Florian Mueller
Photography, Cologne Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
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Brief Summary
The combination of visual perception and communication is one of my incitements in finding new motives and conceptions for photographs. A picture has to tell a story or a picture has to build a story in the beholders mind. In a world, that is powered by „faster, higher, further“, I see a progress in pausing. To create pictures and visual spaces which invite the observer to dwell, to linger, almost to contemplate, are my objectives.
Brewery Sion
Agency Rheinstern 
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft 
habitat Deutschland GmbH
Simon Schubert - Artist
nostro Film
Marcus Schinkel - Pianist
funky walk, Jazz-Magazin 
Antje Fiedler - Rückennah 
NBTC - Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions
Eurojob Consulting
PER MEDIA Communication GmbH
Victoria Insurance
dozens of musicians and bands
Professional Experience

07.2013 – 08.2013 Surface Gallery, Nottingham, GB
Group -Exhibition “Contemporary Photography NOW”

07.2013 – 09.2013 New York
Group-Exhibition “The Story of the Creative”

09.2013 eFunktion, Cologne
Group-Exhibition “Serendipity”

09.2013 Sustenuto, Bruxelles
Single-Exhibition “Transitus Essence”

05.2013 efunktion, Köln
Group-Exhibition “Zaghafte Konsequenz”

08.2009 – 11.2009 Provence, Cologne
Single-Exhibition “Stairs”


01/2013 – New York City Journal – Multivision Manhattan
10/2012 – The Creators Project – Multivision Manhattan
10/2012 – SlamXHype – Multivision Manhattan
06/2012 – Design You Trust – Transitus Essence


“Fascinated by art Florian Müller, German photographer delivers us a series of original photos close to the painting.

Combining analogical and digital technique, he investigates the theme of the movement with precision and imagination. The representation of abstract landscapes evokes the unlimitedness but also the solitude.

He wants to give a new dimension to the photo, he gives free rein to the spectator to make his own opinion, the photographer explains us his photos through Ansel Adam’s quotation: ” There are always two persons in every image: The photographer and the spectator. ””

Beware Magazine, 27.11.2012

„What’s the next big innovation in photography? It seems 3D is old hat already (must admit I haven’t rinsed my yet to be purchased 3D cam).. Anyway, if you are in fact looking for the next big thing, look no further. Multivision is here. It’s all about layering, and Florien Mueller has created a series of these layered photos in his series of New York called “Multivision”.”

Lost Art, 03.10.2012

„I find Florian Mueller’s photographs intriguing. Yes most definitely. His ‘Transitus’ series is strange and compelling – they’re paintings but not. The images are of seascapes and landscapes, both using the horizon line as a point of departure. Each photo is split into two distinct parts: the divine element and the marine element, the landscape as a representation of infinity. An idea propagated in the 19th Century by the Romantic Movement in Germany.“

Mutant Space, 05.09.2012

Awards and Recognition
- Pano Award 2013 in Bronze
- American Design Award (2x)
- Plastic Pilot Award
- Graphic Orgasm
- Design Licks
- Strangefruits art & design portal
- Webdesign Index 2007, Pepin Press
- Webdesign Index 2008, Pepin Press
- Websites, Feierabend Verlag
- Web Design by Content 04, Pepin    Press 

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