giulio iurissevich
Illustration, Pordenone Friuli-Venezia Giulia Italy
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via rorario 21
Tel: 003914092 3386814092
Brief Summary
"Strong yet vulnerable, he take small steps before leaping in completely and immersing herself into the colorful and quaint world found only in his mind.
Free yet protected, he explores the dephts of his minds eye, never sure at what he might find. His path continues to wind round and round before he slowly but surely returns to his reality. A reality that is not so familiar to him..
.A reality full of the unknown"

Shon Magazine (UK)

Balancing on the blurred boundaries of illustration and painting, the work of Giulio Iurissevich places a question of origins, categorisation and definition. What the distinctive difference is between applied and fine art? Is it the means – handcrafted versus computer generated? Is it the quantity – singularity versus reproduction? Or is it the locus – art gallery versus lifestyle magazine? Passing through the era of ‘The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction’ (Walter Benjamin), we now live in an era of electronic reproduction, an era where everything is considered content and is electronically distributed within the context of globalization. Art itself faces an identity crisis. The early 20th century modern art delineated the end of the category of art per se, leaving it void of its subliminal context. Art is now about value, commercial value that is. A singular artwork, a one-off, gains value because of its rarity. On the other hand, works like those of Giulio Iurissevich are made to be public, they are made for the public to enjoy and contemplate on. This is the quality that makes them so valuable.

The work of Giulio Iurissevich
Based on – and inspired by – the tradition of figurative art, Giulio Iurissevich focuses on the human figure and especially on the slight nuances of expression in the portraiture of girls’ faces. Sensitive and fragile Giulio Iurissevich’s heroines seem vulnerable and troubled, yet intensely sensual. Clean, elaborate outlines capture the figure while bright aquarelle-like coloured surface highlight it with a liberating non-finito technique that values the direct expression of emotions instead of the –completely impersonal – stylistic perfection. The beauty of the image does not lie in the accuracy of the execution but on the expression of emotions, thus detaching Giulio Iurissevich’s artworks from the fashion illustration genre with its superficial, plastic and lifeless lifestyle imagery.
Probably, the most interesting part of Giulio Iurissevich’s illustrations is the collage-influenced work. Figures composed as a collage of graphic elements, aggressively fused together, raise questions regarding the interpretation of the fragments that compose the whole in the process of a second reading. What symbolism do the letters under the chin and the leaves on the neck mean? There may be an underlying symbolic layer there, but that is not central in the interpretation of the works. The collage fragments merge into a whole as brushstrokes that shape the figure. There is certain aggressiveness and violence within the dark shades of these ‘collages’. Yet it is not Mary Shelley’s monstrous body (the creature of Frankenstein) or Max Ernst’s surgically fragmented figures in etchings and collages. There is ambivalence and an internal conflict that tortures Giulio Iurissevich’s heroines, deconstructs their figure but does not distort it. These girls, having accepted their dark side, their contradictions, fears and insecurities seem to have reached a fragile balance that holds all the contradictory fragments of their personality and life in a whole revealing their inner beauty with an aura of mystery.

Luerzer's archive 200 best illustrators worldwide 2007�8 200910 201011
Images 29 the best british contemporary illustration 2005
Images 30 the best british contemporary illustration 2006 (AOI)
Big Book of fashion illustration (Batsford)
New fashion Illustration (Batsford)
Artaq book 01 - Urban arts awards (book about the work of the winners of the Urban arts awards 2010)
Artaq book 02 - Urban arts awards (book about the work of the winners of the Urban arts awards 2011)
400ml book - (kitchen 93)
Mona Lisa reimagined 2012
Skillism vol 1 2011
skillism vol 2 2012 Marc Mc Gough

finalist for the Warner Bros DC 75th Anniversary of Superheroes 2010 : Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green lantern...
selected artist by "USA by designers" 2010
DA BOMBA bronze award 2012
Top 10 Saatchi Abstract Showdown 2012

clients: Pepsi, Gap, Banana Republic, Brooks bros, Burlington, Warner Bros,Mazda, Vancouver Olympics 2010,Marie Claire,Elle,the Source,Computer Arts, Creative digital arts......


-Asia Toys expo taiwan
-Kisosung Municipal Cultural Bureau - Taiwan.
-Hong kong toys fair
-Toy Tokyo JP
-theshowroomnyc New york USA
-Toy cube New York - USA
-monorchid - phoenix USA
-Angers Grand Théâtre (FR) Artaq
Hôtel de Ville
-400ml maison des metallos - Paris,
Lieu (FR)
-Dordogne - France - Chateau des Izards 400ml
-Studio 95London UK
-WWA gallery
-Gallery nucleus
-Studio 95 London (UK)
Alhambra CA 91801 USA
-Coningsbygallery - London - UK
-4th wall gallery - Dallas USA
-Espace Beaurepaire - Paris (FR)
-Stattbad - Berlin (Ger)
-Bruxelles / ESPACE ART 22 (B)
-the flow @ Supperclub (Amsterdam)
-she! - galleria spazio bevacqua panigai - treviso(italy)
--Artaq 2011
Place: Espace Art 22 - 22, Rue Van Aa - 1050 Bruxelles

Espace Commines
Place: Rennes Parc des expositions / Rennes Airport / Rue Jules Vallès, Saint-Jacques de la Lande next to ESPRIT MAISON /
-ArtSuperHero exhibition @ the Lutetia Paris Rive Gauche Hotel 

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