Chuck Carter
Fine Arts, United States
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Tel: 801 232-1609
Brief Summary
Chuck Carter has been working in the artistic end of the science and entertainment industries for more than 30 years. He is self-taught and has been working as an artist since leaving the US Navy in 1979. His illustration and animation work has been used extensively by National Geographic publishing, Online and Television. He continues to work with clients as diverse as Scientific American, numerous industry magazines and Wired.

He was the first freelance artist hired by National Geographic to create a 3-page digital illustration (on dinosaur evolution, 1992) done on a Mac Quadra 600. In 1994 Carter was instrumental in helping launch National Geographic Online. He also has worked with Harcourt Education, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, Knight-Ridder News in Motion, and other clients for more than 22 years - co-authoring and illustrating books on geology, history, nature and geography. He has produced illustrations and animations for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Department of Defense, and various defense contractors, university and government science institutions.

His entertainment projects include being lead illustrator on the computer game Myst and he has worked on more than 25 other video games, including the popular Westwood Studios game series; Command and Conquer, working as a digital artist, animator, writer, art director, and computer-graphics supervisor. While working with Threshold Entertainment, he worked as a digital matte painter for shows like Babylon 5, Mortal Kombat and Mission to Mars; a motion ride for Disney as well as work for Star Trek: the Experience.  
National Geographic, Nissan, Philip Morris, Wired Magazine, Scientific American, BBC: Naked Science, Threshold Digital, Dilated Pixels, Disney, The US Defense Department, Knight-Ridder, among others...
Professional Experience
CHUCK CARTER 26 Talbot Ave. Apt B, Rockland, Maine 04841
TELEPHONE: 801-232-1609
[email protected]

Art Director/Art Group Manager/Senior Artist/Animator
Experienced • Innovative Designer • Strong Conceptual and Artistic
Skills • Problem Solver

Designed, directed and produced graphics for numerous interactive game projects,
television matte paintings and video cinematics. Intimate knowledge of preproduction
to post production processes. Highly self-motivated team leader with an
eye for problem solving, work flow efficiency and pipeline management.
Seasoned game industry artist having worked on 29 successfully shipped titles such
as: Myst, The Manhole, Karandia, Tiberian Sun, Tiberian Firestorm,
Nox, Red Alert 2, Yuri’s Revenge, Dune: Emperor, Renegade, Earth and
Beyond, Pac-Man: World Rally, Pirates: The Legend of the Black Kat, Ultima Online:
Age of Shadows, Snoopy-vs-The Red Baron, Rogue Warrior and AMF Bowling,
Marvel Ultimate Alliance2 and Guitar Hero iPhone, etc.
Platforms include: Playstation1/2/3, Xbox/Xbox 360, Wii, iPhone, Mac and PC


Working as an illustrator for numerous book and publishing clients such as Wired
Magazine, National Geographic, Scientific American, Nature, Popular Science, GQ,
Mens Health and McGraw Hill and Harcourt Publishing. Working extensively as a
digital Matte Painter for television shows: Babylon 5 and Mortal Kombat.
Additional projects include science animations and pre visualization projects for
several museums and foundations around the country. Worked on motion rides
as an artist/animator for Disney (Mission to Mars) and Paramount (Star Trek: The

VICARIOUS VISIONS, ALBANY, NY 0 4 / 0 8 - 0 6 / 1 0
Art Group Manager/Senior Artist
Position included directly managing 35 artists, and indirectly 75 total - responsible for
their training, career advancement, project slating and evaluations. The job also
required we research management practices of our parent company, “Activision”,
both nationally and internationally with onsite visits. Additional responsibilities
included; setting realistic goals for the art department, personnel management,
working with local colleges and high schools with out-reach programs and curriculum

External Art Director
Position included trouble shooting and art directing external projects - Tasked with
overseeing and guiding external art teams to meet quality standards and company
expectations. Acted as liaison between internal and external developers and teams.
Hired contract artists to help with concepts and next-gen design goals.
Co-Author/Art Director/Lead Illustrator
Designed and produced more than 1000 hi-resolution illustrations. Hired, directed
and managed, freelance illustrators for college geology textbook. Worked with
various geologists, geographers and science pre-visualization experts to create
compelling images, illustrations and art from scientific data sets.

Art Director
Hired, trained and managed art staff. Directed internal and external art teams to
create the look and feel for Smart Bomb products. Produced original concept art
using animatics and motion graphics. Working with the lead designer, prototyped
rough game levels for pre-visualization purposes.

INVERNESS ENTERPRISES, Burbank, CA 04/03 - 04/04
Art Director
Hired, managed and directed art staff. Coordinated art with in-house and
Japanese artists producing original concepts using Painter, Bryce and Maya.
Developed the visual look and feel of a prototype game for Sony and early PS3
development. Worked with programming staff, developed ideas/concepts for new
interface graphics tools for the emerging PS3 development.

WESTWOOD STUDIOS, Las Vegas, N V 0 2 / 9 8 - 3 / 0 3
Computer Graphics Supervisor/Game A r t i s t
Produced animations and assets for game art and cinematic creation. Other
duties included modeling, texturing, concept design, animation, virtual set
design and production. Additional responsibilities included game and
cinematic asset production, motion graphics for display, marketing and screen/
set cinematics, video and animation compositing. During cinematic production
Was in charge of computer graphic supervision over art department, including
video production and compositing management.

Modeling • Texturing • Animation • Compositing • Digital Matte Painting • Motion
Graphics • Illustration • Concept Art • On set CGI Supervisor. Software includes:
Lightwave 11, Modo V601, zBrush V4R3, After Effects CS5.5 with numerous Trapcode plugins, Photoshop CS5, Illustrator CS5, Painter 12, Vue 10, Final Cut Pro and Aperture, Excel, Power Point,
Keynote, Numbers and Word.



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