David Zuker
Digital Art, Madrid Madrid Spain
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Tel: (+34 653 160 779
Brief Summary
I am a digital Artist.

About my background ( in brief ): Like many other artists, I have been creating and expressing myself since I was a child. My artistic background begins somewhere in the late 90´s, working with airbrush and making exhibitions at Madrid venues. At the end of the decade I moved to London and studied Art & Design ( and I have to say it was completely useless for me, I consider myself an autodidact ).

After coming back to Spain, I focused my career as a digital designer and therefore left the art quite abandoned.

As time passed, my artistic concerns returned stronger than ever. I exhibited my work at London ( Chelsea ), and then began to work in new concepts, starting a journey that led me to this moment, when I am writing these lines for you.

The future is uncertain, but I feel I still have a lot to say with my Art and that the best is yet to come.

I often get asked about the meaning behind my artwork, or what I try to express with it… my answer is that no one – and that includes myself – should tell you what you have to see or not in my Artwork. My goal when creating Art is to transmit an emotion or concept… If I had to write explanations about what is the emotion or concept behind my Art, I would consider that a complete failure, as it would mean that I need to complete with words what I have not been able to transmit with images.

So I am not only avoiding to give any explanation about my Art, but I have also deliberately named my works with letters or numbers in order to remove any possible self-explained title that could tell you something about the composition you look at.

What matters is what you see, not what others ( and that includes myself ) say you have to see.

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