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16 Murrain Drive, Downswood,
Bearsted, Maidstone
Tel: 0044 1622863285
Brief Summary
Hi, we are opening shop, in 2013, starting with beautiful designer womens jewellery parures, followed shortly by wonderful women fashion accessories, then therapy knitted toys. Hopefully in a couple of months very unusual men jewellery will be available and designer furniture will be ready for sale completing the portfolio of our design entreprise.

CHATTEL offers one offs and limited series of High End, luxurious and collectable designer wares with certificate of authenticity, showcasing the raw beauty of natural materials with an ethical and eco-citizen approach to design.

Book a CHATTEL party for an event to remember and share with your friends, in a fabulous and luxurious setting of your choice with catering and overnight stay.
Fun creative activities for guaranteed giggles and a finished accessory handmade by you to take home and proudly model in front of friends and family.
You will be inspired to try new colour combinations with items of clothing you would have never thought of wearing together before, embellished with my beautiful designer jewellery and fashion accessories that every woman and man, will want to steal from you.
Parties for all genders and inclinations.
Website and e-shop in the making.

I have discovered that my jewellery parures appeal to women from 20 years old onwards, the feedback and interest I am getting on and off the Internet is demonstrating that I offer artistic value to young women, their mother and grand mothers and every generation in between. They do not mind the fact that they share the same taste in Art, and they are satisfied in the knowledge that what appeals to them is beauty, style at it's best and wholesome materials.Never mind that they are with good ethics in the sourcing ! it's as if it is implicit that they are.
It is about appreciating quality of craftsmanship, seeing an artist who has the eye for colour and composition and who creates pieces of quality.
It is better than going to see  a painting in an Art Gallery, size does not matter as much, it will fit nicely around you neck and your wrist and adorn you ears, you can leave with your own copy with provenance and not worry if it will look good where you want it, you already know that it does.
Women who are drawn to my jewellery are aware of it's tactile and sensuous nature. They can feel that I am fascinated by the materials that I use in my creations, and so are they.
All pieces feel good against the skin, they are like a second skin, they fall in place straight away and when you remove them you feel half naked.
For the most I keep one parure out of each series for myself,  it is important to me that I am pleased with my creations and that I have difficulty parting with them, I have then experienced what most women will.
The same is true of the fashion accessories, they have to wrap you like a cocoon and make you want to wear them and make you feel like a million dollards at a fraction of the price.
I am French it is second nature to me, I was brought up with it at home, my mother was trained as a Milliner and a seamstress. Elegance and style were synonymous to savoir faire and savoir vivre, the quality of a cultured person, self respect and pride. In their late 80's my parents still insist on looking presentable as they call it, as it makes them feel good.
I will upload two pictures of them in my profile on Etsy, one dating from the 1950's and the second one from a couple of years ago. I would like to know your thoughts on them.
It is beauty therapy and we are worth it !!!

Professional Experience
I am a polyvalent , cosmopolitan individual offering a varied career history, bringing to the table extensive knowledge in Design, Fashion, Art, Project Management and foreign languages, as well as excellent organisational skills.
Proficient people management skills acquired through running two successful businesses in horticulture/landscape design and management as well as taking management positions in Accountancy.
Flexibility and quick problem solving abilities have been vital with a seasonal business that needed to be managed in parallel with other professional activities in order to palliate to the economical vagaries of our society.
My fond interest in plants and my natural creativity came alive in my designs together with my ability to communicate the design proposal to clients and enthuse them about it. Combined with not settling for second best, this translated into a finished product of quality that people had come to rely upon.
Brought up in a cosmopolitan and multi cultural environment, I am able to convey cultural differences in a very diplomatic manner and quickly put people at ease.
Life experience with special needs individuals and physically disabled persons combined with work experience in inclusive outdoor activities holidays and charity events, I am able to deal with potential prejudices and get the most out of mixed ability groups.
Privately educated in France to Baccalaureate Level.
Higher education acquired in the UK via sandwich courses whilst working in the relevant industry.
Still avid to learn, I am an inveterate book worm and a good listener.

This is a new business venture issued from a change in life circumstances.
I honed my skills for a couple of years, using my numerous sketches filed in so many scrap books and selling on an ad-hoc basis to complement my income. Now I have reached a stage when I feel I can launch the business, equipped with most of the acumen necessary to make it successful.
In my working life, clients and my professional resume have been closely knit.
Between 2004 and 2008 I have designed and project managed a couple of products for UK based tourist organisations as well as developing ecological educational programs. I obtained over a million of sterling pounds worth of national and international press coverage and marketing opportunities free of charge.
Using my language skills, I am registered professionally with the ITI as a Translator and Interpreter. Among other technical and industrial translations, I am proud to have participated in bringing to the English speaking world the conservation work and research of an eminent French Professor, Dr Quinque, who specialises in the protection and breeding of endangered animal species around the world with the support of the French Government, that of other countries and UNESCO, 2008.
As a Bilingual Tourist Guide, I am confident in addressing large groups of people of all ages, in public speaking and presentations, as matter of fact I enjoy the interaction and the challenge to captivate an audience
For over 10 years, when I was very fit and active and felt that I could take the world head on, I ran a rare species plant nursery from home, being a knowledgeable and avid Horticulturalist, whilst looking after my very young twin children and studying for a BA Honors Degree in Landscape Design at the University of Greenwich. Then I started a self employed venture in Garden Design, project managing all my designs and bringing them to fruition with great success.
I am also a qualified Accounting Technician supported by 9 years of work experience
Unlike Jason I have a brain definitely bigger than a satsuma, however very much like him, I keep getting back up against adversity and refusing to die without a darn good fight. Life events have led me into some Susan Jeffers zigzags, which I could explain in a face to face situation should the need arise.
As a result life experience has taught me to have more than one string to my bow and utilise my skills and talents to their full potential, which I have, to positive effect, having to support my family financially.
Clients and businesses I dealt with were of varied industrial background.

Awards and Recognition
Official accolades are nice, however I remember every tap on the back and every hand shake I received  through my life, deservedly. and humbly.
Over the  years I have taken part in fund raising events involving sport and helping good causes in the UK and Kenya, for the young, old,  ill and the poor, knowing myself the meaning of peeks and troths.
The best award I ever had was to see the pride in the eyes of my parents when their little boffin got one more qualification under her belt, and my children appreciating the grounding that they received from me and how much it has already helped them in their young life.

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