Foan 82
, Portugal
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Contact details
Rua 7 junho n.13 R/C
Tel: 0035 964216590
Brief Summary
Foan82™ was formed in 2004 as graphicartist.
Born and raised in Oeiras, Portugal.
Curiosity and a constant thirst to learn more led him to teach himself advanced techniques in photoshop, motion, animation, flash, CSS, HTML and ActionScript.
Today, he is an art director, interactive designer and digital illustrator incredibly committed to his work and with a background that gives him a vision of his own.

Bacardi Martini
Delta Cafés
Go Natural
Arroz Cigala
TVI Channel
Professional Experience
Linkedin recommendations

“Renato AKA Foan82, is a very professional and dedicated designer. His work it's always finished in very accurate and methodic way. Great illustrator also, this guy knows how to rock on design. Always a good choice for who's in search of a designer.”
Diogo Parrinha, Senior Designer, 2010-10-18

“I've know Renato since college and I've been working with him for over 4 years now.
He is an excellent colleague and his path has
been amazing.
Renato is a great designer, multi-skilled and
none stops being amazed by the quality of his work.”
Diografic, Senior Designer. 2010-11-23

“Renato is undoubtedly one of the most
talented designer I've ever had the opportunity
to meet and work, a very focused person, interested and committed to their work
always searching for perfection in everything he creates. His work never ends for a project is
always interested to follow and help during the development of the project.
Enough detail oriented and pixel perfection, is undoubtedly an artist with enormous talent
and certainly with a great future.
It is with great pleasure that i work on
projects he created, and is certainly a valuable
asset to any team that can count on your
Ricardo Melo, Webdeveloper. 2010-11-22

“I worked with Renato for more than 3 years
at SixandCo and Grand Union.
It's impressive the dedication he shows upon
his work. The care with the details and the
concept driven design.
Besides being a very professional colleague
he is also a good friend.”
Manuel Garcia, Designer. 2010-11-19

“Renato is a detail-oriented designer, very
talented and focused on his work. He as an
amazing sense of beauty and he his very critic
about his work. The final result of his work
always amazes me.”
Rui Costa, Creative. 2009-10-09

“Renato is a very dedicated person and an
excelent colleague. He allways surprises me
with is creativity and good taste in all of his
Daniel Gomes, Designer. 2009-07-07 
Awards and Recognition
Los Logos Compass
Gestalten, Berlin 2010
Basic Logos
Indexbook , Barcelona 2010
Growing Graphics
Indexbook , Barcelona 2009
Webdesign Index 8
The Pepin Press , Amsterdam 2009
Webdesign Index by Content 4
The Pepin Press , Singapure 2009
Atribute to Celebreties
Index Book, Barcelona 2008
Webdesign Index by Content 2
The Pepin Press , Singapure 2007
Fashion Bags
Index Book, Barcelona 2007
IDN, Hong-Kong 2007

Computer Arts issue 02
Portugal 2010-12
WOW Magz Special Edition
(Guest Artist), Indonesian 2010
Viziomag issue 03
WOW Super Artz issue 03
(Guest Artist - Interview), Indonesian 2008-11
Volte Face Magazine
Conflito Estético, Portugal 2007-07
Briefing Newspaper nº.598
(Featured interview), Lisbon, 2007-07
Inversus vol.09
Lisbon 2007-07
Vectorika vol.10
Vektor Junkie, 2007-07
New Web Pick issue 07
Jpana 2007-05
Inversus vol.08
Lisbon 2007-04
Umbigo magazine vol.15
Lisbon 2005-12
Search magazine vol.15
Lisbon 2005-07
Search magazine vol.10
Lisbon 2005-02

Anahuac University
Xalapa, México 2009-04
Revista W
Brasil 2008-08
Limkokwing University
Malaysia 2008-04
Sophistry Creative Arts
Japan 2008-04
Dotnet Magazine
UK 2008-03
Seminário EALG
(Speaker) Algarve 2007-05 

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