Ng Diana Melaniee
Graphic Design, Singapore
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Brief Summary
D aka Diana, trained in Visual Communications from Lasalle College of the Arts-SIA Singapore. She has 8 years of experience in Graphic Design, Visual Arts, Typography, Logo+Iconography, Photography, Publication Design, Branding & Licensing, Corporate Identity, Digital Media, Events Management and Creative events.

My works are surrounded amongst colours and breaking borders, thinking beyond the box. Experimental representation of how I depict design that goes fee|ing free and easy;a|| the better. As design guru Steve Jobs quoted:”Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Design can be appealing but it has to be practical too. Usability is a major factor for all designs, be it web, app, graphics or logo…we have to make sure design appeals and also promoting our client’s message. Then when that’s achieved, ur design is considered a succesful design.

Sometimes design isn’t bout rules, its defying rules therefore the mind can express itself without words. But type is impt too, it speaks more than pictures…Typography is a part of my transition in the design world coz type merges into icons/logo and it’s my favourite part of the job right now. Having scored High Destinction in Typography, I’ve come a long way apart from painting, designing, illustration, print, photography; TYPOGRAPHY is my biggest love! I love to get myself dirty w type….it’s orgasmic!

It’s rather intriguing to have come so far and still loving what I do. Currently I’m working for an applications studio(buUuk), doing UI/UX design. I’m loving every moment of life able to design works that “wow”. During my freetime, I still do other commissioned design works so I wouldn’t let my brain go rusting that manner…Do contact me if you are interested to do any kind of collaboration.

An indicator of creativity,unique ways of expressions & design speaks more than a thousand word. Uniquely gratifying perhaps and it leaves you feeling bittersweet bout it. That's my motto~ D aka Charmedpunk©

Faber Castell
Pearson Longman Singapore
Ghim Li Global
Friven Singapore
Dreamworks+SM Malls(Philippines)
Jotun Paint(SHANGHAI)
Shangri La Hotel(SHANGHAI)
Shanghai Media Group
Jardine Cycle & Carriage
Singapore Press Holdings
Capitamalls Asia
Waalkz Pte. Ltd
The New Paper
Charles & Keith


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