Ciscu2005 Competition
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Gwangbok Street Revitalization Committee
9, Sinchang-dong 1ga, Jung-gu, Busan, 600-061, Republic of Korea
Tel: +82 -51-600-4671-3 Fax: +82 -51-600-4679
Brief Summary
Title : International Competition-Ciscu2005

Contents : CiSCu2005(international competition)

-Revitalization of Gwangbok Street & PIFF Plaza.-
This competition is organized by the Gwangbok Street Revitalization Committee , hosted by Jung-gu District Office and promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Korea and Busan Metropolitan City with the objective of revitalizing Gwangbok Street and the PIFF Plaza in Jung-gu, Busan.
Although Gwangbok Street and the PIFF Plaza had long flourished as the central commercial districts of Busan, the largest port city in Korea, and as the birthplace of the internationally renowned PIFF (Pusan International Film Festival), the fame of these places has been declining recently with the center of Busan moving eastwards and new sub-centers appearing as the city expands rapidly.
Around Gwangbok Street and the PIFF Plaza there are various historical and cultural places, and the urban fabric of the modern era since the opening of Busan Port in 1876 is well preserved. Various local development plans for Jung-gu have been announced and are in progress, including the modernization of the Jagalchi Fish Market and the construction of the 2nd Lotte World, which is a 107-storied mega complex consisting of a department store, a hotel, and offices. This competition is intended to produce new ideas on how to use the potential of Jung-gu to revitalize this area in a creative way considering its existing historical and cultural assets. The design scope of the competition may, if necessary to revitalize Gwangbok Street, include reconfiguration of streets, squares, and traffic and pedestrian flows; creation of street furniture and public art; and facelifts for existing building facades and store signs.

The objective of the Revitalization of Gwangbok Street & PIFF Plaza competition project is to re-create this area as an attractive urban core to catalyze the revitalization of the center of Jung-gu, where the population has been diminishing and the function as a city center has been weakened.
Utilizing the existing historical/cultural resources and the opportunities from the development plans in this area, the addition of cultural and artistic aspects on to the potential of Gwangbok Street as an attractive commercial street will place this area into the center of culture and tourism. The re-creation of attractive urban environment will help the promotion of the local economy and will provide an open and friendly public space for the citizens. Innovative design, revitalization plan of street and creation of space for cultural activity will result in the new aesthetic urban area for the public.

registration deadline : 31 August 05
submission deadline : 7 September 05

open to : This Open International Idea Competition is the first stage of a two-stage competition.
This competition is open to professionals and students of urban design, architecture, landscape design, art and visual/industrial design, and teams made up of professionals or students of these fields.
entry fee : $80.00 for professionals; $50.00 for students
awards :
1st Prize(one) USD $30,000
2nd Prize(one) USD $10,000
3rd Prize(up to five) USD $5,000
20 Honorable mentions
- Top three prize winning projects in the first-stage competition will be given a chance to compete in the second-stage of the competition.

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