Francis Dzikowski
Photography, Brooklyn New York United States
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Tel: 718 541-9637
Brief Summary
Francis Dzikowski attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute’s foundation program in architecture and studied photography at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  He spent a decade living and traveling abroad photographing historical restoration projects and archaeological excavations.
While photographing in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings for the Theban Mapping Project, Francis also taught photography at the American University in Cairo.  He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York working as an architectural photographer.  He is a member of Esto and in 2009 completed publication of a book titled, Public Art New York by Jean Parker Phifer photography by Francis Dzikowski.  W. W. Norton is the publisher.
 Andre Kikoski, Bogdanow Partners, Carbone Smolan, Centerbrook, CWB Architects, David Ogilvy and Associates, DDG Partners, Dean Wolf, Fawn Galli Design, Grade, Gretchen Bellinger, H3 Hardy Collaborative, Hillier, K-Luna Design, Kevin Dakan Architect, Leo A Daly, Limited Brands, Lippincott 
 Meltzer/Mandl Architects 
 Museum of the Moving Image 
 New York Times 
 Norman Mooney, Workspace 11, Oculus, Red Top Architects, Robert A M Stern, Robert Kahn, Sciame, Sherry-Lehmann, Silkworth Interiors, Single Speed Design, Spector Group, Tina Manis, Two Ton, Two Trees, UM Studio, Workshop for Architecture 
Professional Experience
Francis J. Dzikowski
63 – 1st Place #4
Brooklyn, NY. 11231
Tel. 718-541-9637
[email protected]

Work History

2005-Present, Freelance Architectural Photographer, Represented by Esto, New York, NY

Photographing architecture and art for architects, interior designers and artists.

2006-2009, Public Art New York

Photographed over 270 freely accessible public art works throughout the 5 boroughs of New York City for publication in a book by co-author Jean Parker Phifer.

2003-2008, Freelance Photographer’s Assistant, New York, NY

Assisting photographers Peter Aaron, Richard Barnes, David Sundberg, Scott Frances, Jock Pottle and others on location and in the studio.

2002-Present, Photographer, The Giza Plateau Mapping Project, Cairo, Egypt

Photographing objects found during the excavation of the Giza Plateau’s workman’s village for director, Dr. Mark Lehner. These objects range in size from small beads to large scale New Kingdom limestone blocks. Scanning 35mm slides and consulting on the creation of an Image Database. The 40,000+ slides in the collection span 20 years of excavation, restoration and travel in Egypt.

1995-2003, Photographer, The American University in Cairo, Egypt

Responsibilities included all photographic work for the Theban Mapping Project, (TMP) including the excavation of the Tomb of the sons of Ramesses II in the Valley of the Kings, Luxor under the direction of archaeologist Dr. Kent Weeks; field work in progress, extensive lighting of wall relief and objects such as ceramics, glass, bones, alabaster fragments and statues, extensive work in scanning 35mm slides and preparing images for the TMP website; Also, photographed tomb interiors in the Valley of the Kings, tombs of the Nobles and mortuary temples of Thebes for existing condition reports, aerial photography from a hot air balloon, and was the contact person for licensing and usage rights for all TMP images.

2000-2003, Photographer, The Gayer Anderson Museum, Cairo, Egypt

Photographed the Pharaonic and Islamic collections in order to produce a guide book and catalog of the museum’s holdings under the direction of architectural historian Nicholas Warner. This included photography of paintings, sculpture, architectural spaces and objects from daily life.

2002, Photographer, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Luxor, Egypt

Photographed sandstone and limestone fragments with raised and sunk relief for the excavation of the tomb of Nespakashuty, Theban Tomb #312 by archaeologist, Elena Pischikova.
2001-2002, Instructor, Introduction to Photography, The American University in Cairo, Egypt

Taught Introduction to Photography in the Journalism and Mass Communications Department. Created a syllabus that introduced the operation of manual 35mm cameras, processing black and white films, printing black and white contact prints and enlargements. Introduced digital cameras and their basic operations in the context of photojournalism.

1995-1998, Photographer, U.S.A.I.D. Grant, Cairo, Egypt

Photographed the restoration of an 18th century Ottoman structure located in Cairo, the Sabil-Kuttab Nafisa al-Bayda. This included comprehensive coverage of all pre-existing conditions of the site, ongoing excavations, local craft persons applying their trades, details of intervention and a final set of images upon completion of the work from the same viewpoint as the initial set of images.

1993-1994, Photographer, Catalog Project, Turkey

Documented Islamic Structures throughout Turkey. Focused on Seljuq Monuments in Central Anatolia. Catalog was purchased by the Smithsonian Institute, Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, and Princeton University's Fine Arts Library.

1993-1994, Silk Screen Printer, Multivision Studios, Istanbul, Turkey

Serigraphy for photographer Gultekin Cizgen

1993 (summer), Excavation Photographer, Israel Antiquities Authority, Banias, Golan Heights

Photographed on site daily excavation developments at the Temple of Pan under the direction of archaeologist Zvika Ma’oz. Also photographed all finds in the studio including bones, ceramics and marble statues.

1991-1992, Custom Printer, Phenomena Factory, Philadelphia, PA

Produced Fine Art black and white prints for gallery exhibitions and publications.

1990-1992, Photo Equipment Staff, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Maintained darkroom and studio facilities. Upkeep of equipment such as enlargers, lenses, strobe and hot lights and all format cameras. Oversaw students' activities.

1989-1991, Photographer's Assistant, Joseph Petticrew Photography, Philadelphia, PA

Assisted with lighting and composition of architectural interiors, three dimensional models, drawings and portraits. Processed and printed images for clients.


2002, The Maine Photographic Workshops, Rockport, Maine
National Geographic assignment with Jim Blair

1999, The Maine Photographic Workshops, Rockport, Maine
Location Lighting with Steve Krongard

1998, The Maine Photographic Workshops, Rockport, Maine
Architectural Photography with Norman McGrath
Photographic Book Production with Philip Trager

1994, The American University in Cairo
Certificate of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, CTEFLA

1990-1992, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography

1984-1988, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, Blacksburg, Virginia
Architectural Studies


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