dean moriarty
Photography, Cardiff Cardiff United Kingdom
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Contact details
bell vue crescent, llandaff north
Tel: 0066 0905783007
Brief Summary
I take photographs and make creative images. Currently in Thailand.
I do not have permission to give that information.
Professional Experience
I have never had one of these; I am self employed.  I have been to art college and music college and have been taking photos since the early seventies.
Awards and Recognition
I am not interested in these kind of thingsHarry the pepper mustard on Sunday who had changed his name from Harry the Spider whose real name was Harry Baba became enlightened on the 15th day of Wednesday in the 4th month at the 33rd minute before the stroke of midnight at the “It’s alright now” show in Denver with the spotlight on him too, and just as he was about to give his discourse on how to be fulfilled on fried beans n stew while sitting on your hands, it happened. Then Harry didn’t care anymore so he flew off as you do when enlightened. Up in the clouds at 90000 feet he reached into his duffel bag and pulled out an apple pie with custard and ice cream and munched on it as he flew along. “Good in-flight sustenance” he thought. Far below, in “the ole coffee shoppe for angels,” Dot the spot just finished brewing up strong coffee, so she rang the bell and immediately the place filled up with hovering angels playing harps and singing; and a Q formed up outside by ascended masters all wanting to get in for her coffee. Time was “now” so the sun decided to rise and get in the Q2. Harry zoomed down full of joy n bliss n peace n happiness n grace n beaming smiles at everyone and landed right next to the coffee pot; Dot poured him a coffee black and tranquil with gratitude and blessings. Harry grabbed a table with both hands and hung on for dear life as a huge wind of change came. “Quiet down,” said Dot to the wind, “drink your coffee in peace n tranquillity n harmony sniggered from the shadows the sun was casting runes for Samadhi the dharma bum who was dancing the whirling dervish out of control munching a bagel. The troupe of fairies flit in formation here and there immaculately around an elephant sounding it’s horn on the blue stage, the one that no one could see at that time of day; but that’s for later when night falls. Moose the moose staggered in from an all nighter so everyone forgave him. 3 gurus drove by and grabbed their coffees then vanished. Time sped up but no one paid any mind to that as the friend put in an appearance of contentment and no more searching for coffee. All hearts were content and sipping coffee, tapping away to the hit of the moment: All is well. The universe looking on said to god: “This is a good joint, everyone is happy. We should open up more.” God surrendered to that idea and let go all his plans for world domination and he too flew down for coffee. With all the flewing in and out, up and down, here and there, traffic control gave up and they too went for coffee. Synchronicity and serendipity made love on a table of one covered in feathers upstairs, oblivious to anything but their passion and for them their existence was love. Compassion, with shaking beautiful hands, took one sip too many of a third coffee and exploded into white light and purple breezes that covered everyone from their lowest chakra to their highest. Buddha looked in through an open window and spoke to Jesus words of wisdom, and Krishna nodded nearby. And then the dancing girls came on and everyone clapped in appreciation for their lovely appearance. Harry finished his coffee and didn’t think about mysticism or spirituality because he didn’t want the law of attraction to listen in just then as he had an appointment with source through meditation, and all he wanted to do was go inside and feel that which no words can explain, to go past ideas and concepts to the real freedom..

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