Ehrin Macksey
Photography, Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh Viet Nam
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Contact details
378 Thuy Khue
Tel: +84 122 - 641 - 9346
Brief Summary
The opportunity to visually document and be allowed to step into someone life or show what an organization does is a true honor and pleasure for me. Photography allows me act out on my curiosity of how people live or what a company does and how they do it. I have always be intrigued by these things and through photography I am allowed to share a visual story to help others understand more about people or what an organization does. The relationship between the subject, client and photographer is something I cherish and build on in order to create compelling and beautiful images.

Since 2008, Ehrin has been working as a photographer and videographer based in Hanoi, Vietnam. He was born in the Netherlands to a Dutch mother and an American father. As a teen, his mother took him to the Middle East and Europe and opened his eyes to the world. After graduating from the University of Florida he set out to discover more and serendipitously ended up in Vietnam.
Ehrin has experience working on a wide range of Vietnam photography and video projects including: commercial, documentary, corporate, portraiture, industrial and editorial. He has been commissioned by Fortune 500 companies, magazines and NGOs to provide them unique photography and videos from Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Ehrin is currently represented by Wonderful Machine, Getty Global Assignments and Noi Pictures.
Microsoft, Canon, IBM, Intel, GE, BBC World Service Trust, VSA Partners NYC, Irish Aid, Interfaceflor, Schueco, Design Space Magazine, Credit Suisse, Heineken, Channel News Asia, In The Fray Magazine, The Word Magazine, UNICEF, UNESCO, Procter & Gamble and many other Vietnamese domestic companies.

Awards and Recognition

2010 - Photo Philanthropy Activist Awards (NGO photography competition), Professional - PHOTO STORY
2009 - International Photography Awards (LUCIE AWARDS), Professional - DEEPER PERSPECTIVE (Story of Bop)
2009 - International Photography Awards (LUCIE AWARDS), Professional - DEEPER PERSPECTIVE (Van Mon)
2009 - PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris, Professional - PORTRAIT
2009 - PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris, Professional - DOCUMENTARY PHOTO STORY
2009 - NPPA: Best In Photojournalism - DOCUMENTARY VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY
2008 - Visual Culture Awards - EMOTIVE VISION, LIGHT, PORTRAIT
2008 - Visual Culture Awards - MULTIMEDIA
2008 - Visual Culture Awards - PHOTOGRAPHIC STORY
2008 - Visual Culture Awards - INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY
2008 - NPPA: Monthly Multimedia Competition - MULTIMEDIA PROJECT
2008 - NPPA: Monthly Multimedia Competition - INDIVIDUAL VIDEO
2008 - NPPA: Monthly Multimedia Competition - MULTIMEDIA PROJECT

2011 - Yangon Photography Festival
2008 - Ankor Wat Photography Festival
2008 - Kansai Univeristy, Japan
2008 - Ritsumeikan University, Japan
2008 - Osaka University, Japan
2008 - Kobe city Univeristy of Foreign Studies, Japan

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