Brandt Hardin
Fine Arts, United States
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Brief Summary
Brandt Hardin is a pop surrealist illustrator and designer living and working out of Clarksville, TN. Brandt’s colorful creations are inspired by pop culture, surrealist art, comics, and alternative culture. A predominately self-taught artist, his works have appeared in hundreds of galleries, festivals, and publications world-wide including The Detroit Dirty Show, Hive Gallery of Los Angeles, and Youngblood Gallery of Atlanta. The artist has worked with many musicians, companies, galleries, and groups creating custom artwork and illustrations including Disney of Hong Kong.
Brandt’s artwork and artist’s blog can be found at
To contact Brandt for custom portraits, illustration, painting and design, write to [email protected]
Disney of Hong Kong, The Home Depot, RainSoft, Rivers & Spires Festival, Vinyl Soup, and many authors, musicians, galleries, and small companies.
Professional Experience
SOLO Exhibits:

New Works by Brandt Hardin, Borders (Clarksville, TN) May 2006
-Twelve illustrations and watercolors exhibited in solo exhibit

Topsy-Turvy, Icehouse Café (Clarksville, TN) September 2006
-A solo exhibit of twenty illustrations, each of which can be viewed either side up.

Scenes of Faith and Devotion, The Phoenix Theater (Bowling Green, KY) Feb-Mar ‘07
 -Solo exhibit of twenty-seven illustrations (twelve not exhibited due to content).

Scenes of Faith and Devotion UNCENSORED, Icehouse Cafe (Clarksville, TN) June ‘07
 -Solo exhibit of twenty-seven illustrations.

Scraps & Motives, Café Coco (Nashville, TN) Aug-Sept 2008
 -Solo exhibit of thirteen new works

Declaration of Tears; Trail of Independence, Icehouse Café (Clarksville, TN) Nov ‘08
 -Solo exhibit of twenty-eight illustrations of Native American imagery on pages from The Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights

Felt & Found, L&N Depot Gallery (Hopkinsville, KY) July 2009
 -Solo exhibition of fifteen new illustrations

Cult of Personality, Mir Gallery (Nashville, TN) December 2009
 -Solo exhibit of Pop Surrealism Portraits

Topsy-Turvy, Wired Coffee Company (Hendersonville, TN) March 2010
 -Solo exhibit of Topsy-Turvy works which can be hung either side up

Sacred Texts, Tennessee Art League (Nashville, TN) Jan 2011

Untitled Solo Exhibit, Sassy Art Show / Starbucks (Hendersonville, TN) February 2011

GROUP Exhibits and Festivals:

My work has appeared in nearly 100 exhibits since 2005, displaying regularly at Alter Gallery (Clarksville, TN), MIR Gallery (Nashville, TN), UNTITLED Nashville Artists Group (quarterly exhibits in Nashville, TN), The Hive Gallery (Los Angeles, CA), and Thumbprint Gallery (San Diego, CA)…

Contrast, Plowhaus Artists’ Co-Op (Nashville, TN) February 2008

Honey, The Hive Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) March 2009

DIG: Embodiment, Downtown Presbyterian Church (Nashville, TN) March 2009

Barely Legal, ICON, (Nashville, TN) March 2009

The $5 Art Show, Little Hamilton (Nashville, TN) March 2009

FUSION, The Cannery Ballroom, (Nashville, TN) March 2009

The Group, MIR Gallery, (Nashville, TN) April 2009

20x20x20, LSU, (Baton Rouge, LA) April 2009

Chair-ish, Gordon Jewish Community Center, (Nashville, TN) April 2009

NFO XPO, Version Fest ’09 (Chicago, IL) April 2009

Group Exhibit, The Hive (Los Angeles, CA) April 2009

Rivers & Spires, Downtown Clarksville (Clarksville, TN) April 2009

Group Exhibit, The Hive (Los Angeles, CA) May 2009

Group Exhibit, The Hive (Los Angeles, CA) June 2009

Mickey Brand Halo, (Hong Kong) June-August 2009

Clarksville Tattoo Convention, Quality Inn (Clarksville, TN) June 2009

Dreams: A Journey Within, Art Cartel (Louisville, KY ) June 2009

BEErotica, The Hive (Los Angeles, CA) July 2009

Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Thumbprint Gallery (San Diego, CA) July 2009

Hip-Hop, Thumbprint Gallery (San Diego, CA) July 2009

Felt & Found, L&N Depot Gallery (Hopkinsville, KY) July 2009

GLOW Show, Avenue 9 (Nashville, TN) July 2009

The Canvas Project, Atlanta Airport Atrium Gallery, (Atlanta, GA) July – Sept 2009

Group Exhibit, The Hive Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) August 2009

Coffee & Cigarettes, Thumbprint Gallery (San Diego, CA) August 2009

Sex & Violence, Thumbprint Gallery (San Diego, CA) August 2009

Love Letters to the Post Office, Twist Art Gallery (Nashville, TN) August 2009

11th Annual Regional Exhibit, The Renaissance Center (Dickson, TN) August 2009

Absolute Art Show, Absolute Ink (Murfreesboro, TN) August 2009

King Bee, Hive Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) September 2009

Robots vs. Aliens, Thumbprint Gallery (San Diego, CA) September 2009

The Noise of Art, Swanfield Yard (London, England) September 2009

Tour D’Art, Smith-Trahern Mansion (Clarksville, TN) September 2009

Dirty Show 10.5, Bert’s Warehouse Theater (Detroit, MI) September 2009

Frolic on Franklin, Franklin Street (Clarksville, TN) September 2009

In Art We Trust, Buffalo Billiards (Nashville, TN) September 2009

Low Brow Tarot, The Hive Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) October 2009

What I Did With My Summer, MIR Gallery (Nashville, TN) October 2009

Day of the Dead, Studio 38 (Nashville, TN) October 2009

No Way As Way, Thumbprint Gallery (San Diego, CA) November 2009

Empty the Fridge, Art House (Portland, ME) November 2009

Group Exhibit, The Hive Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) November 2009

Low Brow Southern Culture Show, Charlie Bob’s Drive-in (Nashville, TN) Nov 2009

Self-Portrait Show, Thumbprint Gallery (Nashville, TN) December 2009

Cult of Personality, Mir Gallery (Nashville, TN) December 2009

Postcard Show, The Lab (San Francisco, CA) December 2009

The Island of Misfit Art, TBA (Nashville, TN) December 2009

The Sketchbook Project Vol. 4, Art House (Brooklyn, NY) December 2009

3rd Biennial Juried Exhibition, Customs House Museum (Clarksville, TN) Jan ‘10

Out Loud, OutCentral Cultural Center (Nashville, TN) January 2010

$5 Art Show, Little Hamilton (Nashville, TN) January 2010

15 Artists 5 Themes, Studio 83 (Nashville, TN) March 2010

The Space Between Us, Art House Co-op (Brooklyn, NY) March 2010

Dogwood Arts Festival (Knoxville, TN) April 2010

Rivers & Spires Festival (Clarksville, TN) April 2010

Maker’s Showcase, Maker’s Mark Lounge (Louisville, KY) May 2010

Knoxville Anime & Comic Convention (Knoxville, TN) June 2010

Pick Your Poison, Art Cartel (Louisville, KY) July 2010

Fright Night Film Fest (Louisville, KY) July 2010

Diorama Show, Billups Art (Nashville, TN) August 2010

Tomato Art Fest, Art and Invention Gallery (Nashville, TN) August 2010

Frolic on Franklin (Clarksville, TN) September 2010

Nashville Comic Con (Nashville, TN) September 2010

Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Roxy Regional Theater (Clarksville, TN) Oct 2010

Day of the Dead, Kustom Thrills (Nashville, TN) Oct 2010

Day of the Dead, Youngblood Gallery (Atlanta, GA) Oct 2010

Day of the Dead, Talula Gallery (Nashville, TN) Oct 2010

Fight Back / Move Forward, Billups Art (Nashville, TN) Oct 2010

Low Brow Southern Culture Show II, Charlie Bob’s Drive-in (Nashville, TN) Nov 2010

VisualAIDS, RGB Gallery (New York, NY) December 2010

Frozen Stiff, Untitled Nashville (Nashville, TN) December 2010
Awards and Recognition

DAC Annual Juried Exhibition 2008 (Clarksville, TN)
-Third Place, Mixed Media

Cumberland Arts Fair 2008 (Clarksville, TN)
-Best in Show

Tour D’Art Riverfest Juried Exhibition 2009 (Clarksville, TN)
-Honorable Mention, Painting

Rivers & Spires Poster Contest 2010 (Clarksville, TN)
-Winner for promotional poster design for local arts festival

Tour D’Art Riverfest Juried Exhibition 2010 (Clarksville, TN)
-Third Place, Drawing

Tomato Art Festival 2010 (Nashville, TN)
-Audience Award (Art & Invention Gallery)

Rivers & Spires Poster Contest 2011 (Clarksville, TN)
-Winner for of promotional poster design for 2nd year

Projects & Publications:


Sun Twist (May 2005) Collection of poetry self-published by the artist

Dip and Trip .45 (September 2007) Collection of poetry and artwork by the artist

Canvas Project Encyclopedia Vol. 2 (October 2009) Painting published in book by The Art House

TOPSY-TURVY (April 2010) Collection of works from the artist’s series of illustrations which can be viewed either side up

The Third Eye (June 2010) Collection of works from the artist involved the third eye or the mystical eye

Dracula: Works by Charles Bennett and Brandt Hardin (October 2010) Collection of works from the artist inspired by vampire lore and pop culture


The River’s Edge (Clarksville, TN)
-Painted a 150 sq ft acrylic mural in the upstairs portion of the night club.

The Warehouse (Clarksville, TN)
-5ft x 5ft acrylic painting covering DJ booth in night club

Vinyl Soup – Brandon & Travis
-Nashville-based band Vinyl Soup released their sophomore album, “Brandon and Travis”, in 2007. Painted front and back album covers along with eight accompanying illustrations inspired by the band’s lyrics.

In Their Boots
-Filmed artwork and roundtable discussion on political artwork for PBS Documentary series. Fall 2009

Mickey Brand Halo
-Charity event sponsored by Disney of Hong Kong where selected artists were chosen to paint a 12” Vinyl Mickey Mouse to be auctioned for charity.

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