísticos (EAAOOAA) in Salamanca.

1990 - 1992
Moved to Madrid, Spain
Specialitation in graphic design & illustration at the Graphic Communication School (Escuela de Arte 10) in Madrid.

1992 - 1993
Moved to The Netherlands for a schoolyear
Third year Minerva Art School in Groningen.
Graduated with Cum Laude in Madrid, september 1993.

1993 - 1995
Moved to Barcelona
Color Digital pre-press studio: director Graphic Design Department.
Blu Print pre-press studio: director Graphic Design Department.
Cases i Associats S.A, editorial design studio: junior designer magazines and newspapers for Argentina, Uruguay and Greece.
Mezembrini newspaper sunday magazine (M2) in Athens, Greece:
head design team.
Gándara y Asociados, graphic design studio: junior designer.

1995 - 1997
Back to the Netherlands, Groningen
digiTAAL ontwerpen Groningen: senior designer

1997 - 1998
Moved to Amsterdam
digiTAAL ontwerpen Amsterdam: senior designer & creative director.

1998 - june 2005
Lava Graphic Design :
senior designer and creative director.

June 2005 - Februari 2009
Founded and run his own design company: Good Inc.®
In 2007 Founded and run, a weblog about editorial design in Dutch.
Teaching Editorial Design courses organised by GOOD Inc.®
Founded the Goodfellas Network, a group of creative individuals, together with Diseco.

March - May 2009
After 4 and a half years of successful business, Luis takes a sabbatical break in Tokyo, Japan.

June 2009
Moved to new office and started sharing the space with several members of the Goodfellas Network.

April 2010 - present
Jean Snow and Hiyoko Imai become fellow collaborators and so the team expands, reaching Tokyo, Japan.

Teaching & Lectures

Guest lecturer at “Junior”, Art Direction School (Amsterdam)
and Kuwasawa Design School (Tokyo, Japan).

Teaching for master of Typography at Eina, Barcelona: 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.
Teaching his own Editorial Design course in Amsterdam to designers and editors.

Lectures and workshops on inspiration, creativity and design for among others: M-real Papers in Helsinki, Mike Koedinger publishing media group in Luxembourg, KPN, UWV, TNT and Rabobank directives, Groninger Museum, Weekbladpers, Markee/Het Salon (Belgium) and School voor Journalistiek in Utrecht. 

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