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I am a writer, researcher and teacher.  I am a professional blogger about science, history and art.  I am a freelance writer and am looking for work as well.  I am native to Los Angeles, CA and have lived her forever.  If you are looking for a great, loyal friend, I'm not that person.  Too selfish and self-absorbed by my upbringing.  I am special because my Mom told me and she would never say that to me unless she meant it. People don't lie about things like that anyway.  If you love sports and exercise, I probably don't like you either.  Sarcasm is a weak form of humor but growing up here has ruined me.  I am a broken record which doesn't matter because even if I weren't broken, records have been gutted by technology years ago.  Aged to perfection with the wrinkles to prove it.  I'm a cliche. I love all thing vintage and was definitely born in the wrong era.  But I'm right down the middle with everything else.  Enjoy.
Thousands of unappreciative children whose minds I have molded with my wisdom and even more thousands of parents appreciate my free baby-sitting skills. 
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Just being me is enough of an accolade.

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